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||BOOK 1: The Star Of Totsuki💫 [COMPLETED] [ UNDER EDITING] by Reddishing_Chic
||BOOK 1: The Star Of Totsuki💫 [ Checkmate✔
- Cringe-y, clichè, typical, Mary sue, reverse harem, plain, etc. ||BOOK 1 OF STAR SERIES! "The Star Of Totsuki" 💫 WARNING!!! - You're typical kind of fanfict...
A Dead Race is a Delicious Race - Eyeless Jack X Reader by ExtremelyObsessed
A Dead Race is a Delicious ExtremelyObsessed
Your insides ached with pain, but you knew nothing could help you. Why did it hurt? It shouldn't. . . . You hated him! Hated him with every fiber within your being! Or s...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
The Billionaire's bestfriend by Youreguiltypleasure
The Billionaire's bestfriendby Queen Reign
"I think I would love you, whenever, and however you come, as long as you're coming back to me. Again and again." That was when he grabbed the back of my neck...
A Special Someone - Felicia The Cat x Male Reader (Part 1) by YandereStation
A Special Someone - Felicia The TeeksYandereLove
This story takes place on Earth in the darkstalkers universe. Nothing is really in danger as everyone is living normal lives. As you were laying in your bed, you were lo...
MY COOK BOOK by nqtlqve
MY COOK BOOKby natalie <3
ongoing ⋮ slow updates ! hungry? this simple recipe book includes easy, fast dishes to make on the-go on a busy monday or comfy sunday! * *lowercase writing is intention...
Lazy Food Recipes by Jomoeko
Lazy Food Recipesby J
This cookbook isn't called "Lazy Food Recipes" referring to lazy people like YOU: It's referring to myself as a lazy cook who can't make actual food from scrat...
50 Delicious Smoothies for Hot Summer Days by YummyRecipies
50 Delicious Smoothies for Hot Food is Life
Find a smoothie you like, go to the grocery store, blend, enjoy!
Sex Slave by Hauuxxx
Sex Slaveby Kly Silvenia
"ugh sh*t Na-nathan f*ck!" ang sarap ng ginagawa ni Nathan sa'kin. Sobrang galing nya sa pag bayo nahahalataan na lamang na madaming babae na ang dumaan sakany...
African Recipes  by Ahkia_Limah
African Recipes by Zee Bello
Just the recipes to amazing African dishes that you definitely need to try if you're a lover of food (like me) with vegetarian options for the vegetarians out there, it...
My Distraction by adugoebi
My Distractionby adugoebi
Love explains this story.Conditions are not all that matters. A little distraction is really not so bad.
Its Him.. {Delena} by damonandelena07
Its Him.. {Delena}by Lovely~
~A story about more then love but pain and betrayal enjoy~
Take You - Janoskians by tjanoskians
Take You - Janoskiansby tjanoskians
Jess & Luke. They don't actually like each other, at all. But can hate turn to love? Apparently so.
Food Recipes by TastyCupcake0305
Food Recipesby Pisces
These recipes never get old!
Perfect Kitchen Recipe Book by JaddahBaba
Perfect Kitchen Recipe Bookby Hussainaa
How to make different food and drinks. These recipes don't belong to me, I got them from different places. Sharing knowledge isn't bad. So if you have a correction, sugg...
Eggless and Vegetarian Recipes by evidently_queens
Eggless and Vegetarian Recipesby Book Queens
This book contains a bunch of cool recipes that don't have eggs or any meat in them. Perfect for quarantine! There are also some healthy recipes that would be fun to try...
𝔾𝕃𝕆ℂ𝕂𝕊 𝔹𝕃𝔸ℤ𝕀ℕ {first book} 18+ <ON HOLD> by shutchoassUP_
𝔾𝕃𝕆ℂ𝕂𝕊 𝔹𝕃𝔸ℤ𝕀ℕ {first Sis wit da holy wata
"I wonder if you taste like how you lookin shordy" he sensually whispered, grazing his lips against the sweet spot of my neck. "aww, you want a taste of...
Food Porn | ✔️ by Manuel022
Food Porn | ✔️by ❝ 𝐁 𝐋 𝐌 ❞
💯 It's just pictures of food 💯
Cupcakes by meganproxy
Cupcakesby Megan Proxy
"These cupcakes are to DIE for...."