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Revenge of The Lost (A Gundam Wing Fanfiction Novel) by SerenaSpacey
Revenge of The Lost (A Gundam Wing...by Melanie Ray
Ruining a marriage to steal the bride. Finding a spy you never wanted to see. Having your secret life be the hot topic in the media. Nine months to watch someone die. Ev...
  • mobilesuitgundam
  • gundampilots
  • romance
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The Perfect Villain (Yandere Bnha Various X Villain Reader)(Unedited) by charisse0987
The Perfect Villain (Yandere Bnha...by LazyMitzuki
She Who Just Want Freedom Didn't Have One Everywhere She Goes Heroes Are Always With Her Sticking Close Too Close For Her Liking If Not Hiding Somewhere Watching Her Eve...
  • fantasy
  • bnhaxreader
  • harem
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Soul of Shadows by WondaGal
Soul of Shadowsby WondaGal
*Sequel to Blood of Darkness* *Inspired by Hades and Persephone* "Sometimes in our darkest moments...we just need to know our family is there." ~*~ It's been t...
  • sister
  • king
  • queen
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The King Of All Werewolf Kings | ongoing by welldamnqueen
The King Of All Werewolf Kings | o...by welldamnqueen
Dark. Ruthless. Cold-Hearted. Three words which described Alpha King Zion before he met his mate, who was also the daughter of his sworn enemy. ... Copyright © 2019 by w...
  • dark
  • darkromance
  • alpha
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The mistake I commit by curlylife01
The mistake I commitby curlylife01
Jose's She's mine and only and I will make it sure that everybody knows this July's He thinks I am one of his properties, that I should love him and cherish but this wo...
  • runaway
  • possessive
  • domination
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Not for the faint hearted by CallimieXD
Not for the faint heartedby CallimieXD
Hello hi. The names Callimie or Callie for short. This is my first story which I'm going to publish as my first few suck. So yeah. This book is NOT for light hearted peo...
  • eerie
  • horror
  • darkromance
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Dexter Hollows by Tulipsxdagers
Dexter Hollowsby ✌🏾 Akio ✌🏾
Casted away from the heavens Dexter never wanted to enter that he'll again. The higher class angels tourtured and bullied him. He had a idea to make a army of angels who...
  • bxblove
  • gay-love
  • kinky
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Best Books on Wattpad  by tooobsessedtbh19
Best Books on Wattpad by alyvia
Ever find yourself scrolling aimlessly through endless book shelves on Wattpad, failing miserably at finding something to read? If so, welcome to a list of the best boo...
  • chicklit
  • ideas
  • literature
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Ante Meridiem by naftalitadm
Ante Meridiemby Naftalita Desinta Maya
Siapa yang tidak mengenal Singgalang Adisatya, sebuah mitos dari SMA Harapan Negara? Kanaya jelas tahu siapa Galang, bahkan dari hari pertama ia menginjakkan kakinya di...
  • romantis
  • sekolah
  • baper
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Knife you too! 🔪 by unwxanted_x
Knife you too! 🔪by yo bish
Zuki, a high school girl has mental problems. Ever since she went to an idols concert, she instantly falls in love. Because of that, she felt crazy, never have she felt...
  • murder
  • yandere
  • darkromance
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cruel husband  by VinniDolf3
cruel husband by Vinni Dolf
I pushed her in wall and caged her between me and the wall , she whimpered in pain and closed her eyes in fear . I grab her jaws very tightly " I pushed her in the...
  • darkromance
  • babies
  • darklove
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Dusk by ThisIsItGuys
Duskby We Made It
Crescent Hills; a mysterious town right outside the Colorado border with a small population of around a few hundred people. Home to the religious, the traditional, and t...
  • modern
  • truth
  • monster
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Nyctophilia // The Demon In My Mirror [ Demon x Reader ] by Astrelix
Nyctophilia // The Demon In My Mir...by Cat
nyctophilia [ nĭk′tə-fĭl′ē-ə ] (n.) love of darkness or night. finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness. Sometimes the madness is uncontrollable. This story and its...
  • xreader
  • mirror
  • night
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Amarantha's Adventure by AleksanderMorozova17
Amarantha's Adventureby AleksanderMorozova17
"A vast selection of stars, galaxies, and universes, and yet, I met you, and you met me." The Infinites have been trapped in their dimension since the beginnin...
  • love
  • scifi
  • magic
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Moon Motel by novasvoid
Moon Motelby 𝘯𝘰𝘷𝘢 𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘺
Welcome to the Moon Motel. Where you may enter from wherever in the galaxy, but you may never leave.
  • murder
  • conartists
  • alternateuniverse
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Twisted Snow White  by MarbleCandy8
Twisted Snow White by Marble Candy
Coming soon
  • adultthemes
  • darkromance
  • insanity
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The Whiny, Annoying Billionaire  by gooooodieeeee
The Whiny, Annoying Billionaire by HatersAreFakers
Lola Reeds has always been the overly excited and annoying for as long as she can remembers. Despite that, people can't help but to love her antics that could make you l...
  • wellheisnot
  • darkromance
  • humorous
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Brutally Divine Love by user77262401
Brutally Divine Loveby
life is really unfair for her. when she start accepting the fact that she has lost her love forever and now have to live with this brutual reality of the world..... He a...
  • innocentgirl
  • billionaire
  • forced
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Twisted Cinderella  by MarbleCandy8
Twisted Cinderella by Marble Candy
💕Part of the Twisted series.💕 🚫This Book is rated R🚫 Kyla is a smart straight A student. Her father tragically died when she was a freshman, now she is a senior and...
  • maturethemes
  • adultthemes
  • romance
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Hunter's boy by Celia22x
Hunter's boyby Celia22x
Mia, 17 ans, était impatiante de rentrée en Terminal au lycée Ostroff. Elle avait envoyée un courrier au directeur pour s'assurer qu'elle serai dans la classe de sa mei...
  • amour
  • lemon
  • action
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