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Ceremonials (A Werewolf Tale)- ON HOLD!! by xPippa
Ceremonials (A Werewolf Tale)- xPippa
(A werewolf Tale of vengeance, loss of innocence, violence and love.) 'A King is a saint and cannot rule, and his son is a devil and should not."Philippa Gregory *E...
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Alpha Loren by ehellie
Alpha Lorenby Ellie
"I thought you would have learnt by now to not disobey me," he snarled. "And I thought you would have learnt by now that I don't do what people say, espec...
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Defying The Alpha (COMPLETED) by jordangranzow
Defying The Alpha (COMPLETED)by JordanGranzow
HIGHEST RANK: #4 as of 3/8/17 "Your defiance isn't appreciated, Angel." Adrian murmured into my ears, causing shivers to snake their way down my spine. "Y...
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Defiance by mysticly
Defianceby mysticly
❝She would defy the stars, the moon, the gods for him. And he would destroy them all for her.❞ In the realm of Esera, witches and werewolves have been raging war for wha...
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Scarlet Legacy (Completed) by FadeinBlue
Scarlet Legacy (Completed)by Bella Stein
What if saving someone meant exchanging your fate for something you can't even imagine? What if your real identity is buried in lies, deception, ancient-old curse and vi...
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The Werewolf Clash (Completed) by WatersAnna
The Werewolf Clash (Completed)by Anna Waters
Highest ranking - #1 in Werewolf #2 in Attraction "Damn Bella, why the hell are you so stubborn?! You are my mate and if I want to mark you, I will fucking mark you...
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Tied By The Moon by ElegantArtist
Tied By The Moonby ElegantArtist
Book 1 in The Bonded Series Book 1 : Tied by The Moon Book 2 : Fragments Book 3 : Of Shadows and Dust With her pack at stake, Alastrine is forced to gather courage and...
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The Missing Princess by NicoleBrown745
The Missing Princessby NicoleBrown745
After a tragic phone call, Calina feels like her entire world is upended. Calina learns that her parents kept secrets from her for nineteen years. They had a whole life...
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Pure by FireFly1604
Pureby Hannah
Previously know as His Pure Hearted Princess Kylie Matthews is the youngest of 6, even at 18. Her and her family live in the village Dark Crescent. Her family is very po...
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Acts of Defiance  by colonnicole
Acts of Defiance by A Saint
Dear who ever finds this letter, My name is Everly Summers. If you found this paper, it means I'm long gone. I won't tell you where I'm heading btw, not like I have a cl...
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Beauty and the Beast by Lexi_334
Beauty and the Beastby Lexi_334
Kristyanna was born and raised in the grey sky pack. The place had always been a cheery and peaceful place. That is until a rogue overthrows the Alpha and takes his plac...
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Supernatural by _small_person_
Supernaturalby Small Person
"What a fucking twisted world we live in." - Pepper Telloh ...
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The Art of Defiance by random_reader_writer
The Art of Defianceby richa
❝Sometimes, even the most proper of ladies wish to defy.❞ Lady Eleanor Mary Cantwell, daughter of Lord Albert Michael Cantwell, Marquess of Salford, is the most proper o...
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hidden ➵ camren (sequel to defiance) by seasidecamila
hidden ➵ camren (sequel to ♡
Imagine this. You live in a world were you have an eye color of your own and one from the color of your soulmates. Sounds simple, right? Not when everything gets complic...
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I Am Other by yozoria
I Am Otherby Lena
In a world full of monsters, magic, and humans, hybrids are the jumbled mix of everything. Loathed by all humans that come across them, eventually a place was built wher...
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Subject 856 by _Orcinus_
Subject 856by 🍁 Emily 🍁
#9 in Testing (09/09/19) Powerful gifts come with powerful consequences. As a young boy, Ethan Miller was forced into a life he didn't want, from the gift his body impr...
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Annabella The Sidekick (Sequal To Defiance) by Liv_the_llama
Annabella The Sidekick (Sequal Liv_the_llama
Sequel to Defiance .................... Annabella Black, daughter of Regulus and Sky Black. Her parents were famous during the first wizarding war but she's just Bella...
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Don't Speak by karabear_
Don't Speakby Kara
Brae is your average 17 year old girl, except that she won't speak. Her mother left when she was just a little girl, forcing Brae and her dad to fend for themselvses. He...
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Defiance by bmacke01
Defianceby Brittany Mackenzie
She has seen the mighty hand of tyranny, felt it give to those it favours, and then witnessed it crumble beneath the weight of bombs and bullets. Born into what was once...
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Scarlet Red by Sunaku66
Scarlet Redby Sunaku66
A 17 year old girl named Scarlet is dreading the day that she has to go to the annual mating games. She lives in a world where werewolves and vampires coexist with human...
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