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A Final Song, A Last Request by AvengedSevenfoldGirl
A Final Song, A Last Requestby Randy Meeks
As he came in front of me, the crowd surged forward and surrounded the area. I was being compressed into the railings and screamed out in pain. He heard me. As I saw him...
  • prengant
  • valary
  • drugs
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a molecular village made this by loserbillie
a molecular village made thisby billie violet~
the molecular village that is my brain decided that it would be a good idea to make this
  • ohno
  • help
  • wheeze
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Horrible fanfics with bad plots by CatInYourHouse
Horrible fanfics with bad plotsby ...oh...
I wrote fanfics with VERY bad grammar and TERRIBLE plots. enjoy
  • bad
  • horrible
  • helpme
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JayDami Oneshots  by -_Impala67_-
JayDami Oneshots by Red
All in the title 350- 1000 words each Request are open
  • batgirl
  • requestopen
  • redrobin
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Hearts and Rockets (A Hunter Hayes Fanfic) by hunterhayescrazed
Hearts and Rockets (A Hunter Cassandra
Cassandra didn't believe love triangles could exist outside of the pages in the books she read. How could it be possible to fall in love with two people at the same time...
  • heartsandrocketsfanfic
  • country
  • hayes
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I was busy thinkin' bout boys (a Henry danger fanfic) by phxnii
I was busy thinkin' bout boys (a weewad
What happens when Henry confesses his under dying LOVE to Ray on one of there missions? how will Ray react? Does he love Henry back? or will Henry be kICKED from Junk N'...
  • rayxhenry
  • iwanttodie
  • justforlaughs
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Dear God by KateSarah
Dear Godby Kate Sarah
An autistic girl documents her life, a recluse and a reject of the world believes that she is heard by God
  • youngadult
  • romance
  • deargod
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My Introduction (Poems) by EnomasThron
My Introduction (Poems)by Enomas Thron
Like the title says, this is an introduction to me and the way I think. I have spent the last 20 years observing the world through my eyes and these six poems only scrat...
  • poem
  • enomasthron
  • introduction
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One day before Her by MisterGabi
One day before Herby Lady.G
Oneshot Especial Dear God : Josh e Clary Nem muitas águas conseguem apagar o amor; os rios não conseguem levá-lo na correnteza. Se alguém oferecesse todas as riquez...
  • romance
  • claryejosh
  • deus
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Poem by DreamsAllGone
Poemby DreamsAllGone
No name
  • poem
  • home
  • suicide
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Thanks, Really. It Means a Lot. by ObsessedMuch_YAS
Thanks, Really. It Means a Anonymous
The story of my life through depression to amazing friendship. P.S. Please note that the cover and this letter poem are both mine! Thank you and enjoy. ^.^
  • meaning
  • poem
  • deargod
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Random notes from me! by favoredReign
Random notes from me!by Meri
.. Just what I want to tell anyone who reads my shit I guess
  • deargod
  • help
  • random
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Dear God by Hisforeverwriter
Dear Godby Hisforeverwriter
A different world, where I am placed, I still believe you're here, and you won't leave me alone With your presence, With your guidance, With your unconditional love, I f...
  • inspiration
  • love
  • blessed
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Dear God (Avenged Sevenfold fanfic) by dramionecannotstop
Dear God (Avenged Sevenfold fanfic)by Sarah Valendra
Dear God, the only thing I want is to keep her warm even though I'm so far away. // Made this for school so if I had the grammar wrong please forgive me !!
  • songfiction
  • emma
  • a7x
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Die by ialreadydie9
Dieby ialreadydie9
i think i will die tomorrow
  • bye
  • die
  • feeltokill
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Dear God, I Wish I Was Her | SHORT-STORY | by shewhodoesntcare
Dear God, I Wish I Was Her | ♕ Adi
One-shot story of Debris Moreigh Ting and her wish to God to be the girl that Jay Elme Munoz (Munyoz) loves. xyaxissa @ 2016.
  • deargod
  • broken
  • iwishiwas
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Our Hetalia Headcanons  by Spanish-Prussian
Our Hetalia Headcanons by Spanish-Prussian
*sprinkling glitter* Headcanons, headcanons, EVERYWHERE! But they aren't just ANY headcanons, guys. They're OUR headcanons, which means EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! [...] are...
  • america
  • axis
  • russia
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