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Love You With No Fear by copywrittenlove
Love You With No Fearby Carrie Bradshaw
From the age of 10, Deja took a liking to her brothers best friend Brody. He would always pick her up from school while her brother "worked". Brody was 16 and...
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Pretty Girl by Urban_Elle
Pretty Girlby Elle
Nova Edwards is an amazing friend, daughter, and coworker. She works hard everyday to prove that she's more than just a pretty girl who can get whatever she wants from h...
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Our Love Story |Dej Loaf and Jacquees|  by MyzBeanz
Our Love Story |Dej Loaf and Mizz’ Beanz 💋
Single parent, musicians, both desperate for love, that will never die. Been searching round' the whole world for love and unity. Not knowing they found it in eachother...
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Eli by RockofAges
Eliby R A Q U E L
Eli isn't your typical girl and this isn't your typical love story. She just wants someone to love her and accept her, flaws and all. © 2017-2018 ™. All rights reserve...
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The Thug I Shouldn't Love by iiam__Asia
The Thug I Shouldn't Loveby iiam__Asia
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The boss Daughter by LovelySmiffy
The boss Daughterby Lovely Smith
My mission is to take care of his daughter not to fall madly in-love with her. An some how I accepted both of them!
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Fools Fall In Love(Durk and Dej) by ysl321
Fools Fall In Love(Durk and Dej)by ysl321
Lil durk and dej loaf love story
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Soul Ties ♾ by NeJaLewis
Soul Ties ♾by Nej The GREAT🥵
Ann Marie Slater also known as Mari is the one who calls the shots in the rough city of Chicago. From the money to the bitches to the houses cars and clothes she had it...
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Dej loaf (Easy Love) by AugustBabbyMama
Dej loaf (Easy Love)by letaugbegust
My Love Story All about Deja ❤
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Adopted by fetty wap by mcswagie12233
Adopted by fetty wapby mcswagie12233
16 yard old mya has a great adventure
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Ryan ✨✨ by Lick-Mygayness
Ryan ✨✨by ryan🌈
Won't be dealing with your mans
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Ride Or Be Killed  by lxwkey_meh
Ride Or Be Killed by LovelyKiyaa✨
Sage (India Westbrook) is currently in a mafia and always has been all her life and doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon. Everyone she knew has always betrayed her or le...
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Unbreakable  by look_kay
Unbreakable by look_kay
Read to find out ❤️
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Adopted By Jacquees & Déj Loaf by AmourxShanda
Adopted By Jacquees & Déj Loafby Griselda Blanco
Aaliyah Is A 5 Year Old Girl Who Parents Abandoned Her When She Was A New Born She Currently Stay At Rainbow Kids Orphanage Read To Find Out More...
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Help needed  by deesaucyy30
Help needed by deesaucyy30
I need a writing buddy .... who wants to help me write a short story ?
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L.O.V.E by X6201773
L.O.V.Eby X6201773
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dej loaf by TaiaCarroll
dej loafby TaiaCarroll
Rappers tend to be loud, boisterous, bigger than the room. Not Dej Loaf. The Detroit rapper is so soft spoken, it's disarming, and she talks in a hushed tone like she ha...
A GIRLS BESTFRIEND: a lgbtq+ storyy😊 by MaraTheWriter
A GIRLS BESTFRIEND: a lgbtq+ MaraTheWriter
a awesome lgbtq+ story with Ella Mai, Ariana Grande, Dej Loaf,Cardi B and the one and only STAR BRIM🔥🔥‼️💕Besides it being a lgbtq+ story , its an awesome story about...
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Money Baby (Urban by fygcold
Money Baby (Urbanby Nia Nicole
"You Aint No Different King" Heather said flipping her flat iron and rolling her eyes. "Yeah that's not what you was saying when I was throwing them Bands...
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Jacquees&&dej~an untold love story 💛 by therealPG13
Jacquees&&dej~an untold love therealPG13
The story everyone wants to hear Que & Dej it starts right after Dej and Durk break up and Que finds out and he makes his move on her READ to find out what happens
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