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.•°Dark•Love°•. (COMPLETE) by SwanQueen4life108
.•°Dark•Love°•. (COMPLETE)by emma.sq.regina
Emma loves Regina but Regina doesn't feel the same way. The Evil Queen comes to town and says she loves Emma. Emma has to choose between the light path without Regina as...
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Awoken//OutlawQueen  by lanasparilla
Awoken//OutlawQueen by Gay Bish🌈🔥
Its been two Weeks Since Robin Sacrificed Hisself for Regina and took in the Darkness; Regina tried everything already but there seemed no way to get him back; or was th...
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The Flame and the Flower by CaptainSwanTacos
The Flame and the Flowerby Sammie Loveya
This fanfic will be based off the romance novel "The Flame and the Flower" I highly recommend reading that book it is my favorite of all time :) Enjoy :3
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Life Without You (Number One) by bookwormforever06
Life Without You (Number One)by Pixie💜
House comes back to say his feeling for Cameron to find out she is a missing person where is she....... Could she be in a little town I don't know in MAINE!!!!
Dark Swan Rising by lionblazerules
Dark Swan Risingby Dick Grayson
After the season five mid-season finale, Killian is dead, and Emma is once again heart broken. What if Emma was still a Dark One? However, the gang knows it. Except Emma...
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Only You (1) (CaptainSwan FanFic) by onlycptswan
Only You (1) (CaptainSwan FanFic)by - R
Please vote and comment! :) Emma has just been whipped away by the darkness, her love standing by. Killian is speechless, not knowing whether to crumble or be furious. T...
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Seeing The Best...  (A CaptainSwan Story) by arielinarial
Seeing The Best... (A CaptainSwan...by arielinarial
A CaptainSwan fan fiction Takes place after the season 4 finale When Emma sacrifices herself for Regina's happiness she becomes the Dark One. Can her love for Killian sa...
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Those Six Weeks || Once Upon a Time by gallifreyanfairytale
Those Six Weeks || Once Upon a Timeby Grace
[ON HIATUS] Follow some of the forgotten characters as they deal with everyone gone, in search of Emma and a way to destroy the darkness. Cover By: @OriginalBeliever
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The dark swan by hooks_guyliner
The dark swanby Carlijn
What if no one was able to release the dark swan from her powers...
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Dark Swan by loira_swan
Dark Swanby AGTH
Swan se encontra em uma situação impensável, as trevas se libertaram de Mr. Gold e agora estão a solta na cidade até escolher um alvo: Regina. Emma não pode deixar que a...
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Can't Stop | Captain Swan AU by NewSecrets
Can't Stop | Captain Swan AUby NewSecrets
What if the one that got away came back? Emma Swan finds herself returning to her hometown, Storybrooke, after she gets an urgent call from an old friend. She unexpected...
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Days of Darkness by Duckling_12
Days of Darknessby Duckling_12
It all started at the end of Episode 1 of Season 5. What would have happened if Emma wasn't doing dark things to help get rid of the darkness but was doing them for actu...
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The Darkness She Holds  by danilynn87
The Darkness She Holds by Danilynn
Set in season six, what would have happened if the Evil Queen felt something deep inside Emma and used it to her advantage?? *Swanqueen One Shot
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Are You Sure? [Captain Swan] by annewithanoncer
Are You Sure? [Captain Swan]by Colin is a cutie
Whatever happens, they are getting married next week. Emma has never been an ordinary princess. She loved being outdoors and everything that has to do with it. Shooting...
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The Orphans by lionblazerules
The Orphansby Dick Grayson
Emma Swan was just born when her parents left her on the side of the freeway. Or so she thought. Killian Jones lost his mother at a very young age, and his father was mu...
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The Black Cygnet: A Captain Swan Fanfiction by ParisBridgewater
The Black Cygnet: A Captain Swan F...by Paris Bridgewater
The child of good; created in evil, the child of true love. Twice the dark than the light, and magic. Raw, unpredictable magic. That's what the prophecy says. Emma...
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The Affairs  by RobinHood6458
The Affairs by RobinHood6458
After a normal day Emma, Killian, David, Mary-margret, Regina and Robin went to Granny's like any other evening, although this wasn't any other evening. because they wer...
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Long Live The Dark Swan  by lovefordanielseavey
Long Live The Dark Swan by Megan
Killian Jones had just lost his love to the worst thing ever; darkness. It's up to him, Regina, The Dark One's parents, and son to over come what they had just seen; Emm...
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Gone (a Once Upon a Time fan fiction) by -_once_upon_a_time_-
Gone (a Once Upon a Time fan ficti...by -_once_upon_a_time_-
What if, when Nimue started choking Emma, Hook didn't interfere? What if, everyone Emma cared about were dead? What would she do? Find out in《Gone》.
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SwanQueen Song One-Shots by blyn99
SwanQueen Song One-Shotsby Rebekah Burton
A collection of One-shots made based of songs I like. (Warning: A few will have Robin and Hook in them just for the story line, wont be much of them hopefully) Character...
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