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Tris Pedrad Dauntless Born by jojo9635
Tris Pedrad Dauntless Bornby jojo9635
Tris was born in Dauntless and along with her twin Uriah and her big brother Zeke they mess up the daunless compound. But what happens when a blue eyed abnegation boy s...
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Tris Pedrad-The Dauntless Born Prodigy! by Midget_2704
Tris Pedrad-The Dauntless Born Pro...by Midget_2704
Ok guys so this is the story of Tris Pedrad she is Uriah's Twin but younger than him. She is also Zeke's younger sister. In this Hannah is their Mum and Max is their dad...
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The Pedrad Trio by CailaX-0402
The Pedrad Trioby Caila_X_0402
I know that this storyline is used a lot and stuff but I want to interpret in my own way so here goes: Beatrice Pedrad is only six years old and her and her twin brother...
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Divergent: Tris born Dauntless by u_touch_my_cookie
Divergent: Tris born Dauntlessby Daughter of Pan
This is my idea of Tris becoming the little sister of Uriah and Zeke. This is Tobias's initiation year. Watch a dumb boy fall in love with his best friend's sister. I do...
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Tris pedrad: No war by SlytherpuffChaser3
Tris pedrad: No warby SlytherpuffChaser3
Tris pedrad is uriahs twin and zekes little sister she is dauntless born
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Dauntless born by divergentfanfic__
Dauntless bornby just literal trash
Tris is little sister of Uriah and Zeke What happens when she falls for Zekes mysterious friend four
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Dauntless Born by hx7680
Dauntless Bornby multifandom
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Tris was born dauntless instead of abnegation? Tris Pedrad, a dauntless born. Brown hair, tan skin, and cloudy grey eyes. Sh...
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If Tris was Dauntless Born by Faith_10_
If Tris was Dauntless Bornby Faith_10_
My life is a crazy one, but what can you expect if you live in Dauntless with two idiot brothers named Zeke and Uriah. My name is Tris Pedrad, and this is how I grew up...
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Tris Pedrad - Dauntless Born by waytoomany_fandoms
Tris Pedrad - Dauntless Bornby ғѧňɢıяʟ
What if Tris was Dauntless born? What if she was a twin to Uriah and younger sister to Zeke? What happens when she accidentally falls in love with her oldest brothers...
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Meant to be... Dramione by Happy-Minions123
Meant to be... Dramioneby Happy-Minions123
Having just survived the war, Hermione and Draco have forgotten their past, and have become mesmerised by each other...
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Tris- Dauntless Born by urmiah
Tris- Dauntless Bornby maya
Tris is a dauntless born, sister of Uriah and Zeke, her over-protective brothers who love her to death. But sometimes they can get a little annoying. When Tris meets a g...
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Tiffany- A Divergent Fanfiction by amandakakan
Tiffany- A Divergent Fanfictionby Amanda
Tiffany was born in the Amity. But always, something have called her to do as she wants. Tiffany climbs the biggest trees and dives at the rivers. She is Dauntless. And...
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Dauntless born (a FourTris story) by hochyrussell
Dauntless born (a FourTris story)by hochyrussell
Tris, the funny and outgoing pedrad. Four the secretive boy down the hall. How will their relationship be as they grow up in the Dauntless compound? Will they hate each...
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Dauntless born by 365daysofamdoms
Dauntless bornby 365daysofamdoms
I'm Tris Pedrad my brothers are Zeke and he is 2 yrs older then me and I have a twin brother Uriah
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Dauntless Born by Pranaya18
Dauntless Bornby Pranaya18
In this story, Tris is a Dauntless Pedrad. Little sister of Ezekiel Pedrad, twin of Uriah Pedrad, and daughter of Hannah Pedrad. Their dad died when they were young and...
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If Tris was Dauntless born. by Emisntonfire
If Tris was Dauntless born.by new acc @sporkybb
Basically if Tris from divergent was Uriah's twin and what I think would have happened. Cover is mine as well as ALL plot points, do not steal.
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Hate at First Sight by JillianBacher
Hate at First Sightby Jills
What would happen if both Tris and Four were Dauntless borns? Will they still fall in love? Or will they hate each other? Will they possibly find other people and fall i...
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Tris Pedrad by Emmaboost
Tris Pedradby Emmaboost
This is my first book hope you guys enjoy it.
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