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The Prodigal Wolf (completed) by shaibee
The Prodigal Wolf (completed)by Shy.B
•BOOK ONE of the Faerie Tale Series• Natalia is the odd one out. She has no hope of ever really finding her place within the pack, how could she when she lacks the mos...
  • prequel
  • claimed
  • fae
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Red Diamond... by WolfieRubyy
Red (uwu)
Red Diamond... oh jeez is she complicated She was made in a ruby kindergarten on homeworld. Many thought she came out defective. she kept her gems shape secret from oth...
  • diamond
  • yellowdiamond
  • fusion
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Dark Reality by furubaJB15
Dark Realityby It starts with the letter 'K'
This shall have drabbles with 'dark' characters of Hetalia. Horror, suspense, mutilation things, OOC-ness. Proceed with caution and I hope you like it~
  • breathe
  • italy
  • china
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My Heartbeat [Jimin FF] by FRU1TYP3BBL3
My Heartbeat [Jimin FF]by FRU1TYP3BBL3
For eighteen years, Song Taeyeon had been in-and-out of the hospital due to suffering from congenital heart defects. With no living family members and the lack of time t...
  • hospital
  • heartbeat
  • jimin
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You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
  • educating
  • gopal
  • letters
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Defective-(iv) by PaperClowns
Defective-(iv)by p/c
Born mute and color-blind left him with enough problems, but as he continued to mature, life wasn't so kind as to give him handouts. Destitute, sleep-deprived, and pathe...
  • rich
  • sad
  • imperfect
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Her Defective Secret - CURRENTLY NOT UPDATING by philocalic
Her Defective Secret - CURRENTLY Eliza (@silverfire8)
In Aurelia Summer's society, she's something of a celebrity. She helps keep negative emotions at bay - by 'eliminating' a potentially hazardous person. Asher Everett is...
  • defective
  • rebellion
  • rebel
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Color Blind  by Pansexualderpqueen
Color Blind by Pansexualderpqueen
"Describe them to me." "Describe what to you." "What colors look like." "Why?" "Because I can't see them." "Your...
  • lgbt
  • colorblind
  • romance
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The Storm of Tempest by Sparkful790
The Storm of Tempestby Sparkful790
Tempest Willstreet has one problem. She's a wanted Defect, wanted by both Defect and Pure. While Robert Williams, the leader of the Rebels, wants Tempest for her powers...
  • romance
  • fantasy
  • defect
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United by the same DefecT. 「」 AlexaG. 「」Bulgarian Version by AlexaGoceva
United by the same DefecT. 「」 d e p p y
Защо трябваше това да се случва точно на мен?! Глупава висулка, глупава спринцофка. Не разбирам, каква е целта на всичко това? Каква е причината за тази промяна във врем...
  • дефект
  • счупено
  • experiment
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Defective by jupiter_dreaming
Defectiveby Betty 🌻
Perfection. Simple. One word. A lifetimes strive. Rosa Collins lives in a complicated society. Driven by the burning desire for perfection, the system itself is defectiv...
  • defective
  • perfection
  • branding
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How To Cure A Chemical Defect *Johnlock ff (Fluff)* by leserattehoch3
How To Cure A Chemical Defect * Nora
Where Sherlock almost dies because of a dishwasher and tries to cure himself of the chemical defect that makes him emotional. Towards his flatmate. Who accidentally drin...
  • johnlock
  • fluff
  • holmes
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defects by lunawolffnaf
defectsby luna cipher
a group of magical friends that live in a fantasy driven world on the run from the king and his gaurds due to the fact that the guards were ordered to kill them due to t...
  • defects
Defective: A Green Diamond Story by Xxmeemlord666xX
Defective: A Green Diamond Storyby Xxmeemlord666xX
Between love, morals and some messed up homeworld gems, what will green diamond do???
  • greendiamond
  • creation
  • love
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Heartbeats and Hunger Pains (Joshler) by flutterdash20
Heartbeats and Hunger Pains ( Rebekah Meow
TW: Eating Disorder and Self Harm Tyler Joseph is a young 17 year old boy who is checked into his general hospital for his eating disorder which has consumed his life...
  • joshler
  • love
  • eatingdisorder
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Garnet x Anglesite Gem! Reader by Katrina_ONeil
Garnet x Anglesite Gem! Readerby Katrina_ONeil
Just your average Garnet x Gem! Reader! I don't see a whole lot of these that I like the writing style of (no offense) so I wrote one myself! It's an AU, I guess. There'...
  • peridot
  • lapidot
  • yellowdiamond
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The Defects (A BMC Fanfic) by LegendaryHerroZae
The Defects (A BMC Fanfic)by Sayde Boutte
Defective. Useless. Stupid. A waste of space. They were just prototypes. They were never meant to be shipped out. They may be computers, but they have lives too. Ones th...
  • sad
  • jeremyheere
  • squip
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4 Defects by Cathrone
4 Defectsby Cathrone
Sakura-chan has always wanted to find her dream prince, but she hasn't been lucky. Every time she fell in love with someone, something will always go wrong. Whether the...
  • onemoment
  • crush
  • martialarts
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Lady lucifer((coming soon)) by gangster_002
Lady lucifer((coming soon))by gangster_002
[SLOW UPDATES] •¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥•¥• "l've tried.......I've tried very much to resist them,to fight them,to block them,to not let them reach me,even t...
  • abuse
  • depression
  • love
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