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Unintended by Inconvenient_Ideal
Unintendedby 🌻I Drift; I Fall🌻
"I have not met a Banuk before. Only heard tales, I did not think to see one here." It was a polite way of Kotallo saying that what he had heard, were fanciful...
Post Trauma (Gone & Avengers crossover) by Crystal_Girlz
Post Trauma (Gone & Avengers Crystal Titanium
There has been several months since the FAYZ came down, and the surviving kids have to adapt to a new and strange world. After over a year in charge of their own lives...
Gone Headcanons by CarinaCole
Gone Headcanonsby vodka and memes ;^)
A few headcanons about the Gone series by the amazing Michael Grant. I'm making this because I'm pretty pissed off about there not actually being one.
The Powers Are Back. Gone series Fanfic by GONELOVEBREKKA
The Powers Are Back. Gone series Bitch
Sam wakes up and finds that his powers are back, so are the other freaks powers. What will happen??? Bringing back a few characters. Its gonna be a few years in the futu...
The Fayz(A Gone Fanfiction) by fanficsandstorieskk
The Fayz(A Gone Fanfiction)by ForeverFAYZ
It's no way out. The barrier is blocking us from everyone. We've tried everything. You try and climb it, you will get a painful sting. You dig under, it's only more wall...
The Water In Me (A Gone series fan-fiction) by DarkestSwan
The Water In Me (A Gone series Ax
Faith Brattle-Chance was just a regular 14 year old, kind of. First of all, her adoptive parents were very rich. That sounds like she should have been spoiled, doesn't i...
Invalidby gracie irene
After being taken from their parents at a young age, Jen and her older sister, Dekka, are taken to a government bunker where they will be fed, clothed, and given all bas...
Back by IceGhost
Backby IceGhost
These characters and the plot from the books Gone, Hunger, lies, Plague, Fear and Light all belong to Michael Grant. I am mearly writing a fan fiction about them all. N...
Hands Of Pure Fire [Gone] by Sassy_Reader4
Hands Of Pure Fire [Gone]by Kari
All except for the young.Teens. Middle schoolers. Toddlers. But not a single adult. No teachers, no cops, no doctors, no parents. Gone, Too, are the phones, internet, an...
I Am The Light {A Gone Fanfiction} by MyMissUnderstood
I Am The Light {A Gone Fanfiction}by I’m Miss-Understood
It lurks there, in the shadows of Sam's mind. What is it? Is it dangerous? His brain says yes, his heart says no. His soul says no. Sam's power is...strange. Most people...
Dekkas Update/ spam book by dekkapaine
Dekkas Update/ spam bookby dekka (0_o)
Since i literally never update might as well make a book for it!!!