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Hunters child (dead by daylight huntress x child reader by Reaper-fire
Hunters child (dead by daylight Reaper-fire
Left in the cold you herd the lullaby You are a six year old child with abuseive parents who leave you in the red forest. But you are not alone, your parents may not ha...
From the Sky // Susie x M!Reader by Rakuwoo
From the Sky // Susie x M!Readerby raku.
[HIATUS] Lemme cut it short for ya~ (Y/N) is a expressionless boy, He is one of the smartest people for his age, He became a nurse to follow his mother's footsteps after...
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Killer Instincts (DBD x Male Reader) by 10BingusPingus01
Killer Instincts (DBD x Male ❤ Bingus ❤
A young man stuck in a killing game. The objective? Escape or get killed. But can he do that when all the killers look so cute to him?
Starstruck by Blood [DBD the Trickster x reader] by Cutiepiedoom
Starstruck by Blood [DBD the Doom Senpai
Trials had become second nature to you and the pain and death barely seemed to affect you anymore. You couldn't remember how your old life was like before this, just the...
Only Half Human [A Dbd Custom Novel] (On Hold)  by Hellhound2146
Only Half Human [A Dbd Custom Hellhound2146
Dead by daylight custom character and her story. Follow alleged "Zyardran" on her experience through the Entity's realm as a killer. She reveals untold memorie...
Catch your breath. Reader x Deadbydaylight  by KillerRyan03
Catch your breath. Reader x KillerRyan03
Dead by daylight comes to life, as you, a junior in highschool must find a way to cope with your world around you crumbling. See for yourself, the barely human killing m...
Dead By daylight Gay Oneshots (Male x Male only) by Gumleeluvs
Dead By daylight Gay Oneshots ( Gumleeluvs
Dead By Daylight Gay Oneshots. I'm only going to write bxb in this book.
Loop - Legion x reader by lol_Artiey
Loop - Legion x readerby lil_artiey
Legion is my favourite character from dbd, I don't care what players say, suck it >:D
Headlines by AbBYygAtOr
Headlinesby Abby DragonRider
A Danny Johnson/ Jed Olsen x Reader You lost yourself in the research, and before you knew it, you had a completed article of nearly a thousand words. You give a small...
The Marionette by shadow_the_eevee
The Marionetteby Shadow Eevee
Shadow was a kidnapped test subject who was one day put through unimaginable torture. After being disfigured, rescued, then betrayed Shadow felt herself snap. Her skill...
Wraith x Reader [A Dead By Daylight Fanfiction]© by CamsterHale
Wraith x Reader [A Dead By ❦cαм❦
When you get in a car accident, you end up crashing down a hill and into this mysterious place called Autohaven Wreckers. But what you didn't know is that there was som...
The Gates of Hell (Male Reader x Dead By Daylight) by AerodynamicHotdog
The Gates of Hell (Male Reader x AerodynamicHotdog
When people think of a Serial Killer, most don't think of a person who uses dogs in their crimes. You are a different case. Victims were discovered with chain marks and...
[DISCONTINUED] The Entity's Realm (Dead By Daylight x Reader) by FinnsterYall
[DISCONTINUED] The Entity's Finneus Y'all
This is the story of the reader, trapped inside the Entity's realm and forced to compete in deadly trials. Stuck in limbo between survivor and killer, the reader struggl...
Dead By Daylight Chapter XIX: Masquerade of Lost Souls (DBD x Fnaf) by Timeless_95
Dead By Daylight Chapter XIX: Just Another Fanfic Writer
Michael Afton woke up, extremely confused about his whereabouts. He seemed to be at some sort of campsite. Where was he? Was this the afterlife? Were his friends all her...
Say My Name~ (Yandere! Trickster x Feng Min) by MNGillam365
Say My Name~ (Yandere! Trickster Morgan Gilliam
(Well, I said I'm gonna do it, and here it is!) (So in this whole short fanfic, Ji-woon Hak is crazily obsessed with Feng Min. So please enjoy!)
The Game Changer | a Dead by Daylight x Reader Fanfic by Thorismyslut
The Game Changer | a Dead by ᚾᛟ ᛚᛁᛝᛖᛊ ᛗᚨᛏᛏᛖᚱ
[ DISCONTINUED ] You were walking in the woods with your dog at night, both enjoying the peace and quiet. But once you two were an hour away from home, a smell of fire b...
Dead by Daylight Killers x Reader LEMONS/SMUT by Flaminghothemerroid
Dead by Daylight Killers x ✄╰U╯
In a strange land controlled by an entity who ordered killers to sacrifice you and your soul, only one thought stayed in your mind, "Oh God I don't want to die a v...
The Show Must Go On (Trickster x Reader) by TheRealAnimeAddict
The Show Must Go On (Trickster x TheAnimeAddict
♡ The Trickster is quite new to the Entity's realm, when he's in a trial against you he is taken back by your angelic voice and beauty, becoming fixated with you. He wil...
Bumps In The Night by berrygore
Bumps In The Nightby Berry Myers
Jake and Dwight get separated from the rest of the group during a ambush. They've been together for a couple nights, trying to cope with the feeling of just them two. W...
The Hopeful Survivor by TheColoristDemon
The Hopeful Survivorby ColorfulDemon
Mason is outsider and The Entity wants a new toy to play within its trials. The Entity will soon realize it made a mistake. Mason is not just survivor, he's a hopeful su...