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The Beginning (Under editing) by moon_11412
The Beginning (Under editing)by ~Moon~
Book one of The Twins Trilogy Audrey Skywalker is the twin sister of Anakin Skywalker. They have both been slaves on the planet Tatooine ever since they could remember...
The Weakest Jedi by gleamgallade
The Weakest Jediby Gleam
I'm a Jedi Padawan... oh wait, I'm not. No Master will pick me. I'm the fabled "Weakest Jedi." My connection to the force is so below-average I can barely must...
Secret Affairs. by ButterflyMasquerade
Secret Affairs.by ButterflyMasquerade
Zodiana Rei elegant senator for her planet has a frightening aura as she accompanies the Jedi for a special meeting which soon gets her captured.
Star Wars Unexpected Lovers: Darth Maul and Kiara Kenobi by StrongWilledSenator
Star Wars Unexpected Lovers: Darth...by ↯ ↱ ✩ ↰ ↯
Obi-Wan would have never thought that Maul...the Sith he killed back on Naboo, was back to haunt him once more. Kiara Kenobi, his younger sister, is under protection, ev...
Star Wars: Unexpected Rebellion  by Ares_House
Star Wars: Unexpected Rebellion by Ares_House
The crew meets a mysterious stranger, who pays them for taking him to different planets. Who is he and why is he hiding his face? Could he eventually join the rebellion...
Star Wars One shots (Character x Reader) by Stayandkind
Star Wars One shots (Character x R...by Stayandkind
A bunch of One shots with Star Wars people! Nothing much... (I don't own Star Wars. Disney owns Star Wars. Just wanna Make that clear!) Maybe I could... I don't know. Ta...
Clone Family by jedimasterashla
Clone Familyby Ashla Delana
Funny conversations and events between clones, Jedi, and other people.
(1) Chaos (O. Kenobi) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
(1) Chaos (O. Kenobi)by Lone-wolf-fanfics
A child of Chaos, the first in thousands of years, Seja was taken to the Jedi Order to be trained. Years later, she is appointed to Naboo, to protect its Queen and conti...
When Paths Diverge by Nellie3421
When Paths Divergeby Nellie3421
After dying on the Death Star, Obi-Wan wakes up in the past. Back in the Jedi Temple and surrounded by everyone he thought he had lost, Obi-Wan tries very hard NOT to br...
sparky // a padawan story by kenobiobi_
sparky // a padawan storyby a 🪐
"you've got a sparky little attitude, my young padawan." "you have no room to talk already, master." - in which obi-wan ends up with an impossibly re...
Star Wars Guys x Reader by dxn_djarxn
Star Wars Guys x Readerby space boo
Includes: Anakin Skywalker, Cassian Andor, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, Cad Bane, Rex, Would include the Mandalorian but I kind of already have a book on him ;) Also Star Wars...
Star Wars Preferences by jen-nic
Star Wars Preferencesby Jenna
' MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ' Just a collection of Star Wars preferences . . . Started: July 31st 2018 Current status: Under revising Highest Rank: #1 in Star Wars
Hopes by Ecape7
Hopesby Ecapé
"What is hope? It's just an illusion - something that can never be seen, heard, or felt. And yet, it can be crushed." **THIS IS BOOK no. 5 in "Sting of Ti...
Vigilante (The Rift Walkers #1) by CourtesyTrefflin
Vigilante (The Rift Walkers #1)by Courtesy Trefflin
In one universe, Anakin and Padme choose to wait until after the war to marry. But the Sith's plans are already in motion, so that alone will not be enough to save the g...
The Vader Volumes -Fractured Reflections- by hansolo72
The Vader Volumes -Fractured Refle...by hansolo72
Only a few years after Order 66, the broken Skywalker is still haunted by the lies and mysteries of his lost life. Darth Vader goes rogue, abandoning his Empire to solve...
~ The Sith can love too ~ by onlypadme
~ The Sith can love too ~by ✨Natasha Romanoff-Amidala✨
Christine Taylor is a beautiful, intelligent princess on Naboo who leads a quiet life until she is kidnapped and imprisoned by the Imperial army. There is quite a confli...
Star Wars Memes by d-mon_tokki
Star Wars Memesby ℍ𝕒𝕟𝕒 𝕊𝕠𝕟𝕘
Just random stuff about our favorite cinematic universe, STAR WARS.
Star Wars: The Padawans by FireWolf912009
Star Wars: The Padawansby FireWolfie
Several Force-sensitive children were found on Alderaan, most of them being extremely attuned to the Force. The Jedi decide to train them, and produced some of the fines...
Captain Storm's Book of Star Wars One Shots by Storm-Shadows7
Captain Storm's Book of Star Wars...by K. Ramsuer
This is for when I get really bored and just want to write. It'll be mostly my Wild Jedi, with a little Star Wars Rebels thrown in for good measure. And some Captain Sto...
Angel's End by gallia1999
Angel's Endby i love this!
She was dead. I don't know how I'll live without her. I remember staring deep into her ocean blue eyes, before Maul had ended her life. I could hear through our bond she...