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THE Marquis's Mistress: Historical Fiction by Sinaidkincaid16
THE Marquis's Mistress: Sinaidkincaid16
Natasha Grayson knew she was not pretty. She was also not expecting great things from her meager life, with her father being a servant in the house of the Marquis of C...
Rain Rain Go Away | ONC 2021 by druidrose
Rain Rain Go Away | ONC 2021by MB | M.Dalto
Three friends. One secret. Thoughts of a summery vacation in the middle of winter sounded fantastic until all plans to enjoy the Caribbean sights were thwarted by an une...
Falling 2 by sheismoky
Falling 2by Sheismoky
Remmy thought she and fate had come to an agreement, but Remmy had gotten the short end. She comes to terms with how fate had played her, only to have her own past dec...
janus by sensationale
janusby ∞
WHEN GOOD GIRLS SNARL, demons will run. action #268 [5.25.17]
To Keep A King by issyfh
To Keep A Kingby Issy
'I dreamt about her again tonight. The woman whose name I don't know and whose face remains ever obscured...I don't know who this woman is, but I have a dreadful and ine...
ADIITU by herroyalpen_9ja
ADIITUby Adejare Ololade
Lies. Deciet. Secrets. Tears. Suspense. Betrayal. Disappointments... All leading to one word.... LOVE IFEOLUWA is a 16 year old girl in an average N...
The Kings siblings by isaxbabyyy
The Kings siblingsby isaxbabyyy
Mason King is an 18 year old high school student at Crenshaw high school, he's the football captain and a ladies man. He's popular, good looking and just an overall cool...
The Assassin Series: Next Gen by coolyben_12
The Assassin Series: Next Genby coolyben_12
It's back!!! More parts, more pages, more stories, more action and more heroes! It's back and better than ever!!
Die A little Each Time by keeperspark
Die A little Each Timeby keeperspark
This is about a friendship that has been toxic for years. Love always keeps me going back. It's been a long tome friendship with this person. We've both been through hel...
BURIED SECRETS by Ami-genicious
BURIED SECRETSby Ami-genicious
Liana McCall, an infamous fashion designer. Daughter of Joanne and Mike McCall. Her mother is the owner of the most popular fashion store in Boston, massachusetts, while...
TRANSITIONS by tinafausett
TRANSITIONSby Tina (T.D.) Fausett
Jackson Clayborn is having a hard time dealing with the emotions he's feeling, understanding a past that haunts him and fear of telling Emily Masterson the truth he's ke...
Surprisingly Royal by iamnanaserwaa8
Surprisingly Royalby Lisaberyl
Ciara is a princess who was sent away from home in order to be protected.She is raised by Mary in a small town known as Angellos. In this town she meets her very best fr...
The Unknown Journey by JuanitaSimons7
The Unknown Journeyby JOJO
Lana's life is about to change and with that change comes a lot of decisions and challenges along the way. Unbeknownst to her she would be hurting the people she love...
Casha by NatinaXo
Cashaby Natina
I gently tap my glock 17 at his temple "Up and out them pockets" "P-pl-lease don't I have bills a- and my kids" As he stutters and cries I raise my...
TANGO by tinafausett
TANGOby Tina (T.D.) Fausett
Jackson Clayborn is having a hard time dealing with the emotions he's feeling, understanding a past that haunts him and fear of telling Emily Masterson the truth he's ke...
Sophie's Struggle  by AmeliaRDarcy
Sophie's Struggle by Amelia R Darcy
When Sophie Butlin, a pioneering and successful young woman, flies from Sydney to Perth to attend the funeral of her Great Aunt, she is reunited with a distant relation...
WHO ARE MY PARENTS? WHO AM I? PART 2 by secretive_love101
Death is gone, I've found my parents, everything is going great! But then suddenly.... "Reported cases of deaths and missing ppl are spreading all over the world!&q...
The Pure Night and Spotlight by Infinite_HNG
The Pure Night and Spotlightby Infinite_HNG
This is a series of poems I have started writing based on experiences of mine. Dreams, wishes, hopes, nightmares...whatever.