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Flawed Kalopsia by aciddaisies_
Flawed Kalopsiaby ano
❝ when your darkest nightmares, become the streets you aimlessly roam ❞ :: a collection of poetry, drabbles, thoughts and other miscellaneous writing pieces...
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Phoebe's journal. #Project Nigeria by PheobeOrobosa
Phoebe's journal. #Project Nigeriaby Pheobe Orobosa
let's just say there's a girl named Phoebe with a whole long string of thoughts. She expresses her pains, her dreams and her desires in her journal... She doesn't mind...
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The Darkness Seeping From A Sparkling Mind by The_Warrior_Girl
The Darkness Seeping From A The_Warrior_Girl_1072004
A collection of sad, depressed, sometimes not so rad poems, written by someone, who's not so sad.
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A Chat With My Shadow by NaenaeNova
A Chat With My Shadowby Nova_Nae
Sometimes, there comes a time in life where we've exhausted all our options. There's no where to turn, it's the end of the line. But what we don't know is we all have...
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Of Fallacies And Fate by AbstractMadness
Of Fallacies And Fateby Aiman
Spiritual/Romance. Highest Ranking : #6th in Spiritual (31/05/2016) • • • A cute romantic journey of a girl who struggles against her past and a guy who is battling his...
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l a v e n d e r s by nabaeha
l a v e n d e r sby n a b e e h a
||.it all comes from the heart and soul.| | #1 in lavenders on 30 NOVEMBER 2018 |
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Random Story Things by JiminsRealLostJams
Random Story Thingsby Kpop's Hoe
Just random little scenarios that go on in my head, they can be of any kind and can go from deep asf to stupid as shit so, enjoy?✌ Some will probably be of Kpop idols ca...
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Bo Burnham lyrics by UmiKnight12
Bo Burnham lyricsby UmiKnight12
You need this to succeed in life.
Life of mine by awkwardlyweirdjunk
Life of mineby Yin and Yang
Just a book with my life with some deep stuff inside.
 Pulvis et Umbra by MissUnicornGirl
Pulvis et Umbraby MissUnicornGirl
we write our stories on the silver black clear canvasses of our lives these are my stories i build them so you can relate and perhaps we won't be so alone *** "I...
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Reserved For My Best Friend by fantasy1018
Reserved For My Best Friendby A Girl in the Shadows
Emma and Jace have been best friends forever. And I mean, forever. Since they were four years old. They've always told each other everything. They know everything about...
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[ b r e a t h e ] by todgedacht
[ b r e a t h e ]by overthinker
loving, aching & healing.
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My more quoteworthy statuses by Smileyface55
My more quoteworthy statusesby Claire
Cover art not by me^^ A collection of emotional, quoteworthy, or just sentimentally valuable statuses/ short pieces of writing. May be triggering for some people but pro...
Words and thoughts  by jenna22617
Words and thoughts by Jenna 👾🦄🖤
Just deep thoughts and words
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Blue by todgedacht
Blueby overthinker
p o e t r y - thoughts to share @todgedacht
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beautiful/anonymous || muke a.u (c.s) by underapaperluke
beautiful/anonymous || muke a.u ( 𝔟𝔞𝔟𝔶𝔩𝔬𝔫 🥀
"The beep will indicate when you are on air with the host" Beep. "Hello, this is Michael Clifford, but i'm sure you knew that already, hello anonymous! So...
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Undefined Feelings by Dijamon
Undefined Feelingsby Khadija Saeed
A collection of my unworthy poems
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About Me! by simbajean
About Me!by Andrea Leach
I post 20 facts about myself then I nominate 3 other people to
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