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My Destroyer [Kokichi x Insane!Fem!Reader] by dangan_trash_420
My Destroyer [Kokichi x Insane!Fem...by @EKO@
One day, you wake up in a random place... AGAIN?!?! But this is no ordinary place... it's an abandoned school in which you and 16 other students have to kill each other...
Trapped Forever?! Makoto Naegi x Reader by Mewcuryzz
Trapped Forever?! Makoto Naegi x R...by Mewcuryzz
(Y/N) is now trapped in the video game Danganronpa?! Her only way out is to attend Hope's Peak Academy and play Monokuma's little game. But (Y/N) has one other option a...
Project Love // Izuru x Reader// by Night_C3ntury
Project Love // Izuru x Reader//by Night
You're the youngest sister of Junko and Mukuro, you were collecting a valuable piece in Junko's plan, Little did you know... That he would be by your side forever. Izuru...
Danganronpa nsfw headcannons  and stories ( looking for requests) by milkkk232
Danganronpa nsfw headcannons and...by milkkk232
if u feel uncomfortable by this then leave
ndrv3 x reader » oneshots by mysticial
ndrv3 x reader » oneshotsby ˗ˏˋ deadˎˊ˗
a collection of oneshots of ndrv3 characters
Amasai Book by Dist0rted_fl0wer
Amasai Bookby Stupid Kaede kinnie
Amasai (Shuichi and Rantaro) Fluff book! (AU FOR MOST SHOTS WILL BE NO KILLING GAME, I may do a couple where they are in game..) If you have any ideas feel free to leave...
Fem!Reader x Rantaro Amami by kokichisass
Fem!Reader x Rantaro Amamiby avocadoass
[killing game au] there's some mature content so ask your parents kiddos avocado boi is the best boi ey in this au you're a the ultimate digital artist because yes sorry...
Nagito Komaeda x Reader One shots by todouroai
Nagito Komaeda x Reader One shotsby Todouroai
hii ---------- this is actually my first One shot book and I'm lowkey scared but uhh please enjoy <3 - most of these will be nagito cause I love him but I will also t...
Chasing Hope- Nagito x Reader by stardust330
Chasing Hope- Nagito x Readerby Liva
heehoo, welcome to my Nagito x Reader. warning: might switch from second to first point of view accidentally 😔 also, you're bi. hope you don't mind :D also also: if you...
Very Special Motive ~ Fem!Shuichi by dangankaede
Very Special Motive ~ Fem!Shuichiby pp
DRV3 story - After first class trial, no one else is dying! Of course Monokuma can't have that, so he decides to use a very special motive on one of the remaining studen...
Chiaki Survives AU (Completed) by ferretsinred
Chiaki Survives AU (Completed)by .~*Shuichi*~.
What if Chiaki had survived the dr3 anime? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!!SDR2, and DR3 anime SPOILERS!!! (Also lowkey UDG spoilers but not really any l...
𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲~ (Rantaro x Shuichi) by shuichibitchh
𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲~ (Rantaro x...by 縁苛安 🃏
Rantaro and Shuichi have been bestfriends since they were in kindergarten. They've grown up with eachother ther'ye whole entire life. Until one mysterous day, Rantaro an...
Yandere Monokuma X Reader by Story_Time_Children
Yandere Monokuma X Readerby Monokuma’s dad
Just a random story the title says it all. WARNING:JUST RANDOM WIERD STUFF, SWEARING AND SMUT!!!!
People can change - A Naegami fanfiction by Silverabyss
People can change - A Naegami fanf...by Silver Abyss
Hey and welcome to my first danganronpa fanfic! Makoto Naegi makes it into Hopes peak academy, the most prestigious high school in japan. He instantly is a favorite amo...
My Little Secret ( Byakuya Togami x reader) by Dangaronpa_stories
My Little Secret ( Byakuya Togami...by Bradleigh Kerr
You are a teenage girl who has a dark past. You killed your whole family because they were abusive. When you killed them you got away with it. You applied to Hopes Peak...
✨🌸Dissolving the Ice Barrier Around your Stone Cold Heart 🌸✨|Byakuya x Makoto| by Glitchc0rewh0re
✨🌸Dissolving the Ice Barrier Arou...by ♚ 𝘼𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙤 ♚
During the killing game, Makoto Neagi and 15 students are driven to kill each other for a sick bear's entertainment. Neagi is intrigued by a certain arrogant Heir, Byaku...
Straight Faced and Flustered by KikoTehEevee
Straight Faced and Flusteredby Kiko
Ishimaru decides it is a good idea for everyone to play a game to calm the stress levels and get to know each other better. They decide to play a game where you have to...
~ the only hope for me is you ~    ~ (finished) ~ by nxgitokomxeda
~ the only hope for me is you ~...by NxgitoKomxeda
Hi I'm re-writing this coz I can! This is a komahina fanfic Nagito and hajime meet at college and end up being in the same dorm (soda is in the dorm to) They both end...
Some Light Medical Mishap  [Tsumioda/Bandaid] by MikansAnxietyAttack
Some Light Medical Mishap [Tsumio...by 「Mikan Mioda」
Hopes Peak Academy, a school for the elites of society. The school recruits the top students from every imaginable field to inspire hope, and shape the future for the be...
KuzuSouda Book! (Oneshots, Headcanons, and Pictures!) (*'◒'*) by killuazxldyck
KuzuSouda Book! (Oneshots, Headcan...by sedihh
kuzusouda :) art (some are mine and some arent i will specify if its mine or not) oneshots (fluff, angst, maybe smut probably not) headcanons (things i think they'd do i...