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Wasted: Panem High |Clato by pink_picture101
Wasted: Panem High |Clatoby J
This story is based off The Hunger Games. Well, without the games! All your favorite Dead, or Alive characters are back. The all go to Panem High! Clove and Katniss are...
Not a love story, but close enough by Jellyfishesinthesky
Not a love story, but close enoughby Seb
Hunger Games: Peeta breaks Katniss's heart. Can Cato come and sew it back together, or he will only make it worse? Katniss/Cato
I Never Knew - Everlark FanFiction by jenneatskatniss
I Never Knew - Everlark FanFictionby Everlark
Peeta and Katniss meet for the first time when Katniss moves to his school. They almost instantly hate each other. When Peeta feels like there's nothing left for him, ho...
I Miss You [Sequel to Sweetest Devotion] by adeleskids
I Miss You [Sequel to Sweetest Adele's Kids Duhhh
S e q u e l // please read sweetest devotion before this, for this book to make more sense x \\ The only reason why I got through everything bad in my life, was because...
Mockingjay academy by WritingAsUsual
Mockingjay academyby WritingAsUsual
Ok so where do I start, this story has all characters from all the hunger games books. They all look like they do from the films. By academy I mean university/collage. I...
Hunger Games High: An Everlark Story by MagalStevison
Hunger Games High: An Everlark Maggie✨
Katniss and her group of friends, The Victors, roam the halls of Hunger Games High as the 'popular kids'. But when Katniss' long-time friend comes home, she is overjoyed...
Be With You {DISCONTINUED} by forevalark
Be With You {DISCONTINUED}by Hi ❤️
I remember all the tears I poured over a guy. I remember all the yelling that led into a fight. I remember the guy with ashy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes... "I j...
Hunger Games High (An Everlark Story) by PurpleJK12
Hunger Games High (An Everlark Lindsey
18-year-old Katnis Everdeen goes to live with her cousin Glimmer after she found out her parents died in a car crash. Will she discover the boy with blue eyes or will sh...
panem high school by clato1224
panem high schoolby clato 4ever
this story is about clove kentwell going to live with her grand parents for a year but when the year is over and clove has a new boyfriend and some new bestfriends and...
Hope by Forever_Always7
Hopeby Everlark X Joshifer
When Peeta is involved in a car crash, Katniss finds herself lost and longs for Peeta. Peeta's condition is serious and longs for him to wake up. Will Katniss's hope and...
Panem High by DivergentTributes
Panem Highby DivergentTributes
Katniss moves to Live with her cousin Glimmer after transferring schools to Panem High. There she meets the love of her life but as drama entails will she be able to sta...
Vanoss crew One-shots  by georgiacorona
Vanoss crew One-shots by ( *・ω・)ノ
*deer scream* EeEeeeeeeE :333 I'm wierd ;^;
Mockingjay High (a modern hunger games fanfic) by Vampette_123
Mockingjay High (a modern hunger Vampette_123
Katniss Everdeen is the most popular girl in Mockingjay high the best school in Panem, she is in a group called the victors only the most popular students and the sport...
Katniss- Don't forget me by loveatfirstwright
Katniss- Don't forget meby Mrs.Mellark
Katniss everdeen's best friend is called Peeta Mellark. They were best friends since the age of five. Over this time Katniss has gotten feeling for Peeta but knows he do...
The Long Way To Happiness #Wattys2016 by adele_dreamer
The Long Way To Happiness adele_dreamer
My dream - to meet Adele - came true. But not as I thought because I was able to talk to her and to make up a friendship with her. When her 25 concert started my heart t...
more than friends? 💜eightbitdylan and delphron ff💜 by oreowolfsparkle
more than friends? 💜 Queenoforeos16
I don't know what to put here lf you like eightbitdylan and delphron!
Crazy Stupid Love by maddymay_02
Crazy Stupid Loveby maddymay_02
This Is a Rock Fan Fiction but it includes R5. Maddy's boyfriend Nathan buys her tickets to an R5 concert. They go to the meet and greet and Rocky falls in love with M...
Inspire (One-Shots) (On Hold) by Miss_Mockingjay
Inspire (One-Shots) (On Hold)by Miss_Mockingjay
People always say the're inspired by songs, stories, sayings, even people... But now it's your turn to inspire me! This is a fan orientated collection of one-shots, abou...
Lost Thoughts by burn0with0us
Lost Thoughtsby Mars
Katniss and Peeta have been best friends forever. But when Katniss tells Peeta that she likes him and he rejects her because of his girlfriend Delly what will happen nex...