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Can't Help || daniel ❁ by nekomonstha
Can't Help || daniel ❁by s
❝Being a freshman year of college is such a fun and exciting time of our lives. But for some reason, Bae Somin can't help but get weirded out to a person named Kang Dan...
  • humor
  • hwang
  • fanfiction
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ONLY YOU || KANG DANIEL by yerin_danik
ONLY YOU || KANG DANIELby 정예린 Jung Yerin
Daniel, the senior at your college who's an amazing dancer. One of the people you admire the most and are close to. So, does he seem to notice something about his heart?
  • goddaniel
  • danik
  • jbj
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BROTHER COMPLEX; Kang Daniel by xiaoul
BROTHER COMPLEX; Kang Danielby chakim_
  • minhyun
  • jinyoung
  • sungwoon
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Love Mess 💘 Kang Daniel FanFiction by Ryoniel
Love Mess 💘 Kang Daniel FanFictionby Ryoniel
What happen when a girl is forced by her parents to spend a year of study in a foreign country that doesn't attract her for nothing and moreover, due to various circumst...
  • wannaone
  • danik
  • kangeuigeon
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Saranghae! (Wanna One X PD101) by Hwaniee--3
Saranghae! (Wanna One X PD101)by Calistaa
OngNiel yang selalu bermesraaan Minhyunbin yang gak bisa hidup tanpa skinship? Guanlin, Jihoon, Baejin alias trio dablek yang hobi berdebat dimana pun dan kapan pun, gak...
  • ongseungwoo
  • laiguanlin
  • kwonhyunbin
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Mas Tetangga (KDN) by pjmjkkdn
Mas Tetangga (KDN)by nabils
ketika kamu yang masih berusia 17 tahun harus menghadapi hancurnya hidup akibat ditinggal oleh keluarganya yang membuatnya terpuruk dan mulai terjerumus akan hal hal bur...
  • 18
  • itzy
  • ceo
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ALL I WANNA DO(wanna one ff) by chloecho77
ALL I WANNA DO(wanna one ff)by chloe c
@magumagu has followed you @jeojang has followed you @danik has followed you 8 others...
  • kpop
  • idol
  • danik
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Happier || daniel ❁ by nekomonstha
Happier || daniel ❁by s
❝you look happier.❞ ー kang daniel © n e k o m o n s t h a
  • pd101s2
  • kpop
  • daniel
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AU REVOIR. by goldenboppbae
AU REVOIR.by smallbodybigheart
❝did i tell you about the time I met eunseo? she ran after me and tackled me for attempting to jump off the bridge.❞ story by+ boppbae © do not plagiarize. ⇢ started: 17...
  • jisung
  • danik
  • won
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Lie by hanaruruuu_
Lieby h a r u
"Hold-up to!!" Saad ulit nung maliit ang mukha "Anong hold-up!?" Nanaman? Ano bato? "Amin na puso mo. Kasi yung akin na sayo na eh" Saad ni...
  • jinyoung
  • choding
  • wannaone
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You will dream again 💝 Kang Daniel FanFiction by Ryoniel
You will dream again 💝 Kang Danie...by Ryoniel
"I'm sure one day you'll start dreaming again!" "How can you be so sure?" "Because I trust you" What happens when a young novice is forced...
  • parkwoojin
  • ongseongwoo
  • parkjihoon
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Same Fate    [Kang Daniel] by crackpeach
Same Fate [Kang Daniel]by Utari Setya
Park Shea; hidup hanya bersama ayahnya. Ibunya meninggal sejak ia berusia 6 tahun. hidup dengan kasih sayang yang kurang,bukan gadis kaya dan bukan gadis miskin,penyend...
  • jimin
  • nyel
  • parkjimin
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Ruffled Hair by ahjaewol
Ruffled Hairby JAE WOL
Every individual in this world has their own time - a time alone and a time that can be shared with others. While time requires numbers, rhythms of every millisecond, an...
  • seongwoo
  • produce101
  • jaehwan
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Lodi Danik by htmlai
Lodi Danikby aly
"Lodi pogi mo po" [COMPLETE] Started: 10/29/17 Ended: 5/26/18 Highest rank: #705 in short story
  • ong
  • ongseongwoo
  • danik
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[OneShot] [Kang Daniel] Still by fuzzystyles27
[OneShot] [Kang Daniel] Stillby hafunXX
Ý tượng kỳ quặc nảy ra khi coi "Hard Candy". Tất cả những gì có thể nghĩ về là bờ môi Kang Daniel. Vậy thôi. Ta bắt đầu chứ?
  • kangdaniel
  • wannaone
  • wannaonedaniel
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Broken Promises - Kang Daniel Fan-fiction (Wattys2018 Entry) by svtrock
Broken Promises - Kang Daniel Fan...by Rocky Ackerman
A story dedicated to Kang Daniel and Wannables. When everything is not under your control, how time doesn't always heal the pain, what are the outcomes of your decisions...
  • koreaboo
  • rooney
  • kangdanielfans
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chats | kang daniel by taehyngv
chats | kang danielby ethereal
about a creepy random girl who suddenly text kang daniel on kakao talk. @/taehyngv
  • produce101
  • yoonjisung
  • defdanik
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Kpop One Shot [By: DonghAnonymous] by DonghAnonymous
Kpop One Shot [By: DonghAnonymous]by Joy Ful
Kpop One shot. This is written in tagalog, but i also do some in english. Please bare with me i'm not a fluent english speaker so please don't bash me. Ghad, i'm only...
  • b1a4
  • kang
  • exo
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[ Daniel ] Madly in love ❤️ by violetie_su
[ Daniel ] Madly in love ❤️by Daniel's little girl
❤️.......❤️ The hardest thing for fangirls is when they have a special feeling for their bias. It is a different existence.
  • ongniel
  • crush
  • teenlove
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Heart Dugeun (Dani x Hanbin) by hybsall
Heart Dugeun (Dani x Hanbin)by Baek Hyunbi
"Kamu itu orang pertama yang berhasil buat aku deg-degan." -Shava Laskar Daniella 2k18
  • ikon
  • produce101
  • dani
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