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I Love You, Baby Doll by A_Silence_so_Loud
I Love You, Baby Dollby 🎃🕸️Sacred🕸️🎃
Gay, cliche high school romance with the members of HU (I'll come up with a description later)
It's Just A Diet by Thekittenpopper
It's Just A Dietby Thekittenpopper
Dylan Alvarez has never had to worry about his weight. At least, until now. (Possible boyxboy later on, be warned.)
Something's Off by Thekittenpopper
Something's Offby Thekittenpopper
Danny has a secret. Everyone has a way of coping with stress, but Danny's way is binge eating. What will happen when someone notices Danny as he begins to gain weight fr...
Hollywood Undead Oneshots by h-undexd
Hollywood Undead Oneshotsby ❥ ʜᴏʟʟʏᴡᴏᴏᴅ ᴜɴᴅᴇᴀᴅ
Just some one shots :) X Reader❤️ ♡ Danny Murillo ♥︎ J-Dog ♡ Charlie Scene ♥︎ Johnny 3 Tears ♡ Deuce ♥︎ Funny Man Warning; {smut, suicide, gangs, violence, language}
Hollywood Undead Boyfriend Scenarios by MoonCheese-CAKE
Hollywood Undead Boyfriend Scenari...by MoonCheese-CAKE
There really aren't many of these. It's sad because Hollywood Undead is the best band ever and they're all hot. I mean, listen to pigskin! Instant orgasm! For the sake...
Hollywood Undead Zodiacs by h-undexd
Hollywood Undead Zodiacsby ❥ ʜᴏʟʟʏᴡᴏᴏᴅ ᴜɴᴅᴇᴀᴅ
So, I love HU & Zodiacs, so, that's what this book is lmao In the book; 🕊Danny 💗Deuce 🕊J3T 💗Charlie 🕊J-Dog 💗Funny M
Hollywood Undead X Reader by CasperGotNoTalent
Hollywood Undead X Readerby CasperGotNoTalent
It's one X Reader for each member of the band Hollywood Undead (+Deuce) I don't own any of the guys nor you. (nor any pets or anything) Only own story This is also my fi...
I Love To Hate You by Sun-DownerBoy
I Love To Hate Youby Uhm Yeah
Derillo! A story of the ballad of love and hate between Danny and Jorel, which slowly turns into something more and something sad. Who knows, maybe they will get a happy...
WILD || Hollywood Undead by S_yny_ster
WILD || Hollywood Undeadby Lux
bitch ((porn,,,but with a plot)) {Jorel x everyone} *a p r o b l e m*
Your Life (Derillo - JD x DM) by DannyDaFairyBoi
Your Life (Derillo - JD x DM)by Danny
After Aron left the band they had to find a replacement. When they found someone they decide to all hang out at Dylan's. Jorel knew from the first sight of their new mem...
Derillo Highschool Story by DannyDaFairyBoi
Derillo Highschool Storyby Danny
Danny is a highschool student who has a little crush on the school's favorite basketball player Jorel Decker. Danny wants to confess his love in hopes his heart doesn't...
Black Dahlia { A Hollywood Undead/9 Lives story} by _grveyrdbaby_
Black Dahlia { A Hollywood Undead...by ʜᴏᴛ ᴍᴇss
Highschool AU Aron finally gets away from his abusive boyfriend, Jeff. Danny's the new kid in school. Jimmy is Aron's child hood friend who just got out of jail after tw...
Save me //Hollywood Undead// by Satans_Bxtch
Save me //Hollywood Undead//by Azäzel
"She was just a fangirl, then her dreams came true." This is the true at sentence about Kayte. After 17 years of pain, she gets her cliché knight in shining ar...
We are Painkillers by theblacksorceress
We are Painkillersby Jessica Moon
One day Danny Murillo meets the neighbor's niece as she ends up moving in with her aunt and uncle. Samantha just lost her parents in a car accident last night. He decide...
Undead Love: Coming Out to the Band [Finished] (Jordon x Jorel Fanfic) by realityisforgotten
Undead Love: Coming Out to the Ban...by water for parks
Hollywood Undead fanfic Jordon Terrell x Jorel Decker (Charlie Scene x JDog)
Undead Love: Hollywood Style [Finished] (sequel to Coming Out to the Band) by realityisforgotten
Undead Love: Hollywood Style [Fini...by water for parks
Sequel to Coming Out to the Band. The guys plot revenge for what Deuce did to Jordan and is still doing to George. They come together for sweet victory as they tear dow...
Hollywood Undead fan-made vines ft.Deuce by KhaaEndro
Hollywood Undead fan-made vines ft...by Khaa
Hollywood Undead fanfic.Thanks
Love Is Strong (Charlie Scene x J-Dog) by Undead_Soldier2
Love Is Strong (Charlie Scene x J...by Broken and Shattered
After a horrible break up with Vanessa, Jorel feels empty inside. While the whole band attempts to cheer him up, he refuses to hold a conversation with all but one of th...
Darling I Need You. by Glitter_Bitch
Darling I Need You.by Glitter_Bitch
Cher was named after the famous singer because her mom had loved Cher's music. Cher wasn't to fond of it as she was into things like Hollywood Undead. Her mom had died g...
Hollywood Undead (Derillo) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
Hollywood Undead (Derillo) *COMPLE...by Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* All his life Danny's questioned who he really is...that comes with being adopted at a young age and knowing nothing about his birth parents. Danny's life ch...