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Troubled Heart by WinterNPD
Troubled Heartby Frozen Winter
Freya is living like a vampire. Sleeping in daylight and a radio DJ at night. Though she was tagged as the best DJ in town, her real identity was unknown to the public...
Unfinished Romance ( Completed ) by yoursunshinete
Unfinished Romance ( Completed )by SunnyTe☀️
Successful Debut, warm love from korean fans, they are already at the peak of popularity. It's like a fairytale to each of them. carrer, love blossoming, big endorsemen...
Trapped by DaisYzylle
Trappedby DaiZylle
After Yang Hyun Suk was stripped out of his CEO position, Big Bang and 2ne1- his most successful groups, decided to lie low and let their hoobaes shine. After a few yea...
my Introvert boss by anonymouslikeLalala
my Introvert bossby chrome
Dara needed money for her mother's medication...and she was hired to do a weird job "make kwon jiyong normal?"
Ex it's Payback time (DaraGon) [HIATUS] by IrisMangoes
Ex it's Payback time (DaraGon) [HI...by Iris Jundos
Relationship, a commitment between two Lovers filled with Trust, Honestly, Loyalty and Contentment. what if your most Loved person lacked the Loyalty and Contentment? Yo...
Fixing a Broken Heart by theninjaghost
Fixing a Broken Heartby theninjaghost
A girl who was about to be fallen apart because she can't still moved on she still loves him inspite of being seperated for 5 years now. Her friends is giving her blinds...
Bad Boy + Nerd Girl by whYNZragon
Bad Boy + Nerd Girlby whYNZragon
GD is his nickname. He is the leader of a bad boy group name BigBang. Sandara Park is a nerd girl and always get bullied. But one day, GD save her from a girl group. Why...
She's my SOULmate (DaraGon fanfic) by Kristetay09
She's my SOULmate (DaraGon fanfic)by Kristetay09
She popped into my life out of nowhere, claiming she's a wandering soul who happened to be granting my deceased Grandmother's wish: TO FIND THE RIGHT GIRL FOR ME. "...
Ahjumma Next Door by silentapathy
Ahjumma Next Doorby Sunny Sy
Weirdo... Creepy... Recluse... Introvert... SCARY. Those words and more are all that she got used to when she chose to live her life alone. She finds pea...
MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE (Romantic Comedy) by huntress2021
MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE (Romantic Co...by huntress
Name: Sandara Park Status: No boyfriend since birth Weapons: Gigantic blouse and an ultra-long skirt that falls on her ankles, thick-rimmed glasses, messy hair that expl...
Love Letter by ayynne
Love Letterby ayynne
"Dara shii!!!!" "Nae?" "Look at your locker!" *Walked towards Dara's locker* "Again???" *Opened a piece of paper & read it* "...
KNOT THIS GUY  (Romance/Fantasy) ✔ by huntress2021
KNOT THIS GUY (Romance/Fantasy) ✔by huntress
When the red string of fate malfunctioned, Dara ended up being physically tied to the most stoic person in the planet. The string does not stretch and it is only visible...
What If We Fall In Love?//JENSOO// by defrostedchicken
What If We Fall In Love?//JENSOO//by Ysabelle
How can a two Badass Girl love each other? What if they fall in love? Are they going to change or not? Jensoo Fanfic. A little Chaelisa Hey Guys, This is my Third story...
We Belong Together by Dee_XXI
We Belong Togetherby Call_me_Dee
Sebuah kisah membosankan yang menceritakan tentang kehidupan Sandara dengan dua anak kembarnya. Dan masa lalu yang membuatnya enggan kembali ke negara kelahirannya. Deng...
MOBSTER FOR RENT (published by Bookware) by huntress2021
MOBSTER FOR RENT (published by Boo...by huntress
Jerk. He is a JERK. But Sara needs his services. If not for her stupid bestfriend who stupidly opened her big mouth during their conference meeting, she won't b...
Billionaires Lover ♥♥♥ by xxlovesxx
Billionaires Lover ♥♥♥by xxlovesxx
Audition [Daragon] by Ikalsada
Audition [Daragon]by ikalsada
As soon as she enters the room dressed in his favorite color, his heart stills and the fatigue from a year of preparation dissipates. She auditioned for his music video...
Yours by baepriya_29
Yoursby Limario
When a friend fall for her best friends. Can their friendship will get ruin or not?
Rumour: Taennie (Dimension series 2) by Lovelyblink965
Rumour: Taennie (Dimension series...by 💖Blink💖
Jennie and Taehyung are the CEOs of the famous brands Chanel and Gucci. Taehyung, also a K-pop idol, is very busy all the time. Their parents want the companies to colla...
MENDED (DaraGon fanfic) by Kristetay09
MENDED (DaraGon fanfic)by Kristetay09
She's been watching over him ever since they were little. She knows a lot about him. She understands what he's been through that caused him to be what he currently is. H...