The Red Tulip by cusalazar
The Red Tulipby Carolina Ugalde Salazar
Sequel of "Dreaming with the Devil"
  • shortstory
  • reading
  • sequel
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Tear me apart by _Viola_Kim_
Tear me apartby _Viola_Kim_
"tear me apart cause I love the way it hurts" she said and moved the blade
  • sadending
  • tears
  • selfharm
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empty by you_know_you_ship_it
emptyby Castiel Winchester
This is a... tale... based on a true story of when somebody made the most difficult difference. She misses her, undeniably. There are nights when she cries in bed. just...
  • dead
  • music
  • meaningful
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Driftwood - A Gabentine Fanfiction by budgiebuddie
Driftwood - A Gabentine Fanfictionby Abi Mae
"I'd bleed for you." Gabe looked in Clementines eyes with a weak smile, afraid how she would react to the words he spoke. After the chaos in Richmond Clement...
  • fanfic
  • clem
  • garcía
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Burn Bright by XantiaChurcher
Burn Brightby Xantia Churcher
Stay low Below the radar Just for a while Not too long Don't make eye contact Don't talk Just slip through No-one needs to know The words that passed through Luna's he...
  • thoughts
  • new
  • blood
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Song Parodys (Kill Me C;) by AngryGuacamole69
Song Parodys (Kill Me C;)by Oofer Gang
Me turning crap songs into even crappier songs. I like half the songs in here but i made them scary.
  • death
  • imdeadinside
  • parodies
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Suicidal  by ShayySlayss123
Suicidal by xWetDreamzx
#LongLiveJahseh Story for Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy A.K.A XXXTentacion ❤️
  • rip
  • love
  • longlivejah
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Brain Dead - A Ghost in the Shell Fan Fiction by LewisOsborneNehlsSto
Brain Dead - A Ghost in the Lewis Osborne Nehls Stockton
Motoko is shot in the head. Her brain case is damaged. What will happen to her? Find out inside!
  • injury
  • shell
  • dead
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Uprising by frostbite099
Uprisingby Stephanie Ashley Woods
The story of Micha Blue and Winter Desanta
  • uprising
  • zombie
  • dead
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The Clown Nearby by 33taetae33
The Clown Nearbyby 33taetae33
How does Jennie link her parents and grandparents death to her own?
  • creepy
  • chilling
  • horror
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Beheaded by emilyo105
Beheadedby emilyo105
Jason is a young adult who is deeply in love with
  • greysanatomy
  • police
  • punishments
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Second Time by MadisonYellow0
Second Timeby Bitchscreammyname
I died but I didn't give up I came back from the dead and returned to my school to figure out who leaded my to suicide.Yes....I did commit suicide because Of the bullyin...
  • supernatural
  • leaving
  • alive
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Challenges § Carl Grimes by MagconMines
Challenges § Carl Grimesby Merde
Onde Alasca Jones adora desafios. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Oi rs.
  • thewalkingdead
  • carlgrimes
  • grimes
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twins fever by historiemig
twins feverby anime gurly
bdgfxhcgvhb,n.,a<sdfzdngxfchmvjb,nbksaczdvfxbcgnvhmjhb,kn.lad<szvdfxbgfncgmvv,bfadfdsghfhjgjkhdfasdsgfhgfhjg,j.nkm.æyetdhgcb a<dzsfxdgfchgvhjbkjnlkmughbmn z bnb...
  • danish
  • dansk
  • dead
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Deviated Forest by Cosmic1carnivore
Deviated Forestby Maylee the Golden
< Ash was only 12 when the monsters came, stranded on her own she finds a
  • walkingdead
  • dead
  • adventure
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Drowning On Life by rainy_day231
Drowning On Lifeby Rainy
Olivia White. Is the new girl in town. She lives with her aunt, uncle, and cousin. Her life is not going as planned. She goes to a new school at Wellbush High. It's smal...
  • broken
  • rich
  • depression
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TSA by -ABCDemi-
TSAby -ABCDemi-
Can you imagine, sitting in the classroom, having math, and hearing a explosion. You walk out of the class and look around. Everybody is running, and screaming. You run...
  • lieke
  • friends
  • demi
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Mr EMO life by TREX_OG1
Mr EMO lifeby MR_EMO
  • dead
  • emo
  • suicide
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