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Daring And Rosabella : Destiny Rewriters by sapphire_isabel
Daring And Rosabella : Destiny Rew...by lolirocktwins
The time after Epic Winter has come, so has summer vacation. Everyone is hexcited to go home, but some are not. Daring Charming has found something out during Epic Winte...
Darabella by izzyshackleford
Darabellaby Bellaforthewin
After Epic Winter, a new romance sparks between Daring Charming and Rosabella Beauty. Will friendships be destroyed? Will the couple ever truly get together? Read and fi...
Ever After High: Next Generation Profiles by femmeflower
Ever After High: Next Generation P...by 🌸
This is the updated version of my Ever After High Next Generation character profiles. Please refer to this one and not my other one, thank you!
A Ever After High Darabella Story: Life's Thorns by everafterhexcellence
A Ever After High Darabella Story:...by Ever After High Fan✨
Sequel to: Beauty Within The Beast. Daring and Rosabella just started dating, but when someone films a video of the whole thing. Then decides to post it on the Mirror Ne...
Questioning Fate (A Darabella story) by RayRayRayRayRay32150
Questioning Fate (A Darabella stor...by Ray
This is the first story I have ever made! in the darabella series "Questioning fate", we will see what life is at EAH after the big kiss...
The Deadly Rose by Florexandra
The Deadly Roseby Florexandra
What if Rosabella somehow fell victim to a similar curse as Briar which confounds everyone as it's curse no fairytale has seen. Will Rosabella be able to save herself or...
An Epic Summer After All? by Crochetlv3r96
An Epic Summer After All?by Crochetlv3r96
Ever After High experienced some topsy-turvy weather when the Snow King was cursed with Kindness Blindness and declared a state of eternal winter... on the hottest day o...
 Adventures Of The White And Red Knight  by CharmingBrooke09
Adventures Of The White And Red K...by CharmingBrooke09
So this story is about Darling Charming and Chase Redford. I know ever after high hasnt been uploading new episodes. But who's to say I can't write about my favorite c...
HOW TO LOVE A BEAST~Darabella by The_Scarlett_Son
HOW TO LOVE A BEAST~Darabellaby _Morty_
Darabella!! Everyone's new OTP!! Yeah mine too, let's cut the act and get on with the story!!! .............. Rosabella was Daring's dream and Daring was Rosabella's v...
daring and rosabella: the untold story by yommynickels
daring and rosabella: the untold s...by nickels <3
the untold story of daring charming and rosabella beauty.
Just A Dream (Daring X Rosabella) [#EAHWattyAwards2016] by SquirrlyDog
Just A Dream (Daring X Rosabella)...by Lilanette Is Here
After the events of Epic Winter Rosabella thinks Daring has truly changed, but when she catches him cheating on Cerise her feelings for him are completely gone. A year...
Miss Clever Clogs Encounters Mr Popular by asmotheavataroflust
Miss Clever Clogs Encounters Mr Po...by asmobaby⭐️
Assume Rosabella Beauty was the new kid in Ever After High and she meets the most popular students, Apple White and Daring Charming who had liked each other. When Daring...
My Beast by lovestruckly
My Beastby Home to Insecure Goofballs
Rosabella and Daring's story. My version, that is. Daring grew up being very selfish, he disrespects Faybelle Thorn the wrong way. So, he gets turned into a beast and h...
love isn't an easy feat : an eah story by femma12
love isn't an easy feat : an eah s...by Femi Kayode
Daring and Rosabella discover they have feelings for each other. will they come together or will all forces keep them apart.
Can't Seem To Stop (Darabella) *REAL* by RosabellaBeautyEAH
Can't Seem To Stop (Darabella) *RE...by ABANDONED ACCOUNT
After the events of epic winter, Rosabella and Daring find themselves spend alot of time together. While Daring is falling for her fast, Rosabella needs more time to mak...
My Opinions on EAH Ships by AlohaGirl27
My Opinions on EAH Shipsby tessa reneé
Basically in the title. You give me ships, I give my opinion. I'll start you guys off with EAH's "it" couple, Daring and Apple. Then you go from there! Suggest...
Ever After High Ship Ratings By Lulu by LogicallyLulu
Ever After High Ship Ratings By Lu...by ❀✿Christian Nerd❀✿
Hey fairytales! Here's where I (aka Lulu) give my personal ship ratings and preferences from Ever After High!
Ever After High: Next Generation (Profiles) by femmeflower
Ever After High: Next Generation (...by 🌸
OUTDATED This will just be the character profiles. The actual story will have a proper title and won't just be called "Ever After High: Next Generation" ...
Ever After High - Kiss Marry or Kill by ThePastelTeacup
Ever After High - Kiss Marry or Ki...by Teacup
Kiss, Marry or Kill with your favorite EAH characters! you can comment 3 characters and they will answer who they would kiss , Marry or Kill :) **Please Note that this...