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Child Hero || SuperCorp || by ilovethewhitecanary
Child Hero || SuperCorp ||by DCMarvel
Ever since she looked into his big blue-ocean eyes she promised herself to protect him, she knew she would give him her life in a heartbeat. || S U P E R C O R P || || C...
Be my hero - Supercorp Fanfiction by just_jakob
Be my hero - Supercorp Fanfictionby just_jakob
Never before she felt like this, felt safe in someone's arms. She didn't understand what these feelings meant for her. What it meant for them. Lena Luthor. Kara Danvers...
Truth and Passion || A Karamel Story by Livvy204
Truth and Passion || A Karamel Sto...by Liv
[UNDER REVISION] Ever wondered what would have happened if Kara and Mon-El actually got back together in season 3? Well I definitely have, so this is my story. This stor...
SuperCorp + Sanvers + Bechloe by cristina_c06
SuperCorp + Sanvers + Bechloeby cristina_c06
This fanfic is a cross in-between Supergirl, Pitch Perfect, and Rizzoli & Isles. I own none of these characters (maybe the kid's names). I hope you all enjoy!
Little Danvers by tigergirl1123
Little Danversby tigergirl1123
The Danvers sisters weren't expecting to let in someone else. But they did. and it changed their lives forever.
Multifandom one shots (ON HOLD)  by barelystraight
Multifandom one shots (ON HOLD) by Take a change
Requests are opened! Please be aware that a lot of these imagines aren't mine! I took a lot of them from Tumblr. I won't be telling which ones but if you ever think you'...
Danvers Sisters one shots (On Hold) by SuperDanversSisters
Danvers Sisters one shots (On Hold)by Danvers sisters
One shots featuring the two most iconic characters in the show Requests are open I don't own Supergirl or the Characters
Icarus // Supercorp Oneshots by Molotov_Man
Icarus // Supercorp Oneshotsby Xanny
The story of Icarus and his wax wings is one well known; lesser known is the story his love for Apollo that drove him too far into the sky. Supercorp Oneshots with a sid...
Supercorp: In the Beginning by lobird50
Supercorp: In the Beginningby lobird50
Kara Zor-El just crashed on Earth and was taken in by the Dnavers. She goes to Midvale Middle School and meets Lena Luthor, the smartest girl in school. Kara and Lena st...
Midvale College, Supercorp Fic by Whovianthasmin
Midvale College, Supercorp Ficby swag 🦢👑
Not my images by the way.* Some mature content* Supercorp College AU Kara's a smart, beautiful, popular girl at Midvale College. Lena joins late in the year and finds he...
Danvers Sister Stories (read description) by Haunteddays
Danvers Sister Stories (read descr...by Ghost
Stories mostly about the Danvers sisters, non romantic. These are multiple stories, in one book. I am working on the second one. #1 in Danverssisters 15/4/2019 Story 1:...
Supergirl one-shots   by fireponey432
Supergirl one-shots by fireponey432
Just some short stories and ideas about the show supergirl. This will mainly be based around the Danvers sisters but I'll be accepting some requests of other character r...
Their Secret by _libbyisweird
Their Secretby Libby
Kara has spent most of her life in an orphanage. She doesn't really know her family's past; she doesn't know what really happened that night, she was just a baby. A coup...
Aliadas by Lilaviolet
Aliadasby Lilaviolet
La historia se desarrolla como un capítulo alternativo en la 4 temporada, después del cap 7 en el que Supergirl es engañada por Manchester llevándola al faro de Shelly I...
Supergirl Imagines by DaanVDDonk7
Supergirl Imaginesby 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
**GXG ONLY** Requests open I'll mainly do Alex, Kara and Lena. I will do others if requested
Kara Zor El by dolphintale2028
Kara Zor Elby Alana
-------A Supergirl fanfic. ------- Kara was a normal girl on Krypton until she was sent away to Earth to avoid being killed in the destruction of her planet. This is my...
Truth Hurts by DKGwrites
Truth Hurtsby Donna K. Griffin
It starts at an ending, at a relationship tearing apart. Kara watches Lena walk out the door and feels like she's losing her world again. When SuperCorp ends, where do...
Jurassic Dork by DKGwrites
Jurassic Dorkby Donna K. Griffin
That pic of Mel playing with the dinosaurs gave me an idea for a little drabble. No plot here, just an excuse to write about Mel being cute.
The love between a Super and a Luthor (a supercorp story) by littlexdanvers
The love between a Super and a Lut...by littlexdanvers
Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor are best friends. They have one of the strongest friendships on earth. Will one of them be brave enough to admit their love for the other...
Let it Go  by luthordiary
Let it Go by lila
Alex schedules an appointment at L-Corp to discuss matters about Kara and Lena.