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questioning reality by bloodyhellpogchamp
questioning realityby bloodyhellpogchamp
TWS: abuse, homophobia, smut 😳 ⚠️ MATURE⚠️ dream always made george nervous but he knew that he was straight. right? he knew he hasn't felt anything like this but refu...
The Sleepover by Daddys_Baby_Kitten
The Sleepoverby Daddys_Baby_Kitten
Lauren is having a lingerie party with 3 of her friends. What happens when her brother walks in on them? **I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO READ THIS STORY IF YOU A...
Bendy x Reader Lemon by TotallyCheesyAF
Bendy x Reader Lemonby CheesyBread69
Wee wee! We will make thiz deliciously! Lmao so is Bendy like Sans? Since they have lots of fangirls.
I'll heal you my dear. ( ikuzono ) by The-security-guard
I'll heal you my dear. ( ikuzono )by Vanessa
Mukuro has been in hiding ever since the first killing game. All because of makoto and his dumb hope. Feared and hated by all. Except four people. Three of those four...
SHITTY LOLI HENTAIby Welcome To McOuma’s
My Stupid Mate : Book 2 by Constringitur
My Stupid Mate : Book 2by Max
Book 2 Amaris is in trouble. Taken by a mysterious group of werewolf hunters just days after she finally admitted her feelings and found her true mate, she is now in for...
Wait you got dumped too...Weird so did i. So how again did we end up in bed together by makemebreakmebabe17
Wait you got dumped too...Weird so...by Ki Ki <3
(Short Story) A boy and a Girl at a party Some how that leans to them making love! What will happen when the morning comes?
Keeping Secrets From My Mate by XxLiKeaDuDexX
Keeping Secrets From My Mateby gabriella
"You really thought you could get away with that?" He moved closer to be and I could feel my body reacting to the closeness. He put an arm around my waist and...
just the dorm next door- Bandaid Fanfic (Mikan X Ibuki) by monokuma6969
just the dorm next door- Bandaid F...by monokuma6969
its a new year at hopes peak academy, which means new students! and new drama... TW .swearing .violence .s€xu@l as$@lt .bulling .sh .and posibly other things
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Married To A Stranger  by Dang_Mariega
Married To A Stranger by Dang Mariega
Tittle: Married To A Stranger Author: Dang_Mariega Genre: Action, Romance Status: On going Blurb: Si Lara Romero ay isang anak mahirap na nagkaroon ng pagkakata...
I'm a nerd and i'm dating the quarterback!! and he's a HOTT VAMPIRE!?!?! by Armiella
I'm a nerd and i'm dating the quar...by Armiella
I'm just an ordinary teenage girl, a nerd, and i have no friends, but the quarterback, thinks I'M HOT! And he's a troubled vampire! Read my story!!
~Danganronpa oneshots~ [Suggestions Open!!] by monokuma6969
~Danganronpa oneshots~ [Suggestion...by monokuma6969
short storys between freinds, lovers, and siblings. some in y/n storys. Im proberly going to try mire nsfw kind if things, sonbe prepared. :) This is my first oneshot co...
Adopted by dang Matt Smith and Sarah kaynee by strangerthingsn
Adopted by dang Matt Smith and Sar...by rose
Your name is Kate and you are 14 and 15 you are very shy and don't have any friends you love to sing and dance and you are a comedian and you can dance and you can do co...
ItsFunneh | Is it reality? by penguiun
ItsFunneh | Is it reality?by Penguiun
Where nightmares are real and death is their new reality. I'm in the process of rewriting this, so pls be patient, ty
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weird things season 4 by yxingcaffe
weird things season 4by sweg_goose
pls i will make my life uneventful and complain about less things so it doesn't end as quick as season 3
All in One: How the Pirate had his Journey of a Lifetime by KeithLSidro
All in One: How the Pirate had his...by Ket
Meet Dante Kiteseeds, a computer pirate, the former piracy emperor of Beaktown. And also meet his bestfriend Kate Sadie- a simple beautiful girl who uses the internet to...
Misshapen Love by bluesealion
Misshapen Loveby bluesealion
When 18 year old Mallory Collins is visiting London, her bad luck strikes again when a serial killer is on the loose at the same time that she's there. What will she do...