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ᴅɪᴀʀʏ || mattia polibio by prtyaniml
ᴅɪᴀʀʏ || mattia polibioby riceball
"no I don't want this stupid diary?! What am I gonna do, write what I had for breakfast or sum?" #1 in deardiary @ 7-29-20 ily
CC's Diary by Multikokostan
CC's Diaryby WWH u kno?
The diary of a young girl in the early 1900's. Warning ⚠: Contains death (if its a detailed death I'll put a warning before it) Enjoy the story
50 Days. by __Kimmoe__
50 Kimmoe
Dear The World. The Dairies Of Hetalia by AngelicaWilson250
Dear The World. The Dairies Of Angelica Wilson
when the world gives you pain, what do you do? you write. this is the story of the nations and their true feelings and thoughts. Also I don't own hetalia.
Diary Of An Undercovered Bisexual - All The Boys I Secretly Fell In Love With  by i_amnotbrian
Diary Of An Undercovered i_amnotbrian
Dear diary, I really can't say some things out loud. So I'm going to write them down.
A hundred and one broken pieces (COMPLETED) by SomethingOceanic
A hundred and one broken pieces ( ~OCEAN~
Happy endings doesn't exist... and if you agree with me, c'mon and enter my world.
Jealousy | Yoonmin Fluff {COMPLETED} by peridot67
Jealousy | Yoonmin Fluff { peridot67
"If being jealous is bad why do I feel this way?" Jimin is a cheerful, shy, 14 year old who wants more than anything to be noticed by his crush, Yoongi. Yoongi...
Secrets (  nct jaemin )  by hellvevo
Secrets ( nct jaemin ) by Cas
Yeona is the new trainee, Jaemin has been there for almost a year. Yeona never talks, Jaemin is very outgoing and has many friends. Yeona minds her own business, Jaem...
Dear diary | Dopil by I_love_Jaesus
Dear diary | Dopilby Jaesus
🌌It's a sin, I'll burn in hell if I don't repress it ! Why did God have to inflict this curse upon me ?🌌 Dowoon was raised in a close minded and very religious family...
ghost. by _erinyes_
#10 *sharp thing*
"When he died, all things soft and beautiful and bright would be buried with him." she is left with too many unanswered questions after her best friend zach ki...
Virgil's Online Journal  (Sander Sides Prinxiety) by ThePurpManOfficial
Virgil's Online Journal (Sander lily
You read the title.., i dunno. I think it might help me? Dr.Picani recommended it as a form of therapy so i thought why not publish it? As if anyone cares.. but still. ...
Spilt Ink by Amandarh-N
Spilt Inkby Amanda
P O E T R Y If I could tell you I love you If I could undo certain things If I could volunteer my heart I want to tell you I love you I want to undo certain things but i...
How to be Not You 101 ; LUCIDUS SOMNIA by happychillily
How to be Not You 101 ; LUCIDUS Yourweirdbaby
1st Book of Lucidus Somnia ; Quarantine Series Started ; March 26, 2020 End ;
Young Emotions by SabrinaSoe
Young Emotionsby Artemis02
A poetry and prose, " For it's a world where love and confusion reign A world of hope and laughter and tears and pain "
Dear Diary by Pikaglove
Dear Diaryby Pikaglove
A pov story about a lonely borrower moving into a new home and writing down their thoughts and feelings in their diary.
Miles To Go_Jelsa by SiL3nTKiLl3r1
Miles To Go_Jelsaby SiL3nT KiLl3r
"Hmm...Doctor Jackson Overland Frost...nice" She said reading his name tag that was on his white coat. "And you might be?" He asked raising a brow sh...
Before I die by NicolethVampire
Before I dieby Bianca
After the heartbreaking break up of Liam, Danielle gets depressive and starts to write down her thoughts in a diary. This somehow helps her cope with the pain she's feel...
Dear Diary | Lines by StrayAteez
Dear Diary | Linesby C
Dear Diary, A diary based story. Nothing more, nothing less. But this isnt a paragraph.
"Dear diary" by Cookie_artz
"Dear diary"by Cookie :3
A boy who's name is Rowan Reid, Moves to a new city in hopes of a better high school experience, he got a book to write all his hopes and desires, wishes and mistakes, p...
Dear Diary by kimychiii14
Dear Diaryby _𝒌𝒊𝒎𝒄𝒚♡︎
" The More You Hate, The More You Love. "