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Emerald Chains by elarastone
Emerald Chainsby Elara Stone
"I enjoy a good game of cat and mouse," he said in a cocky voice, grazing his lips against her ear. She could feel her body shaking as she pushed her hands fla...
The Mafia's Desire  by nataliasmithss
The Mafia's Desire by Natalia Smith
Aries shook his head. "You are mine." "I don't belong to anyone," Aurora snapped. "There is no holding onto me. You should be grateful I've stay...
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Defying The Alpha (COMPLETED) by jordangranzow
Defying The Alpha (COMPLETED)by JordanGranzow
HIGHEST RANK: #4 as of 3/8/17 "Your defiance isn't appreciated, Angel." Adrian murmured into my ears, causing shivers to snake their way down my spine. "Y...
Scarlet Legacy (Completed) by FadeinBlue
Scarlet Legacy (Completed)by Bella Stein
What if saving someone meant exchanging your fate for something you can't even imagine? What if your real identity is buried in lies, deception, ancient-old curse and vi...
Winter Fire  by Secrets_NeverSeen
Winter Fire by Lilli Knight
Winter wanted a new beginning. She switched schools to escape her past and hide from her monsters. At first she thought she'd made the best decision of her life. But th...
Tied By The Moon by ElegantArtist
Tied By The Moonby ElegantArtist
Book 1 in The Bonded Series Book 1 : Tied by The Moon Book 2 : Fragments Book 3 : Of Shadows and Dust With her pack at stake, Alastrine is forced to gather courage and...
DEFIANCE. (Revolution Series Book #1) by shutaccayo
DEFIANCE. (Revolution Series shutaccayo
Opposition. It is sometimes referred as rebellion, stereotyped as social terrors. But, far from it is an objective; to free people from oppression and abuse. © 2020, shu...
See you in another life by iloveicecreamsand
See you in another lifeby iloveicecreamsand
What happens when darkness is met with more. Where enemies find that hate is on a thin line with love but is it too late? Time is instantly clicking away, what if there'...
Don't Speak by karabear_
Don't Speakby Kara
Brae is your average 17 year old girl, except that she won't speak. Her mother left when she was just a little girl, forcing Brae and her dad to fend for themselvses. He...
Annabella The Sidekick (Sequal To Defiance) by Liv_the_llama
Annabella The Sidekick (Sequal Liv_the_llama
Sequel to Defiance .................... Annabella Black, daughter of Regulus and Sky Black. Her parents were famous during the first wizarding war but she's just Bella...
Pure by FireFly1604
Pureby Hannah
Previously know as His Pure Hearted Princess Kylie Matthews is the youngest of 6, even at 18. Her and her family live in the village Dark Crescent. Her family is very po...
Never Yours, Mate by klew135
Never Yours, Mateby klew135
Althea Rose, one of the last unmated human females in America. After a war that devastated the world, werewolves are the top dogs. She's been running from werewolves s...
Dear Theodosia; A Series of Historical Documents by Spruce_Goose
Dear Theodosia; A Series of Amelia Harper
Born to two of America's Founding Fathers, Philip Hamilton and Theodosia Burr have a lot to live up to. Their love for their parents is unyielding, as they both wish to...
Subversion ❧ The 100 by taileilei
Subversion ❧ The 100by Tai
In a society sometimes secrets are kept to protect the well being of their citizens. Other times it is to maintain control. You see the Ark had a problem with the second...
Scarlet Red by Sunaku66
Scarlet Redby Sunaku
An 18 year old girl named Scarlet is dreading the day that she has to go to the annual Mating Ritual. She lives in a world where werewolves and vampires coexist with hum...
Far by breathingghosts
Farby dangerous love
Ariana's life is altered when she finds a small karaoke bar, and the boy with one too many tattoos watches her from afar. HIGHEST RANK - #1 in hariana © breathingghosts...
Badass? Yes. Luna? Hell no. by CupOfSquirrel
Badass? Yes. Luna? Hell Elizabeth
Jessie is the Beta's daughter, best friend to the Alphas daughter of the Blood Rose Pack and is the female Kick Boxing champion. Jess gets a call from her best friend L...
Forced Love by st0rylover
Forced Loveby st0rylover
Alison is a typical 16 year old, she goes to school, parties and hangs out with her boyfriend, Danny. After bumping into Ryan, a total stranger, her life turns upside d...
*NEW*The Alpha's Queen ✔️ by SacredKitKat
*NEW*The Alpha's Queen ✔️by SacredKitKat
It all started with Cinderella but without the glass slipper..and no ballgown...and no magic and yadda yadda pumpkins and carriages. "Throw me to the wolv...
Annabella the Hero (Book Three Of Defiance) by Liv_the_llama
Annabella the Hero (Book Three Liv_the_llama
If you haven't read Defiance and Annabella the Sidekick then you will not understand the plot! ••••••••••••••• The second wizarding war is over, but at what cost? Annabe...