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Dark Pit x reader The broken Angel by FoxyMarshmellow98
Dark Pit x reader The broken Angelby Serena RoseBlood 🦊
This goes to the dark pit fans who would like to imagine a romance with him ;) please do enjoy! :)
SSB Change of Life (Dark Pit X Reader) by Arizuyu
SSB Change of Life (Dark Pit X Rea...by Arizuyu
What if a mysterious man comes in to your school and everyone needs to choose a character on a list and then... everything changes...
Don't call me that! (dark pit x reader) by mac_cross
Don't call me that! (dark pit x re...by mackenzie
Sky world has been pretty quiet ever since the defeat of hades, and your actually bored for once. But when you go off to find you friend Pit, you encounter someone else...
A Feather From My Heart [Pit x Reader x Dark Pit] by Gnat_CO
A Feather From My Heart [Pit x Rea...by Gnat_TheNintendoGirl
(Y/n)'s a simple girl living in a simple village. Living alone in a small complex with no family, her village keeps her company. (Y/n) knows everyone and everyone knows...
Dark pit X Reader  by pzdvccw
Dark pit X Reader by Victuri Trash
I was board so I'm making and X Reader story. please read though, I'm bad with summaries. If your wondering, no I have not played Kid Icarus so please don't have a thorn...
Oneshots and Drabbles! by icecreamsundae1313
Oneshots and Drabbles!by {generic.author!}
Fandom oneshots, drabbles, whatever comes to mind, really. I hope you enjoy them✨✨✨ //I don't do requests, sorry// //I don't own the art//
Don't Call me that! Sequel (Dark Pit x Reader) by mac_cross
Don't Call me that! Sequel (Dark P...by mackenzie
Ok, so this is my much requested sequel to 'Don't call me that!'. I'm so sorry it took so long, i'm a huge procrastinator. I'm also thinking of doing a third one, leave...
Kid Icarus Academy by fordcristin
Kid Icarus Academyby Lunar Eclipse
"Love is no-" "Love is something. Can't you-." "CAN'T I SEE WHAT! THAT ALL IT DOES IS CREATE PAIN?!" (Y/N) is new to skyworld. Today is he...
Cold [DarkPitXReader] (One Shot) {REWRITE} by EchoOfEverlast
Cold [DarkPitXReader] (One Shot) {...by The PoTaterTot
This is pretty much a re-write of an old one shot that I wrote a LONG time ago. The old one is still available if you're willing to do some digging for it.
Super Smash Bro x Reader Stories!!!! by SteamBunWaifu
Super Smash Bro x Reader Stories...by BbNikki
Requests Open!!!! I do a bunch of characters!
SSB x Reader by P4ndora248
SSB x Readerby P4ndora248
So you're that one character that's gonna be in the next Smash Bros, right? Wrong. You thought you were, but turns out you got tricked by receiving a fake ass letter fro...
A New Journey ( A Pit X Reader Fanfiction) (Preview) by Shitfaceshrek
A New Journey ( A Pit X Reader Fan...by Shitfaceshrek
(Y/N) is a human girl who used to live an ordinary life. One day, her town is under attack by the Underworld Army, and they are after a valuable object, the ivory key, w...
Alive (Pit x Reader x Dark Pit) by Dawn_Lovett
Alive (Pit x Reader x Dark Pit)by Dawn
You have the ability to see into the future. After experiencing tragic events you come face to face with angels. Your interest sparks for the two individuals, but are yo...