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Dragon Ball Xenoverse by MaGa_DL
Dragon Ball Xenoverseby Gine Son
Dragon Ball Xenoverse, historia que relata las aventuras de Trunks,Gine y su nuevo amigo Eren quienes ayudaran a la suprema kaioshin del tiempo, a mantener en orden las...
DBX2: King Ghidorah vs Acnologia by Omega0999
DBX2: King Ghidorah vs Acnologiaby Monstrous Theropod
Godzilla vs Fairy Tail! Which of these two powerful dragons will reign supreme!? King Ghidorah, The rival of Godzilla, the King of Monsters, and Acnologia, The Black Dr...
DBX: Berserker Predator vs Raven Branwen by Omega0999
DBX: Berserker Predator vs Raven B...by Monstrous Theropod
Predators vs RWBY, Every universe has it's killers, and thats what these two cold blooded murderers are here for, to battle to the death, who will be the strongest hunt...
Dragonball X by Son-Gokin
Dragonball Xby Drift
(Rias never loved Issei and Issei never loved Rias) After escaping Namek in an abandoned Ginyu Ship. A portal opened and you were sucked in. High above Kuoh Academy, a p...
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The great fight of galactus  by fjmhawkes
The great fight of galactus by Thetigerking
I will face galactus against as many enemies as possible, from Godzilla to the gorgonopsids. And this is building-size galactus, not planet-size galactus
DBX6: Terror of Mechagoji by Omega0999
DBX6: Terror of Mechagojiby Monstrous Theropod
Godzilla The King of the Monsters has defeated the King of Skull Island, but a new threat has arrived to destroy him, and that threat, was made of metal.
DBX6: One Shall SKREEEONNNGK! by Omega0999
DBX6: One Shall SKREEEONNNGK!by Monstrous Theropod
Godzilla vs Transformers The King of the Monsters has defeated an Evil Monster, but what happens when the Leader of the Autobots shows up to fight?
DBX5: King of the Monsters by Omega0999
DBX5: King of the Monstersby Monstrous Theropod
Godzilla The Battle of the Monsters, has arrived In honor of Godzilla: King of the Monsters 2019
DBX4 Short: The Lion and The Clown by Omega0999
DBX4 Short: The Lion and The Clownby Monstrous Theropod
Akame ga Kill vs DC Comics Leone was sent to kill some thugs that were loading something that would 'put a smile on your face', only to come face to face with the Clown...
dbx by Ralsei-iluminado
dbxby Ralsei-iluminado
peleas sin investigacion
DBX6 Halloween Special: Jurassic Abominations by Omega0999
DBX6 Halloween Special: Jurassic A...by Monstrous Theropod
Jurassic World vs Primal The Untamable King has continued it's slaughter for revenge, until it has finally met a Prey, that is now a Monstrous Creature.
DBX2: Yang Xiao Long vs Grimlock by Omega0999
DBX2: Yang Xiao Long vs Grimlockby Monstrous Theropod
These two brawlers are known for their powerful strength, and PUNCHES! who will be the tougher fighter!? Yang Xiao Long, the Blonde Brawler Huntress of RWBY, and Grimloc...
DBX Daidouji vs Jotaro Kujo by DevilNorthStar13
DBX Daidouji vs Jotaro Kujoby DevilNorthStar13
Daidouji was out doing some training when she stumble upon someone name Jotaro Kujo who could be a worthy opponent against her full might. Both delinquents will fight to...
DBX5 Finale: What's a King to a God? by Omega0999
DBX5 Finale: What's a King to a Go...by Monstrous Theropod
Godzilla vs Kong: Skull Island The King of Skull Island has been taken from his home, he escaped, and is now facing the ones who captured him, but then, The King of the...
DBX: D-Structs vs Indominus Rex by Omega0999
DBX: D-Structs vs Indominus Rexby Monstrous Theropod
Dinotrux vs Jurassic World! Two evil pale white Theropods, who would win in this battle, D-Structs an evil Tyrannosaurus Trux, or Indominus Rex, Jurassic World's first...
DBX4: Grumpy vs Indominus rex by Omega0999
DBX4: Grumpy vs Indominus rexby Monstrous Theropod
Land of the Lost vs Jurassic World Grumpy has helped his friends get to their home, he was about to go hunt, until he ended up fighting a Hybrid Version of himself inste...
DBX5: Aftershock by Omega0999
DBX5: Aftershockby Monstrous Theropod
Godzilla Before the events of Godzilla: King of the Monsters 2019, Godzilla faced an Ancient Rival, a Monster that killed his species.
Death Battle's Dbx fights and opinions by JinnTheGenie
Death Battle's Dbx fights and opin...by JinnTheGenie
I give my thoughts and opinions on the Dbx fights
DBX: The Blob vs Tigrex by Omega0999
DBX: The Blob vs Tigrexby Monstrous Theropod
Goosebumps vs Monster Hunter, Which deadliest beast will be the Apex Predator? The Blob that ate everyone, or the Tigrex, The Wyvern that is Absolute Power!
DBX3: Xenomorph vs Indoraptor by Omega0999
DBX3: Xenomorph vs Indoraptorby Monstrous Theropod
AlienvsPredator vs Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Monsters stalk in darkness, and these two are masters at it, who will die tonight? Xenomorph, The Deadliest Alien Speci...