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My Artbook by Gallyaxy
My Artbookby Spacey_SprayPaint
*If you would like to use this for a book cover or Wallpaper, go ahead, but DO NOT edit in any way, shape or form. And for book covers, a link to my profile would be gre...
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Pure Deltarune Writing. by GalaxyFoxyGD
Pure Deltarune Galaxy FoxyGD
This book just has Random Deltarune writing I thought of. :v
  • ralsei
  • frisk
  • lancer
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Deltarune AU Adventure Oneshots by CanIReadPlz
Deltarune AU Adventure Oneshotsby SweetSymphonies
Some oneshots of the Fun Gang messing around and getting in trouble and/or war with other AUs. Requests will be open, but this is mainly my ideas. No Deltarune Character...
  • susiexnoelle
  • krisxralsei
  • deltaruneaus
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Ralsyd by Ralsyd
Ralsydby Ralsyd
Sizzler lived a pretty normal life until she was diagnosed with an incurable chronic detrimental chronic cancer. Symptom, in what can only be described as insanity, deci...
  • waldo
  • romance
  • deltarune
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ok..esto es nuevo -°charisk°- by Gs_devil_fandub
ok..esto es nuevo -°charisk°-by GS ArT
nhfiuhfuidhgfuihgdfui muy lindo eso creo :3
  • frisk
  • kfc
  • nosequeponerpareoesmuychido
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Seam x Jevil by icey124
Seam x Jevilby iceangeldoesall1
I love this ship
  • deltarune
  • otp
  • seam
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Artbook 2 by Hirotano
Artbook 2by Xin tí muối :P
Làm cuốn kia nhìn ngu ngơ quá, làm sang cuốn mới cho ngu ngơ hơn :'33
  • creepypasta
  • deltarune
  • bl
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down the closet ― deltarune ff by justvpeachyy
down the closet ― deltarune ffby clinomaniac
Deep in the peaceful world of humans and monsters, there lives an even deeper universe in the closet at the back of a simple school. Somehow, Kris, Susie and (Y/N) find...
  • random
  • childreader
  • fluff
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~{Al's Short Fanfics}~ by AltheaMarieCatuncan
~{Al's Short Fanfics}~by ●°•○Althea○•°●
A little book where I write fanfics and shorts that I want to share! Funny, mysterious, short story, skits, fanfiction, you name it! | Please take note that most of thes...
  • comics
  • skits
  • undertale
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Lancer protection squad by undertalememez
Lancer protection squadby jamila20051
Protecc da child
  • deltarune
  • lancer
  • lancerprotectionsquad
Gᴇɴᴏᴄɪᴅɪᴏ ᴠᴏʟᴜɴᴛᴀʀɪᴏ『Deltarune』 by Just_Elina
Gᴇɴᴏᴄɪᴅɪᴏ ᴠᴏʟᴜɴᴛᴀʀɪᴏ『Deltarune』by Just_Elina
¿Qᴜɪᴇ́ɴ ᴇs ᴇʟ ᴠᴇʀᴅᴀᴅᴇʀᴏ ᴍᴏɴsᴛʀᴜᴏ? Un individuo alzó su arma, cometiendo un terrible acto infestado con la crueldad de su pecho vacío. Un genocidio. Sólo el príncipe de l...
  • deltarune
  • kris
  • undertale
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Incorrect Undertale/Deltarune/UTAU Quotes by EmeraldUmbreon
Incorrect Undertale/Deltarune/ Obsessed Demon
Basically, bad jokes. Edit: So I've decided to add Deltarune and UTAU to this madness because I'm out of Undertale ideas. Yay. ----- Best Tags: #10 Illuminati 09/06/2019...
  • illuminati
  • umbreontrash
  • utau
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Random Book of Randomness 2 by EmeraldUmbreon
Random Book of Randomness 2by Obsessed Demon
Random stuff. May relate to a fandom, probably will, but sometimes it's just random. What happened to the first book, you ask..? Not even the universe itself has the ans...
  • umbreontrash
  • deltarune
  • writing
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.:A Witch In Disguise:. (A Kris x Reader Story) by Krispy_Kris
.:A Witch In Disguise:. (A Kris KrispyKris
(Y/n) is a extroverted tomboy who has been friends with the quiet mysterious boy, Kris. Even as close friends, Kris and many others do not know of her secret identity. U...
  • fem
  • reader
  • krisxreader
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Ask and dare sum Undertale peeps by feck_off_crows
Ask and dare sum Undertale peepsby ShySenpai Lust
An ask book where you can ask or dare any of the Undertale, Deltarune, and AU characters! Usually I'll just write everything out, but MAYBE I'll draw something, but most...
  • undertale
  • truthordare
  • weird
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Undertale Roleplay Book by prpydrg
Undertale Roleplay Bookby DeathBySkeletons
mostly just rp prompts, feel free to hit me up! I'll do just about anything + be just about anyone! AUs welcome!!! please interact with me i beg of you (Cover art by me...
  • deltaruneroleplay
  • asriel
  • flowey
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My Art Book 2 by TsundereLexie
My Art Book 2by Commando Lexie
Art of: November 9, 2018 - Present Part two of my crappy art but a little bit of better quality- Involves ships, OCs, animation memes and fandoms like: ☆Countryhumans ☆Y...
  • drawings
  • deltarune
  • gerpol
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Ask alternate universe Susie by Spidervenom265
Ask alternate universe Susieby Susie
Just ask me questions about me or my universe
  • askme
  • deltarune
help deltatale by tenshi-chan89
help deltataleby tenshi-chan89
no pós deltarune em undertale: o mundo de deltarune e undertale e outras aus estão correndo grande perigo, uma imensa gosma preta proviniente de deltarune acabou chegand...
  • deltarune
  • undertale
  • undertaleau
A collection of Susie x Lancer by Gallyaxy
A collection of Susie x Lancerby Spacey_SprayPaint
Like the title says, a book of my favorite Deltarune ship. This includes fanart, oneshots, memes, and maybe comics by me. Read if you ship Susie x Lancer, or are just cu...
  • fanart
  • deltarune
  • rarepair
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