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The Ghost Girl  by IAmBraveNotPerfect
The Ghost Girl by The Fairy Queen
Ghosts are made from life not death, Darling.
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Poetry, Interrupted by allaboutjopper
Poetry, Interruptedby kat's world
"Have you ever confused a dream with life? Or stolen something when you have the cash? Have you ever been blue? Or thought your train moving while sitting still? Ma...
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The Poetry Black Book. amazing poems sending chills down your spine. Combination of poems from different poets. You should check out our Prose Black Book.
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The Epitaph of I by Valera_Sanenture
The Epitaph of Iby ~Valera Sanenture~
They say it's depression  by esserluvswtiting
They say it's depression by Ezra leigh collins
this is a collection of mental health poetry . trigger warning:Suicide ,self harm ,unhealthy body image . Will be brought up . Readers discretion is advised
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A walk through the mind by throughafoolseye
A walk through the mindby ThroughAFool’sEye
A collection of poems. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Poems by aphqau
Poemsby aphqau
these are my original poems.
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To Whom It May Concern by mikedisway
To Whom It May Concernby Angelo
'To Whom It May Concern' is a collection of poetry that I've written to express the internal struggles with pain, anxiety and depression. "Sink into my mind and pic...
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Dark Poetry by Colourfulgirl17
Dark Poetryby RainyNightDream
The depression vibes come in handy when you have a piece of paper and a pen next to you
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Bury These Thoughts (Poetry Book IV) by T1T1Taljaard
Bury These Thoughts (Poetry Book I...by T.G.H
At the graveyard, at the end of the road There you'll find, my humble abode. ~Poetry Book IV Start : 20/03/17 End : ??
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Head In The Clouds. by Daout_
Head In The Clouds.by ᵏᵃʸ
-poetic little stories that probably make no sense- (Updates: whenever I feel like shit, which is basically almost everyday✌︎) Don't @ me pls:)
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Broken by AnxiousBunni
Brokenby Desirae Reeves
Sometimes, someone's selfish desires destroy you. A person is permanent. A pet is not.
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Dead Inside by AnxiousBunni
Dead Insideby Desirae Reeves
I hide from you. Because you choose not to see, or understand, the irrefutable damage done.
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Caught in a Dark Place (Revised) by AnxiousBunni
Caught in a Dark Place (Revised)by Desirae Reeves
I can feel my feelings well up, making me want to hurt you. Originally, kind of religious. Yeah, I had that phase. I revised it to better capture how I felt in that time...
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House Bird by Winnie_Namine
House Birdby Winona Namine
You say you want to fly, to thrive, to see the world, but you're just a house bird so you continue to observe.
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Whispers by AnxiousBunni
Whispersby Desirae Reeves
Discovering my demon and rejecting it. Then remembering my demon, and accepting it. You are a part of me too. Honestly, accidental part 1 and part 2. Kinda just happene...
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Heartlines  by Nematraina
Heartlines by Nemat Raina
These are some Poems and write-ups, not really organised or planned.. but so is life. Never really giving us the privilege to Plan. And they are not sunshine and gold, I...
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