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Candy [Davekat] by GirlLostInTheStars1
Candy [Davekat]by Freya G
13-year-old Karkat Vantas is starting at a new school, where he'll find friends, not so friendly people, interesting facts about life, and maybe even love. ~ There won't...
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Murderous marigolds by Go_apeshit
Murderous marigoldsby Go_apeshit
This is a book I have been working on since last year, it isn't finished yet
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MOONSETTER  by v_ritual
MOONSETTER by v_ritual
[ a homestuck one-shot book for lgbt readers ] [ lowercase intended ] [ cover by @ghost-zip on tumblr! ]
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Davekat {oneshots} by GirlLostInTheStars1
Davekat {oneshots}by Freya G
Just a bunch of Davekat oneshots. Requests are open, cover art by me. (Friend made me censor it with Bill because that's who she is.)
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Trixt3r Mode by Nyx2003
Trixt3r Modeby midnight girl
I got inspired for this by another users story called criminal love by @klancewithoutpants .it will be similar to there's but also vary difrent. I don't own homestuck or...
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What happens when you're favorite mutual you used to talk to online turns out to be an alien from millions of light-years away? Your name is Rose Lalonde and your about...
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Latte's Collection (Davekat Dreambubble Ghost AU) by tookanarrowtothepjo
Latte's Collection (Davekat Dreamb...by Daedalus da Vinci
Your name is Dave Strider, and your life ended when you were impaled on the swords of two dogs, black and white. But, the afterlife isn't so bad, really. You live with y...
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Junior and Freshman 《Dave ◇ Reader》 by imadrawsomeshit
Junior and Freshman 《Dave ◇ Reader》by Haha No
Read the story dummy, then you'll know what it's about. Homestuck and all of its characters, plotlines, etc. is owned by Andrew Hussie. The reader is owned by the person...
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HoMeStUcK LeMoNs by arcaneSpoonery
HoMeStUcK LeMoNsby L
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Discombobulated [DAVEKAT] [atlas] by extracreamcorn
Discombobulated [DAVEKAT] [atlas]by extra cream corn
Dave and I used to be so close, it feels like I don't even know his name anymore. ❀ Davekat n like they're neighbors n Dave is popular n highschoooooool n Ya >3• <...
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Elimination Game || Homestuck fanfiction by afandomenthusiast
Elimination Game || Homestuck fanf...by Jamie
Welcome to the elimination games, it's simple! Every round a character is voted off by the community until one is left and titled winner! What a popularity contest. Giv...
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Zombiestuck - Race to Salvation by squiddleinkmachine
Zombiestuck - Race to Salvationby Squid
====> Your name is Dave Strider and you... don't know what to do In a world where life is an apocalyptic war zone, Dave Strider is all alone. Separated from Dirk, and...