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THE Marquis's Mistress: Historical Fiction by Sinaidkincaid16
THE Marquis's Mistress: Sinaid
Natasha Grayson knew she was not pretty. She was also not expecting great things from her meager life, with her father being a servant in the house of the Marquis of C...
Death Of A Cheerleader by maryrobins
Death Of A Cheerleaderby Mary Robins
*My Cheerleader Has A Gun Sequel* It has been two years since Scarlett and Olivia, with the help of their friends, took down the Mother of the Red Circle. Everything has...
Undeserving by SugiliteGrey
Undeservingby Sugilite Grey
In a world where evolution has occurred, there are sub-genders alpha, beta, and omega. Elias has been hiding the fact that he is an omega from everyone. To keep his pher...
janus by sensationale
janusby ∞
WHEN GOOD GIRLS SNARL, demons will run. action #268 [5.25.17]
Princesses Are Treasures Worth Stealing by kaseydaimond6
Princesses Are Treasures Worth kasey daimond
Princesses Isabelle and Jumanné just wanted the lives of normal eighteen year olds, they wished to experience intimacy with persons who wouldn't bow down to them, the...
Masquerade of Life by brokenpetalsoflove
Masquerade of Lifeby jesslee
Life is nothing more than a masquerade. We all walk through life hiding emotions, secrets, and desires. We all wear masquerade masks. ~poems of life~
Maame Water: The Legend Of The Fish Queen by beverlydecker
Maame Water: The Legend Of The Beverlydecker
White invaders threaten to decimate the prince's tribe and steal his land. His father will not surrender to these invaders and has ordered the tribe to fight for their l...
The Banoffee Sundae Stalker by Spanaah
The Banoffee Sundae Stalkerby
Katya's life isn't going too great. Stuck in a retail job she hates and a shared house she despises, the only thing that is going well for her is Ollie. Charming, Charis...
Surprisingly Royal by iamnanaserwaa8
Surprisingly Royalby Lisaberyl
Ciara is a princess who was sent away from home in order to be protected.She is raised by Mary in a small town known as Angellos. In this town she meets her very best fr...
Casha by NatinaXo
Cashaby Natina
I gently tap my glock 17 at his temple "Up and out them pockets" "P-pl-lease don't I have bills a- and my kids" As he stutters and cries I raise my...
The new order by MiriamSaidWhat
The new orderby miriam
Mya Ashton is an ordinary teenager. She goes to school and then comes home to her family; until one day she doesn't come home. No one does. Due to a new government law b...
Die A little Each Time by keeperspark
Die A little Each Timeby keeperspark
This is about a friendship that has been toxic for years. Love always keeps me going back. It's been a long tome friendship with this person. We've both been through hel...
Falling 2 by sheismoky
Falling 2by Sheismoky
Remmy thought she and fate had come to an agreement, but Remmy had gotten the short end. She comes to terms with how fate had played her, only to have her own past dec...
The Art of Deceit by dustrunner
The Art of Deceitby dustrunner
Two very different paintings with two very different histories. When their paths cross for the first time a tragedy happens. When their paths cross for the second time w...
The Assassin Series: Next Gen by coolyben_12
The Assassin Series: Next Genby coolyben_12
It's back!!! More parts, more pages, more stories, more action and more heroes! It's back and better than ever!!
The search for family by AxellekeVdBosch
The search for familyby AxellekeVdBosch
Lani, a 20 year old girl, has never known her father so travels to Hawaii to search for him, but finds friendschip, new cultures, secrets, danger and... Love??
To Keep A King by issyfh
To Keep A Kingby Issy
'I dreamt about her again tonight. The woman whose name I don't know and whose face remains ever obscured...I don't know who this woman is, but I have a dreadful and ine...
Lock and Key by Helovesmenot
Lock and Keyby Helovesmenot
What do you do when your brain is telling you to leave, but your heart is begging you to stay? What do you do when the person who holds the key to your heart is the one...