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Young Justice Watches Death Battle by Firestorm808
Young Justice Watches Death Battleby Firestorm808
The Team finds "Death Battle" DVDs, and they watch them in Mount Justice.
What if battles [REQUEST CLOSED] by Laura_Hollis
What if battles [REQUEST CLOSED]by Laura
Wanna see your favourite characters fight? In this book, we do our research and we help you answer and end the most heated debate of all time
What if battles 2 by Laura_Hollis
What if battles 2by Laura
Like my first what if battles book? This book is a sequel to the first book where Toomi, Megumi and Sachi will analyse and research on characters to determine the winner...
My Death Battles Season 1 by TyForestWrites
My Death Battles Season 1by TyForestWrites
Just for the fun of it, I'm making my own fan-made Death Battles. I have my own list of battles that I'm going to do, but suggestions are always nice! TyForestWrites and...
Death battle is one of the most popular series on the internet to date. if you don't know, death battle is a web series owned by rooster teeth where the hosts, Wiz and B...
DEATH BATTLE by NathanTheManTheMHFan
Two will enter. Only one will leave alive. Iconic characters from movies, games, TV, books, and lore will be brought to life here and pitted against each other to see wh...
Death Battle Ideas by Craftfury
Death Battle Ideasby Craftfury
Okay, guys. This book will be showcasing Death Battle Ideas that I hope Screwattack decides to use one day.
DEATH BATTLE IDEAS! by DevilNorthStar13
DEATH BATTLE IDEAS!by DevilNorthStar13
KO everyone, here are some of my ideas for Death Battle that I made over the years for either the show itself or you who does your own fanfic Death Battles, you all have...
Death Battle Ideas by Elemental_Avenger
Death Battle Ideasby Eldest Sister of the 13 Valky...
Fights I wanna see on DEATH BATTLE.
Fight Club by Demonfire_Dagger
Fight Clubby Demonfire_Dagger
Two Characters. Y'all say who you think would win.
Death Battle | DBX by ElectroSkull101
Death Battle | DBXby ElectroSkull101
Welcome to Death Battle and DBX. Two fighters, one survivor. Your hosts, Wiz and Boomstick. Analyzing weapons, armor, and skills. These fights are sure to be epic. Get r...
La mejor forma de animar de despues de un rechazo es...una DEATH BATTLE! by JoestarGhoulZ
La mejor forma de animar de Aaron Gutierrez Villa
Izuku al ser rechazado por uraraka esta completamente deprimido por unos dias pero un dia encuentra la forma de animarse y se enceuntra con algo con que animarse e inter...
Death battle thoughts by JinnTheGenie
Death battle thoughtsby JinnTheGenie
I will be giving my thoughts and opinions for death battle here.
Death Battle ideas by KamenRenFuji
Death Battle ideasby MasadaRiderGod
Death battle ideas I've made and I want to ask who would win. I don't own death battle nor the characters
The Zodiac Hunger Games (Cancer x Scorpio) by TheFluffyCloud101
The Zodiac Hunger Games (Cancer yeet
come on an adventure with lots of blood and romance with some of our favorite heroes.
Red Archus's Death Battle by RedArchus
Red Archus's Death Battleby Red Archus
There's not much to say here. Just me going over Death Battles that I think would be fun to see. -Death Battle belongs to Roosterteeth -I do not own any franchise or cha...
Mario, Sonic, Mega Man DEATH BATTLE!(Season 2) [REQUESTS CLOSED] by SonicandMariofanboy
Mario, Sonic, Mega Man DEATH Mario and Sonic fan
Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and co are back for another season ready to make more characters to fight to the death
Death Battle by TheBrokenFiend
Death Battleby The fiend
Two fighters fight until death. The book is unlimited. You choose the fighters. Rules in the first part.
Video Game Vs Battles by SonicandMariofanboy
Video Game Vs Battlesby Mario and Sonic fan
Here is a a series focused on video game characters in a match up to find out who would win a battle