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BOOK WRITING TIPS by DaniellaRouchy
These might not work in everyone's favour but this works for me; so sit back and relax as I will help you through each steps of writing a book weather it's creative, poe...
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Book Genres by DaniellaRouchy
Book Genresby DestinyHunter
This is for those who really want to write a book but just don't know what to write; it's more of a structural book and how a perfect romance,science fiction, poetry, ho...
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My Christmas  by DaniellaRouchy
My Christmas by DestinyHunter
The Christmas My Family special! So from "My Family 4" this is a Christmas special on how Ava Williams is looking for a peace of art and to do so she got close...
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DEAD ALIVE by DaniellaRouchy
DEAD ALIVEby DestinyHunter
[REAL NOVEL TO BE PUBLISHED,IT WILL BE RELEASED AFTER THE VIPERS HEART SERIES IS COMPLETED] Starting from first encounters to last moments the story of the team starts...
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POEMS by DaniellaRouchy
POEMSby DestinyHunter
Whatever poems that come within my mind I will put it on here, hopefully it will be meaningful and enjoyable to read, feel free and let me know what you think.
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Random Thoughts  by DaniellaRouchy
Random Thoughts by DestinyHunter
Whatever comes into my head I will post it here, from funny memes or just randomly bizarre ideas, sometimes I have a logical one but that is very rare ? I'll even have...
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WOODS MOUSE by DaniellaRouchy
WOODS MOUSEby DestinyHunter
Carter is the small woods mouse that goes out with an army of hunters to protect their woods; this may be the biggest hunt yet as his brother goes missing, soon things g...
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PLEASURE FOR ME  by DaniellaRouchy
PLEASURE FOR ME by DestinyHunter
Continuation of LUST FOR ME; Natalie has her riches and desires so close she is in her comfort zone; but things may haunt her as she plays dirty, so dirty that no matter...
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