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Darkness Within by becsgrey
Darkness Withinby Bec
Set after Kylo reveals to Rey the reality of her identity and addresses what could have happened if Rey would have actually taken Kylo's hand. I play with the idea of D...
The rise of empress palpatine by Stinedrecneps_the3rd
The rise of empress palpatineby Spencer Frank
days after the rise of skywalker, rey feels a dark power within her...
let go☽ reylo  by kyloandthemoon
let go☽ reylo by kyloandthemoon ☽
Kylo pleaded softly, his pale, trembling hand reached out towards her with desperation. "Please." Rey's somber eyes wandered to Kylo's hand; it yearned for her...
Redemption of the Irredeemable ❯Reylo Story❮ by OphyliiaLynn
Redemption of the Irredeemable ❯Re...by Ophyliia ☀︎
Rey and Ben Solo study the ways of the Jedi under the instruction of the legendary Luke Skywalker. Rey is naive to the idea of Jedi, having joined his school much later...
The Dark Side Of The Light by sinned_wishes
The Dark Side Of The Lightby Elle
This is a Reylo fanfic where Ben and Rey had known each other in the academy and Rey was the one who turned to the dark side. Highest ranking: #1 lightside P.S: Ages in...
Change Of Heart Reylo by Reylo_fan
Change Of Heart Reyloby Reylo_fan
What happens when Rey and Kylo have a change of Heart. "Rey please don't do this." "Ben can't you see I did this for you."
The New Sith (Sequel to The New Jedi) by Average_Knight
The New Sith (Sequel to The New Je...by Average_Knight
SEQUEL TO THE NEW JEDI It's been a year later since Rey became Darth Zeth. Finn and the Republic have not heard of her since but know that she is planning something big...
Get Out of my Head ★︎ | Ben Solo x Dark Rey AU | by houseplantwrites
Get Out of my Head ★︎ | Ben Solo x...by Luna
Rey Palpatine is the Supreme Leader of the First Order. She seeks to bring destruction to the galaxy and power to her name. The only thing that stands in the way is her...
the light in the sith (DISCONTINUED!) by BQqueen
the light in the sith (DISCONTINUE...by little black bird
what if Rey had said yes, when Kylo asked to be her teacher when they fought in the woods on star killer?
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? by adarkerrey
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells You...by electra heart
Betrayal: verb be·tray \bi-ˈtrā, : to hurt (someone who trusts you, such as a friend or relative) by not giving help or by doing something morally wrong Pain: pān/ 1...
You're Not Alone - A Reylo Story by StoryWriter1127
You're Not Alone - A Reylo Storyby StoryWriter1127
This is the first summary I have written, so please just bear with me. Reyanne Palpatine is the granddaughter of powerful senator, as well as mayor, Sheev Palpatine. No...
At The Altar: Reylo by adarkerrey
At The Altar: Reyloby electra heart
can we go back to the start, where the holy father made his mark?
Cute/Hot Reylo One-shots by User876r
Cute/Hot Reylo One-shotsby User876r
Cute/Hot Reylo One-shots, what I wished would have happened! !Warning!: some mature content, not recommended for those under 14 Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars or any...
Seduced by the Dark//reylo by reylotrash2019
Seduced by the Dark//reyloby Annie Skywalker
"Isn't this what you wanted?" his uncle, Luke asked him. His uncle wasn't joking when he said he will always be around. But his question got him thinking as he...
Rey goes to find Luke , but she finds him dead it changed her whole life and her outlook on it.She joins her enemy and eventually falls in love with an unlikely person.
The Sith Princess (Reylo) by Ghosthiro62
The Sith Princess (Reylo)by Ghosthiro62
In this AU Emperor Palpatine claims his granddaughter. The era of Sith dominance is upon the Galaxy Sith Code states Life is a fight. The strong survive, the weak peris...
Stuck in the Darkness by neekayReylo1803
Stuck in the Darknessby neekayReylo1803
Rey had lost everything she lost the family that had took her in as their own everything she had she lost it all over Again despite having poe,jannah,Finn and Rose but w...
Two dark stars that are one || Dark Rey x Kylo ren (Reylo) by wolfgirl_moonlight
Two dark stars that are one || Dar...by wolfgirl_moonlight
Rey Palpatine who was raised by her Grandfather and was train by him since she was a child. She is very skilled and is strong in the force. She is also very smart and is...
[ Discontinued ] The Light Between Us (A Reylo Fanfic) by lilylove000
[ Discontinued ] The Light Between...by lilylove000
What if Rey went with Kylo to save her friends? What if she slowly changes sides with Kylo and slips to the dark and Ben Solo comes back to the light? What if Ben become...