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almighty || aquaman  by ingobernables
almighty || aquaman by ingobernables
based on || justice league in which a metahuman meets an atlantean {#2 IN #DCEU || #2 IN AQUAMAN} disclaimer || i do not own the DCEU and it's cast, however I do own my...
QUEEN| ATHUR CURRY (AQUAMAN) by ladivinaemilia
"You make me feel like I do something right in my life, Amara." "I feel the same way, Arthur." In which the oldest, strongest person on earth falls...
A Bloody Legacy (Deathstroke!Malereader x DC) by VampireKingKarter
A Bloody Legacy (Deathstroke!Maler...by VampireKingKarter
You never wanted you're father to be alone, so you went with him where ever he wanted you to, did whatever he wanted you to, killed whoever he wanted you to, but then he...
Scars & Hearts: The Batman Fanfiction by primadonna_gurls
Scars & Hearts: The Batman Fanfict...by Cass
"Things were never normal in Gotham. Anya Flores knew this, but finding a masked vigilante knocked out on your fire escape had to be one of the more peculiar thing...
LONG STORY SHORT | adrian chase by -peterparkers-
LONG STORY SHORT | adrian chaseby erica
Long story short... Jada Reyes, an ARGUS agent, is assigned to Project Butterfly along with her coworkers, Harcourt and Economos. She is forced to work alongside Peacema...
|The D.C Collection | Imagines, One-Shots, Preferences, and More | by writingtheworks
|The D.C Collection | Imagines, On...by writingtheworks; Ivy
The complete collection of works by @writingtheworks author Ivy on Tumblr. Everything from imagines, one-shots, preferences, and a miniseries or two. Includes members of...
✔ᵉⁿᵍˡⁱˢʰ for the Throne [Aquaman | Orm Marius]✔ by Little7Seven
✔ᵉⁿᵍˡⁱˢʰ for the Throne [Aquaman |...by Jess
Once it had been love, but with the coronation, so much changed and that in a direction that was difficult to put into words. In the following years, he developed in a w...
The First Avenger [1] by PeterusParkerus
The First Avenger [1]by Florence
"She's perfect." "Yeah, she is." [Captain America x Wonder Woman] [Captain America: The First Avenger]
Saving the Multiverse | Avengers, DCEU & Arrowverse Crossover by Idocrossovers
Saving the Multiverse | Avengers...by ShadowQu33n
In which, the daughter of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Peggy Carter, gets sent to another earth by the means of the Infinity gauntlet and finds her way into the ar...
Super Life, Super Me [Harem] by ThatEhhGuy
Super Life, Super Me [Harem]by Civil Warrior
What if in another place..in another universe; Kara Zor-El wasn't sent to Earth? What if she had met her demise along with the others? What if..Kara had a younger brothe...
Ragnarok [3] by PeterusParkerus
Ragnarok [3]by Florence
"Asgard." "Didn't I tell you?" "Asgard. Where your sister, the Goddess of Death has taken over?" "I swear I told you." [Age of Ul...
The Mockingbird by whyummuy1
The Mockingbirdby whyummuy1
The only person more dangerous than Batman, is her. Ashley Martha Wayne, is the daughter of Bruce Wayne. She is a woman of many things, top lawyer, former professional...
Shooting stars | Mon-El  by random_shuck
Shooting stars | Mon-El by H.G
The world came crashing down around her, quite literally, and Astrid Martel must cope with her new harsh reality. She was his fallen star, And he was her saviour ______...
His Enchantress  by SerenaChintalapati
His Enchantress by Serena Chintalapati
When Renesmee was born, her birth triggered the arrival of a powerful being. This being Enchantress. Her arrival meant that Renesmee was a miracle, not an abnormality. A...
Home // Freddy Freeman by cocastyle
Home // Freddy Freemanby kayla
"I've been running my whole life, Freddy. All I'm trying to do is find my home." "Home isn't where you're from, Riley. It's where you belong." "...
Rise of The Timelord 2.0 (Timelord Male! Reader x Harem) ((18+)) by thelastgunslinger117
Rise of The Timelord 2.0 (Timelord...by thelastgunslinger117
The Warrior, formerly known as The Reader, rebooted the Multiverse, all of your wives are all gone except for The Doctor, Mistress Death, ext. Every night you have night...
Flash X Reader by XD_Sockmonkey
Flash X Readerby Aim (she/they)
A book where you go on an adventure with the Flash. Flash X Reader AU of the CW's Flash. ⚡️ I do not own any characters Slowly be...
Adrian chase/ vigilante imagines by Kyrst1n
Adrian chase/ vigilante imaginesby <3
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Moon Knight by PeterusParkerus
Moon Knightby Florence
"You were an inch away from death, and I saved you. All you are is a girl struggling with her Jewish faith. Who are you without me? You need me." "I am A...
Spidey One-Shots by yohoo_3000
Spidey One-Shotsby Jace Lennon
One-shots about anything and everything related to our friendly neighbourhood webslinger!