Cults And Killers - A Rp  by Galexiii
Cults And Killers - A Rp by Ileana
You are part of The Shadows, the most powerful cult ever created. The craziest part? It's a cult full of children. That's right, children. Why are there no adults? Becau...
  • cult
  • children
  • escape
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The Fatal Woman by TheFatalWoman
The Fatal Womanby Lðrñå ßê¢khåm
Hello there~
  • woman
  • beautiful
  • seductive
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The Seven Deadly Sins | Writing Collab | by 11MadhouseMelanie11
The Seven Deadly Sins | Writing Aesthetic_Trash
Hello! This is a mainly an application for my collab I have thought of about The Seven Deadly Sins. All is explained inside the book. Enjoy!
  • fantasy
  • sloth
  • sevendeadlysinscollab
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Prømise Yøu'll Stay? /Eyeless Jack X Reader/ by -Kurihara-
Prømise Yøu'll Stay? /Eyeless Sansujin no joō
( this does not connect or relate to the other Eyeless Jack x Readers I have made )
  • swearing
  • janethekiller
  • scary
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The Tartonic Chronicles (Book 1) by WerewolfSaint
The Tartonic Chronicles (Book 1)by Angels-Kingdom
We are raised to think the world we live in is the only world, nothing else exists according to the human mind, but what others do not know is that the supernatural does...
  • hybrid
  • witches
  • supernatural
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Life In The Underworld [ Underworld Series #1 ] by Shipishipihan
Life In The Underworld [ Sofia
Underworld. A place where they have no choice but to die. A place where no one can stop the Devil. A place full of revenge. They thought this was paradise, but they're w...
  • trust
  • innocent
  • sacrifice
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Bite Me by Rain_Leah
Bite Meby Aleayah Marie
"Rude ass bitch!" "Bite me motherfucker."
  • romance
  • hate
  • deadly
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basement of dead dolls  by crazycreeper67
basement of dead dolls by crazy creeper 67
a kid stumbles across a basement of dolls left by an old lady who died in the 1970s
  • scary
  • creepy
  • bloody
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The Tarpeian City by kaleymk
The Tarpeian Cityby Kaley
Welcome to the city of traitors, criminals, and deadly shadows . . . cover by @mahana258
  • unknown
  • traitor
  • search
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The Phoenix Sin of Vanity by KaelynUrsinSmith
The Phoenix Sin of Vanityby Kaelyn Ursin-Smith
"So here I am, in the same town ten years later, doing my thing when something new happens. Something new hasn't happened in the 10 years I lived here. Same old tow...
  • seven
  • sins
  • sevendeadlysins
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Two-Sentence Horror Stories by dreadful_
Two-Sentence Horror Storiesby dreadful_
BEWARE: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. VERY SCARY CONTENT IS RIGHT NEAR YOUR FINGERTIPS. Here is two-sentence horror stories that are sure to give you the chills at night.
  • twosentence
  • weird
  • creepy
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Heartless by BookLover7322
Heartlessby BookLover7322
She was a weapon. Built to destroy and designed to kill. A machine in place of her heart. *** Amanda Sharp. If you're reading this, I know you're running from your past...
  • fiction
  • deadly
  • artificial
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Lies In The Dark  by emilyreilly101
Lies In The Dark by Emmy
Mike Wheeler seems to have a rather dark, possibly life threatening secret he's kept from everyone. The sad truth is? It's something so many people suffer in silence wit...
  • mikewheeler
  • depression
  • anxiety
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Dark Past by CharlesLazatin
Dark Pastby Charles Lazatin
"We don't deserve to be in this world.Everbody is nonchalant and were miserable." Started:July 10,2018 Completed:"on going"
  • dark
  • deadly
  • includessomebadwords
Life Changes by JessicaMcDaniel044
Life Changesby Jessica McDaniel
28 year old Gracelynn works for the Seattle Special Victims Unit. She's been united with her old high school/college fling. Things are going great, until one of her case...
  • changes
  • original
  • drama
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The Seven Deadly Sins ~ { King x Helbram + More Oneshots } by FanFic_Daddy
The Seven Deadly Sins ~ { King x FanFic_Daddy
Requests Open OCxCharacter Character x reader Character x character Fluff Angst Something Random~ My writing kinda sucks.
  • kinggg
  • king
  • elizabeth
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dread by AGJLemon
dreadby AGJLemon
The end of the world has arrived and its hard to survive for this young girl and her family of 3 children.
  • doomsday
  • abigail
  • world
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Les défauts des merveilles by MarieChanAkashi
Les défauts des merveillesby Merryys
"La jeune femme aux longs cheveux dansait avec l'un de ses amis les plus fidèles, sa robe aussi rouge que le feu l'accompagnait dans ses mouvements de hanche ardent...
  • eve
  • seven
  • deadly
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