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Give your heart a break. by ddlBillieEilish
Give your heart a break.by billie's mamas
× What if you meet your idol, who also is your biggest crush. You take a picture together and everything changes after that photo. × Emily got a DWT ticket for her birt...
Miss Lovato (TeacherxStudent) by demistalents
Miss Lovato (TeacherxStudent)by demistalents
"My name is Miss Lovato. You can call me Demi."
Demi Lovato Lesbian Imagines by ddlBillieEilish
Demi Lovato Lesbian Imaginesby billie's mamas
{ These imagines are mostly from my instagram and I figured I'd put them on here. I hope you'll enjoy all of them! I'm still adding new ones till this day! And if you ha...
Twisted { Demi Lovato Lesbian Fan Fic } by ddlBillieEilish
Twisted { Demi Lovato Lesbian Fan...by billie's mamas
{ I update when I can } Hi, my name is Alexis Jones but, most people call me Alex. I have lived in Lodon my hole life but, I was going to move to Texas soon. I was turni...
The Audition by girlylovato
The Auditionby girlylovato
14 year old Ally finally got her chance to audition for X-Factor and meet her idol Demi Lovato. Ally suffers from ED, bullying, and other problems. When Demi suspects so...
Dimmy? -Demi Lovato- by Denise46L
Dimmy? -Demi Lovato-by Denise46L
Demi Lovato, married to Kehlani, has 3 daughters. Robin who's 7 and twins. Lilian and Olivia who are just 4. They're such a happy and cute family, the only problem is th...
Learning To Be Layla by NeverLandLittle
Learning To Be Laylaby Lost little one
Layla is learning to be themselves.
ROOMMATES | Yoongi x BTS by Jayster121
ROOMMATES | Yoongi x BTSby J Rivera
Yoongi is a Little moving into an apartment with total strangers. He doesn't have a Daddy and didn't think he'd find one, let alone six of them.
The Alpha and betas human ~bxbxb~ by BirthOfCookies
The Alpha and betas human ~bxbxb~by Paige
Tyler York thinks his life is always going to be filled with sadness and pain, all he ever feels is pain, that is untill he meets the alph and beta brothers Matthew and...
Demi Lovato One Shots by HeyHiDemi
Demi Lovato One Shotsby HeyHiDemi
A collection of random stories related to Demi Lovato that pop up in my mind. Please feel free to be inspired to write your own story! I don't need no credits x
To End Up With You - instagram fanfic (gxg) by 12MintsInMyMouth
To End Up With You - instagram fan...by HugeFanGirl
Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift's love story told through instagram, and other various social media.
worlds collide // demi lovato by sixfortyseven
worlds collide // demi lovatoby émilie
"chin up child. in my experience, when life seems to be falling apart, its usually falling into place. and when it feels like the whole world is against you, i'll...
Daddy's And Kitten's Diary by oODaddyAndKittenOo
Daddy's And Kitten's Diaryby oODaddyAndKittenOo
Every two days or so Daddy and Kitten will post their diary entries in Wattpad. These two are in a long-distance-cgl relationship. This is all true, Daddy and Kitten ARE...
would you be my baby tonight? •yoonseok• by cherry_throat
would you be my baby tonight? •yoo...by cherry_throat
"Yoongi closes his arms over his ribcage, twisting his lips into a scrunched pout." or yk yoongi is just being bad and hoseok likes his ass and making him mis...
Made in the UK *ON HOLD* by lovaticheartxo
Made in the UK *ON HOLD*by lovaticheartxo
*ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE* Isabella has many issues and bullies is a BIG one. She chooses to move school but little does she know, her hero is her teacher! What will...
JOSHLER pee. little DDLB.. {fanfic}josh dies by JoshlerGayDdlb
JOSHLER pee. little DDLB.. {fanfic...by joshler joshler joshler joshl...
ok so josh IS being BAD ... so tyler does bad to him ham k ham
Runaway (A Demi Lovato Fanfiction) by ddlove93
Runaway (A Demi Lovato Fanfiction)by ddlove93
-(Trigger warning- ED, Self Harm, Depression, suicide attempts) "Hi I'm Demi and right now I just want to run away and lead a normal life.." New loves, heartbr...
Little Space Homework by CGL_Daycare
Little Space Homeworkby Enrollment Open
Homework for littles to complete. - 4/10 students - Work due every sunday! - One peice of homework is worth a star. Whoever has the most stars is student of the month ...