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My Baby (Kid Lucas Y/N) by ratedaugust_
My Baby (Kid Lucas Y/N)by ratedaugust_
Love isn't the word when it comes to Lucas and Yn. Everyone knows he's hers and she's his, and nobody gonna ever break them. Yn is his R.O.D and vice versa. They been to...
Incorrect Quotes by Writing_Cat_Camille
Incorrect Quotesby Camille 🧶
FNAF Kids, Origins of Olympus, Fairy Tail Origins, Supernatural Origins, TFF FNAF6/7, Origins of Olympus S2, My Hero Origins, Fanmade Origins AUs, DreamSMP AUs, and more...
Stammi lontano, ho bisogno di te.  /Dario Matassa/ by SadBish17
Stammi lontano, ho bisogno di te...by BlankSpace
Camille, ventitreenne originaria di Siena, si è trasferita qualche mese fa a Bologna per seguire il corso di laurea magistrale "Cinema, Televisione e produzione mul...
Dario & Garrett Imagines by saltyatbedtime
Dario & Garrett Imaginesby Salty
Imagines of Skaroy's favorite boys.
Young Love ( Dario Love Story ) by Ajaaaayyyy__
Young Love ( Dario Love Story )by High4.Lee
Adrianna Jaay 14 years old Dancer,Singer,Actor Single Nickname:AJaay Dario 14 years old Dancer Single Nickname:DayDay Candie 14 years old Singer,Thot Of School Single...
Stay With Me by rocfromthegram
Stay With Meby rocfromthegram
Kennedy and Darius have been going out for a while, they have a really chill relationship together✊. Kennedy is a singer and Darius is in ProdiJee dance crew and Detroit...
The Bizarre Adventures of Dio by Vibedust
The Bizarre Adventures of Dioby VibeDust
Just an alternate version of JJBA where Dario was chill and therefore, so was Dio. It is meant to be able to be enjoyed as a self contained work, though it technically h...
Escritos de un alma sincera by JuanMunoz99
Escritos de un alma sinceraby Juan Muñoz
Espero que disfruten estos escritos, totalmente de mi autoria. No olvides darme creditos como agradecimiento si utilizas uno de mis escritos en algun sitio web.
Antología Universal by blurryface00001
Antología Universalby blurryface0001
Recopilación de algunos poemas de los grandes universales con el objetivo de su divulgación. Los derechos corresponden a cada autor. Actualizo todos los días.
Homestuck made up trolls by Emilymyloveissweet
Homestuck made up trollsby Emilymyloveissweet
Just a story about some trolls my friends and I made up from reading Homestuck I do not own Homestuck it's owed by Andrew Hussie
My Mortal Enemy Is My Caregiver (Continued) by PaciAndPrince
My Mortal Enemy Is My Caregiver (C...by Avian Vincella
This is my continued version of a story on my old account. Unfortunately, the password to that account was lost, so please be patient as I continue publishing my chapte...
Trust Issues by bahjasfrappe
Trust Issuesby Lyddy
Harmony is a junior in high school. She loves to dance & wants to be an aspiring model and dancer. Her bestfriend name is Dario & she has strongs feelings for him but he...
Young love: Detroit by trippie_pink
Young love: Detroitby TRiPPiePiNK
Brianna just moved to Detroit from Philly and she's looking for friends (and maybe a little love). But destiny has its way of putting love right in front of you; it's th...
Elemental Adventures by Kazysoda
Elemental Adventuresby King of Liars
4 elements Water Earth Air Fire 4 boys Dario Killdro Reza Zex What'll happen when these boys meet? Chaos? Maybe, friendship? You'll never know. The secret is within the...