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ERROR-a Databrawl Fanfiction. by TheFriendlyMalware
ERROR-a Databrawl TheFriendlyMalware
For those that don't know what databrawl IS, let me give you a quick rundown.(This is the desc for the battle version of the game.) A once peaceful computer, owned by a...
Error (Databrawl) REWRITE by PhileNTheBlank
Error (Databrawl) REWRITEby The Bread Man
haha yes I rewrite again nooo Phile you can't just rewrite every book Haha REWRITE GO BRRRRRRRR The Malware have been getting pretty advanced. New variants of Corruption...
OOPS! - a Databrawl Fanfiction  by TheCorruptedMask
OOPS! - a Databrawl Fanfiction by ProgramDash FPS*
A Program named Nuzzle, and a Malware named Azure form an accidental bond. They keep this a secret so Nuzzle and Azure aren't known as traitors, but Nuzzle must be caref...
Data brawl memes & stuff by Endlessvoiq
Data brawl memes & stuffby Edgy old books h
So uh Memes Warning : swears and stuff
just some lore for one of my ocs by ElizabethKuhnle
just some lore for one of my ocsby a person who simps on sudonix
jsjsjsjsjssj yes m10 is basically k11b0 from dangonanpa
The Cookie Factory | A data-brawl fan-fic. by TheFriendlyMalware
The Cookie Factory | A TheFriendlyMalware
If you don't know what data-brawl IS, go check out the description for ERROR, my other fan-fic of the same series. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With the whole w...
Screech's Mistake - DATABRAWL FANFICTION by TheCorruptedMask
Screech's Mistake - DATABRAWL ProgramDash FPS*
Screech lives a horrible life due to a mistake he has done, but really, the mistake is him, as he was a huge outcast and threat to Dataverse! Why was he a mistake?
Databrawl: Aki's Journal by PuddingUwU
Databrawl: Aki's Journalby Nagito Komaeda
The day of the war A new [data erased] born [ERROR CODE: XXXX] [If this keeps happening call (XXX)XXXX-XXX-XX and type in the code]
Crossover time part 17 by FutureOfDatabrawl
Crossover time part 17by CommonAmmo
So GPU invited powerboard and the boys to a slumber party.
Vic's backstory by MaIcoIm
Vic's backstoryby Q_Uzi
(no longer being worked on) I'm making something serious for once... Jesus Christ.
Frie vs Nyan (Databrawl RP) by PhileNTheBlank
Frie vs Nyan (Databrawl RP)by The Bread Man
Fully based on a roleplay that happened in Databrawl on the 11th July 2020. Frie. A litte Program, who looks like a slightly squished Bloatgram. A God amongst Data-being...
-Digital Mayhem- (A DATABRAWL STORY) by GlitchyJc
-Digital Mayhem- (A DATABRAWL haha this account is dead
Welcome to the computer, where programs live their lives inside the computer doing their job. Follow our main character, Wanna-Cry. A depressing virus that has a lot of...
Crossover time part 9 by FutureOfDatabrawl
Crossover time part 9by CommonAmmo
Tyrant came back, and is trying to kill melody. And things arent looking so good for the two.
Crossover time part 15 (Plus a short) by FutureOfDatabrawl
Crossover time part 15 (Plus a CommonAmmo
A couple days later, temple and melody find a group of people who lost hope, and get them to fight again, and melissa makes a return for a lives on the line, winner take...
how i became a firewall paladin by FutureOfDatabrawl
how i became a firewall paladinby CommonAmmo
a story following a program like no other, had always been attacked by corruptions, but had optimism and good reflexes to help evade them. Shows that even the weakest ca...