There are many reasons why people in the world of crime know and fear a felon who goes with the codename Hypnos. It is because: he is downright illicit and cruel. He is...
  • reaper
  • criminal
  • crime
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Deadly. Toxic. Pain by Katie1X_X2
Deadly. Toxic. Painby Katie1X_X2
After Camila starts getting threats from an unknown number she goes to the club and sees something she shouldn't have saw... what will happen to Camila?
  • deadly
  • jamila
  • badboy
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Don't Lie To Me  by astrid_star_05
Don't Lie To Me by astrid_star_05
"The dead are easy, the living is what you've got to look out for. The dead aren't about to stab you in the back or lie straight to your face" ~~~~~~~~~~ 3 ye...
  • zombieapocalypse
  • headsmashing
  • zombies
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The street fighter and gang leader  by Chanel22556
The street fighter and gang leader by Chanel22556
Amethyst Moon An American Street fighter and a girl who thinks her brother is dead. He had to leave home because he had a run in with a gang. He had to leave his family...
  • deadly
  • streetfighter
  • gắng
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untill the end  by levilord98
untill the end by lowlow
this is a sad story very sad you might cry
  • storys
  • sins
  • seven
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Life Is Deadly (2012) by WildWolf03211998
Life Is Deadly (2012)by Wild Wolf
Life Is Deadly Poem
  • deadly
  • poem
  • 2012
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Seven Deadly Sins Oneshots by YourAnimeBabeHere
Seven Deadly Sins Oneshotsby ♥️≧◡≦♥️
Are you desperate for the Sins? Wanting to be a part of the anime to? Well whatever your reason is and your looking for some oneshots of the Sins, well step through my...
  • ban
  • gowther
  • sins
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Themes ;3 by adorejendayi
Themes ;3by 仁
themes of what you might want your account to look like
  • neon
  • thxsbih
  • colors
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My Deadly Little Demon (Meliodas x Reader) by LauraRose876
My Deadly Little Demon (Meliodas LauraRose876
(y/n) is a demon goddess hybrid and a former sin she (as Well as a cast out princess from demon clan) the was one of the strongest sins along with meliodas him self, and...
  • king
  • sevendeadlysins
  • sins
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Party of Hell by Deathraid2001
Party of Hellby Deathraid2001
Ryan goes to his first legitimate high school party. Everything seems to be working out perfectly. Mollie, the host, displays her interest in him, and their relationshi...
  • death
  • paranormal
  • murder
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Scorpion by godisashishtar
Scorpionby tEa!¡☕️🐸👏
---------- Everyone knew what happened to the one man who dared to try to cross him. To replace him, to try and steal his place and crown in the darkest parts of society...
  • humor
  • gắng
  • death
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The Seven Ancient Sins: Ascendance by Foxxxland
The Seven Ancient Sins: Ascendanceby Foxxland
"The Seven Ancient Sins are a group of powerful warriors known throughout history to thwart off all Evil. However, it is only when Great Evil arises that so too doe...
  • darkness
  • friendship
  • fire
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Lamb to the Slaughter Sequel by mireillelee
Lamb to the Slaughter Sequelby Mireille Lee
  • romance
  • featured
  • old
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7 Grim Graves by ad_ae_wilcox
7 Grim Gravesby Angel and Alex
These gruesome stories depict the gruesome tales of seven children. Each with the fear of another sin.
  • scary
  • deadly
  • seven
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The Death of a King (King x Diane) Seven Deadly Sins Fanfiction by MaximusAnthony
The Death of a King (King x Diane) Maximus Anthony
King learns that his time has come, and he must say his farewells. There is one last thing he has to do before he goes... THIS IS MY LAST FANFICTION EVER!!! PLEASE ENJOY...
  • sins
  • anime
  • romance
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That Psychopath Is Mine by mariyatunita
That Psychopath Is Mineby iron
Psycopath Bihira lang ang mga tao na makaencounter ng gantong uri... Dahil minsan--- LAGI silang patagong umaatake at di mo sila makikita na public kumain. Pero yung ki...
  • blood
  • brutal
  • serial
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Rp book by -ImSleepy-
Rp bookby ~Sleepy Head~
Just for fun Follow the rules i wont be roleplaying on here as much but if i do then ill say. You can rp its okay if i dont know you. Be nice
  • friends
  • kawaii
  • deadly
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