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The Degenerate Mafia by TheDegenerateMafia
The Degenerate Mafiaby The Degenerate Mafia
Crime, chaos, and cocaine- I mean-- cool aid. Definitely cool aid. Besides the point. Who's this bitch? They seem... unique. TW: Swearing, Violence, Gore, Drugs, Murder...
random anime oneshots for and by degenerates by darkcheddar
random anime oneshots for and by k4c13
theres no specific anime I'll write about- just request stuff and if i know the person/people i might do it 😍😍🥶😈😏
When the Weak Are Made Strong by aspenxtrembling
When the Weak Are Made Strongby aspenxtrembling
What would you do if you were unstoppable, but ultimately weak? Dominic Monroe, better known to the world as notorious supervillain and criminal mastermind Bloodshed...
Daily Life of the Squad by SixthHaven
Daily Life of the Squadby Sixth Haven
a small family of some sorts that love each other, but have a hell of a way of showing it. (Warning: Language, Dark Humor, Sexual Innuendos, Racism, and what not, becaus...
degenerates by salted_earth
degeneratesby N
they really are good people, but they are addicted to the adrenaline. none can resist. many Just call the gang degenerates.
Degenerates  by TheDegenerates9
Degenerates by TheDegenerates9
Could you imagine what it's like to have no emotion. To not know of your origin or family. To be completely alone and inhuman. That's what it's like to be a degenerate.B...