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Sgt Veemelon's Memes & Art Book by Floofimelon
Sgt Veemelon's Memes & Art Bookby βΙυε ΜεΙοη
Holy Sunny, thank you all for getting me to 3K+ readers! You're all the best! From the author, Floofimelon. (All the characters in the memes aren't mine unless I say so)...
Kris x Susie fanfiction - Control by darkkris2020
Kris x Susie fanfiction - Controlby Dark Kris
Kris and Susie have become more than friends, since their adventure in the dark world. But every night, Kris suffers terrifying nightmares that make him rip out his soul...
Ask The Multiverse by ThatAngelOfDarkness
Ask The Multiverseby ThatAngelOfDarkness
This is something I told my brother I would do so here I am doing it! All answers and dares will be digital drawings. All the characters and games will be in the first c...
UT/DR Season 4 Tickle Timeline by Kingzilla768
UT/DR Season 4 Tickle Timelineby Kingzilla768
Welcome, welcome. Nice to you all again here for season 4. If you want to check out season 5, check out the other book. Missed the previous season 4 chapters? Check them...
*But nothing changed...? by DreamurrBoi
*But nothing changed...?by DreamurrBoi
A Story of LIGHT. A Story of DARK. This is the tale of the DELTARUNE. Differentopic is my favorite AU. Credits all go to Toby Fox, the magnificent. As well as anyone e...
multifandom onsehots // by pom by pompomkeychainnn
multifandom onsehots // by pomby pom
fandom oneshots eheh
hi hi have some fandom oneshots because I'm obsessed with them.


I WILL NOT WRITE NSFW. Like I might write some lime but don't request lime...
Metalrune by pick_Angel13
Metalruneby pick_Angel13
It takes place in the distant future. Years after the possible events of Deltarune, where the world of Deltarune or mainly the "light world" Earth, has adapted...
Broken Madness ♠️ | Jevil × OC | ♣️ by MangleXD32
Broken Madness ♠️ | Jevil × OC | ♣️by MangleXD32
"Loneliness is the cruelest punishment, both in the worst prison and the best freedom." After the great war between the four kingdoms of the dark world, Lillit...
Art for some friends :) by iCantEnglishHelp
Art for some friends :)by iCantEnglishHelp
You know who you are :) I'm just here so show off c:
The Fallen Jester of Remnant by Alanstrocity
The Fallen Jester of Remnantby Alanstrocity
What if Ozma and Salem had a son? He always loved to make those around him smile. But what happens when the kingdom falls? This is my first book so don't expect too much...
Friends Again? by KinseyUpton
Friends Again?by GIR
This book is about what happens after chapter 1 in Deltarune.
Unfamiliar Feelings (Krusie) Ongoing by YoItsBigMike
Unfamiliar Feelings (Krusie) YoItsBigMike
Two unlikely friends, Kris (Male, 17) and Susie (Female, 17) take on an adventure together after the events of Deltarune: Chapter 1, but they don't yet know how importan...
(Deltarune)  XYour StoryX by UnPoppedColonel
(Deltarune) XYour StoryXby UnPoppedColonel
This is an alternate chapter 2, where you are a human and move into town. You meet Susie, Kris and others but hear rumors of the unused classroom. (You get to create wha...
2 worlds combine an undertale/deltarune story (frisk x kris) by delta-kris
2 worlds combine an undertale/ ZDubbz
my first story, why this? I don't know.
Random Things #2 by YourDeadM8
Random Things #2by #➊ ☾↳⊙ω♫
The Sequel of the first 👀 👉👈
Hm, dumb things with characters and i by Flipthecouch
Hm, dumb things with characters Flip Phillip Gray
hey look! I'm going to do random things with a bunch of characters from fandoms, including: Origins Of Olympus Fnaf Cuphead Smile For Me Undertale Deltarune Creepypast...
Arts Edits, and More by pastelcake530
Arts Edits, and Moreby weaboo
art edits announcements yeah
A Simple Chaos (JEVIL x READER)by 🅹🅴🆂🆃🅴🆁
"PLEASE, IT'S JUST A SIMPLE CHAOS." (cover art by RadzCatz on dA)