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  Abused and Neglected Male Ghost rider Gunslinger x Carrot: a RWBY TALE  (18+) by Jazz2064
Abused and Neglected Male Ghost...by Jazz2064
"Yours...not mines" - y/n
  • ghostrider
  • rwby
  • onepiece
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Dark Magic (Walter Padick x Reader) by Synnthemesc
Dark Magic (Walter Padick x Reader)by Synnthemesc
You've just returned to college after summer vacation. One night, you fall asleep while studying and have to walk home alone in the dark. You come across a strange, woun...
  • thedarktower
  • randall
  • tower
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Sorcery by QueenSkyster
Sorceryby QueenSkyster
"Are you happy to be home?" "No." Chapter Four: Currently being written
  • queenskyster
  • darktower
  • jake
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The Dark Tower Alternate Ending by kcockrill
The Dark Tower Alternate Endingby kcockrill
My own ending for Stephen King's original 7-book Dark Tower series. I did not hate the original, as some did, but I still felt less than satisfied. So I wrote the endi...
  • darktower
  • hornofeld
  • rolanddeschain
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Sorcery || Walter Padick x Reader by QueenJoou
Sorcery || Walter Padick x Readerby Moved to QueenSkyster
Moved to QueenSkyster
  • steven
  • walterpadickxreader
  • tower
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Keep Hold of the Amulet by TylerHolding
Keep Hold of the Amuletby Tyler Holding
A Cleric and a Paladin, a Rouge, a Ranger, a Barbarian, a Fighter. Action, adventure, love, Betrayal, trust, and friendship.
  • fighting
  • dungeons
  • battles
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Why Are The Roses Red by WhoRUGuess
Why Are The Roses Redby WhoRUGuess
This is a Flash fiction based loosely on Stephen King's Dark Tower.
  • darktower
  • stephenking
  • flashficton
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The Last Gunslinger - A Dark Tower Story by CharlesBateman123
The Last Gunslinger - A Dark Tower...by Charles Bateman
Set on another level of the tower, one where Roland has changed the course of Ka by saving Jake from falling into the abyss below the mountains. Now Jake adventures alo...
  • gunslinger
  • fanfiction
  • fantasy
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A Chance Encounter by shaman15
A Chance Encounterby shaman15
Erron Black believes himself to be the last "old timer" with six-shooters. That is true, until Kotal Kahn recruits another...
  • darktower
  • mortalkombat
Not A God {MB/S} by DarkTower_Demigod
Not A God {MB/S}by Steve Prince
This is my Message Board and Status book for you stalkers out there
  • ww1
  • darktower
  • dc
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Empty brass Dark tower X gunslinger! Reader by CaptainRosalie
Empty brass Dark tower X gunslinge...by CaptainRosalie
This is a Reader insert for Dark Tower.
  • gunslinger
  • insert
  • walters
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Staring into the Face of Madness by gunslingerslament
Staring into the Face of Madnessby gunslingerslament
  • cthulhu
  • lovecraftian
  • darktower
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Merlin (BBC) by SerenityWorld
Merlin (BBC)by ?Sherlockian?Tardis?Flyer?
It is a time of a great kingdom. A kingdom ruled by a king that is fearful of magic. The son of this king has been pampered most his life and is in constant danger. That...
  • merlinfanfiction
  • morgana
  • gaius
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