Cooking Up A Storm - A Norman Reedus Fanfic Romance by cantgettosleep
Cooking Up A Storm - A Norman cantgettosleep
Semi-mature. If you can't stand the heat then stay out of the kitchen! Norman just can't bring himself to heed that advice when he and Greg hire a new chef. He alread...
  • walking
  • twd
  • reedusromance
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Jinn by Ms_Horrendous
Jinnby Jakayla Toney
Ignoring her parent's final warning before their death, Sarah finds herself being followed by a demonic creature. The same creature who killed her father. *** Hi guys! I...
  • creature
  • fiction
  • grave
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Creepypasta! by Aurora-senpai
Creepypasta!by Aurora-sama
Ebben a könyvemben a Creepypastákról lesz szó. Lesznek ijesztők, amiktől borsódzni fogsz, de lesznek olyanok is, amik után azt fogod kívánni bárcsak el sem olvastad voln...
  • pasta
  • creepy
  • death
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LETTERS TO THE DEAD | sequelby ★
❝ in these letters to the dead, maybe you'll realize how much i miss you ❞ in which huang renjun writes letters to his dead best friends, lee jeno and na jaemin sequel t...
  • norenmin
  • nctdream
  • sequel
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let's kill tonight | d.h au by SorasHappiness
let's kill tonight | d.h auby Aerith
In a small London town, people have been going missing. usually, they go missing for a few days and eventually their bodies are found. with every new killing, there's mo...
  • phsycho
  • danisnotonfire
  • killer
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Killing Two Birds With One Stone by YourRoyalDeadness
Killing Two Birds With One Stoneby glyn
Dying at the age of fifteen wasn't exactly part of Kira's plan. But she died anyway, and now she has to come to terms with the fact that she's stuck in the afterlife and...
  • ghost
  • supernatural
  • magic
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LIVE for  SUICIDE by hvngGI
Caste:" New Jersey handsome teenger" "Alex Heaven Dempsey he is Jersey Friend" "Yoora Alexander his students from korea" "Alicia Call...
  • mistery
  • dead
  • romance
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Happiness || JUNGKOOK FF by Veexlaniexx
Happiness || JUNGKOOK FFby COOKY🙌
They were strangers at first but destiny in seconds Ha-yoon exprience lots of mystery, murderer and suicide everywhere She starts to walk One day, She wished for HAPPINE...
  • mystery
  • interesting
  • loving
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Walking Dead tough kid( Clementine x kid male reader) by NightHunter200
Walking Dead tough kid( NightHunter200
Season 1 All parts might not be from the game
  • reader
  • gore
  • no
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DEAD LOVE 《H.S》الحب الميت  by luzay-jzh
DEAD LOVE 《H.S》الحب الميت by luzay-jzh
مهما حاولت كثيراً ، لن تستطيع جعل أحدهم أن ينسى حبه الأول .... قصيرة LUZAY
  • 1d
  • malik
  • سينيا
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Thea Harmen by miastar44
Thea Harmenby mia
This book tells the story of the Thea's life. Not the one when she was alive but after she died. Then she gets stuck with the ghost of the most popular kid in school. ...
  • family
  • fallinginlove
  • teenfiction
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broken; personal by __agustchim__
broken; personalby Rachel ♡
just something for me to rant to since i have no friends in my depressing at your own risk
  • happy
  • selfharm
  • help
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Standing Up With Love by Pey119
Standing Up With Loveby Peyton
Sequel to Standing on the Surface. What would have happened to Percy and Annabeth in this universe. (Solangelo, human au, ghost!Nico, ghost!Will)
  • pjo
  • humanau
  • pjohoo
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ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛs -ᴅ.ᴅ by oceanartists
ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛs -ᴅ.ᴅby REEDUS
"I'm tryn'a speak t'you,- say sorry t'you!" He snapped. I slowly turned my head, my blue eyes locking upon him. "So say it," I responded, my voice em...
  • daryldixonfanfiction
  • carlgrimes
  • thesaviors
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Buffy + Spike by Jasdyer
Buffy + Spikeby Jasmine Dyer
For those who are team Spike. She is the slayer, he is a Vampire and when he first came to Sunnydale he been trying to kill the slayer. Buffy been trying to kill Spike...
  • hate
  • light
  • death
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Echoes Of Darkness {EOD} by 2small93
Echoes Of Darkness {EOD}by OJ
Sheriff Prompton McKenzie has always pride himself on the fact that his town is free of crime. He had made sure he eradicated any form of crime or vice. It was an extre...
  • thriller
  • fatansy
  • mysteryparty
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Role Play Plots by SpilledPenInk
Role Play Plotsby Leigh ...
These are Plots that I have either made, saw, or played in, so please enjoy! If you want to Role Play with me then Follow me then message me and we'll get to it!! xD
  • horror
  • heart
  • roleplay
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Charity Milton: My Disastrous Life by JustAnotherHaribo
Charity Milton: My Disastrous Lifeby JustAnotherHaribo
Hi my names Charity Milton, and this is the story of my disastrous life. You don't have to read it if you don't want to. Not that I'm forcing you. This is supposed to be...
  • humour
  • funny
  • killed
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Neonfények by _seoulgurl_
Neonfényekby §Napsugár§
Sang Chul és Hwa Young két átlagosnak nem nevezhető fiatal. A fényképész fiú és a festő lány. Na meg két haláleset. Gyilkosság és alkoholizmus. A legszebb párosok.
  • friendship
  • dead
  • artist
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50 Days. by __Kimmoe__
50 Kimmoe
  • diaryentries
  • abusivecontent
  • dead
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