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Cast Out  by Ink-N-Pages
Cast Out by Ink-N-Pages
*takes place after the season finale of Race To The Edge Season four* After Astrid is captured by dragon hunters the gang mounts a rescue mission, recruiting Berk's Auxi...
Hiccup's Lost Sister by HiccstridJelsaFan
Hiccup's Lost Sisterby HiccstridJelsaFan
'Hey, do you ever thought that you'll have a sibling?' 'No. Not at all.' 'Ruff & Tuff look so happy. I wish I have a sibling. I mean very same as me.' 'Maybe. I don't kn...
Viking Runaway by Draconic_Witch
Viking Runawayby Draconic_Witch
HEY. YOU. YES, THE ONE WHO IS READING THIS DESCRIPTION. Want to read a Viking runaway story? then you have come to the right place. I guess. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock th...
reacting to rtte by roro1786
reacting to rtteby RosieMckenna💝💗
so basically the beginning of rtte watching the series i might be a lil slow updating but i'll try my best and i'm determined to finish the series
A HTTYD Art Book- Fan Art by guilloteen12
A HTTYD Art Book- Fan Artby Draco's Angel
Various drawings of HTTYD characters and species, hopefully they're not too trashy.
Of Killings and Kings by EagleWarriormc15
Of Killings and Kingsby Captain Wind Weaver
This is post season 6, featuring the amazing otp that is Dagur and Mala. The lovers have just settled into their place as rulers of both Berserker island and the Defende...
Growing Up Without Berk by briannanol136
Growing Up Without Berkby briannanol136
Stoick is afraid that Hiccup will forever be a runt and smaller than all of the other vikings on Berk. So, Stoick decides to take him and his son, Hiccup, with him on a...
Lovers and Painkillers by EagleWarriormc15
Lovers and Painkillersby Captain Wind Weaver
Dagur gets hurt while on a mission with Hiccup, and Mala hovers over him, super worried, when Hiccup brings him back to the Defenders of the wing. Then Dagur gets loopy...
The Tempest Of Truth by Mae-chan13
The Tempest Of Truthby May Rose 🌹
Hiccup and Valka were taken and "killed" by dragons. Astrid and Fishlegs are runaways who were claimed to be traitors for befriending dragons. The two traitors...