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Love from Between Life and Death by Creeperleap
Love from Between Life and Deathby Creeper
Tsukune Aono is the only human at Yokai Academy, and only the newspaper club knows this, but other than that, not much is known about his past friends. But when one of h...
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Dead Space: Hunter... 2.0! by Creeperleap
Dead Space: Hunter... 2.0!by Creeper
Dr. Mercer's horrific creation was too ugly for the marker, who absorbed an otaku. It made a few changes.
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dead space x male reader x rwby x high school dxd(harem) by Coolskija637652
dead space x male reader x rwby justin
I don't see alot of harem books anymore
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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Marker by triggersquad
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Markerby triggersquad
Dead Space x Rainbow six siege a man sits in his truck drinking beer enjoying the night when he see something falling from the sky and crash lands. he crushes his beer c...
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Dead space  betrayed necromorph male reader x highschool dxd by commandershep
Dead space betrayed necromorph John Shepard
They though they could kill me they thought that issei was powerful they dont know that there death will be the start of my making like my marker brother before me said...
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ShadowTask by Senderal
ShadowTaskby Lars Light
It was supposed to be simple. Respond to the distress beacon, fix the problem. It's what we do. But we were too late, everything was wrong from the start, only proving t...
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Halo Space by JohnAlexander399
Halo Spaceby John Alexander
A Dead Space and Halo cross over, Takes place at the ending of Dead Space 3, and takes place at the ending of Halo 4 There is a Remastered version of this story.
  • stronglanguage
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I Just Want To Put an End on This( RWBY X Male Dead Space Reader) by iamfreakingout
I Just Want To Put an End on This( I am surprised
Dead Space is my favorite horror game
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the marker killer on remnant by Noble-4
the marker killer on remnantby $uicideBoy$
Blah blah blah
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RWBY x Dead Space Male reader by ElDesertor050
RWBY x Dead Space Male readerby ElDesertor050
so I got a writer block and this idea come to my mind
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I'm just a little insane... M!Deadspace!OC X Creepypasta Harem. by Drunken_storyteller
I'm just a little insane... M! The Drunk STORYTELLER
this is an idea. My OC'S background is the same as Isaac Clarke's background Because he replaces him.
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Xenomorphs vs Necromorphs by Tarkatan-Xenomorph
Xenomorphs vs Necromorphsby Mortal Kombat X
Who would win in a Death Battle?
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It Came From The Stars: A RWBY x Dead Space story by Mr_kodeo
It Came From The Stars: A RWBY x Mr_kodeo
After an incident aboard the USG Ishimura, commander Pax's escape pod crashes on an unknown planet. With half of Remnant after him, he must pick a side. And everyones fa...
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dead space overload (oc romance's) by D3ADMAN666
dead space overload (oc romance's)by nick
dexter john lee is a normal teenage boy with a little crush on the most popular girl in the hole school. after arriving he discovers something terrible. titan station is...
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  • dex
A True Deadspace by OfTruthAndPassion
A True Deadspaceby OfTruthAndPassion
Earth has been repopulated with humans and the necromorphs have returned once more to farm all life from the planet itself. Yet the Necromorph intelligence takes another...
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*Coming Soon* by MountainRangeFiction
*Coming Soon*by MountainRangeFiction
Dead Space man
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Dead Space: Past to Present by MichaelPhilipGraham
Dead Space: Past to Presentby Michael Philip Graham
Keep in mind this is my first story **THIS DOES NOT RELATE TO ANY OF THE GAMES OR MOVIES STORY WISE **
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Dead Space RP by lolcram11
Dead Space RPby lolcram11
Will you survive?
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'Time to join the cycle of rebirth' Author Jacob Danik
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