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Bendy x Reader Lemon by TotallyCheesyAF
Bendy x Reader Lemonby CheesyBread69
Wee wee! We will make thiz deliciously! Lmao so is Bendy like Sans? Since they have lots of fangirls.
  • dang
  • lemons
  • sanswanabe
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The Sleepover by Daddys_Baby_Kitten
The Sleepoverby Daddys_Baby_Kitten
Lauren is having a lingerie party with 3 of her friends. What happens when her brother walks in on them? **I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO READ THIS STORY IF YOU A...
  • fun
  • sleepover
  • dang
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JackSucksAtShips (Jack x Friends) by SkySometimes
JackSucksAtShips (Jack x Friends)by Sky J
One shots of JackSucksAtLife shipped with various other YouTubers: Doni Bobes, Kai Ross-Beat, SeaPeeKay, Wilbur Soot and maybe even Cai was a C from creator support. I d...
  • dangthatsalongname
  • skysometimes
  • caiwithacfromcreatorsupport
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ItsFunneh | Is it reality?  by linasaurussaysrawr
ItsFunneh | Is it reality? by Lina
Where nightmares are real and death is their new reality. PLEASE READ THE DANG BOOK
  • itsfunneh
  • kim
  • fanfiction
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Now guys, i think u know already that i LOVE LOVE LOVE septiplier!! So here is septiplier pictures for all you fangirls (or fanboys ;p)! LETS GO! PICS ARENT MINE!!!! FOU...
  • ít
  • emily
  • lgbt
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My Cheating Husband by JungkookIsMyBabyBoy
My Cheating Husbandby
  • romance
  • drama
  • cute
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Wait you got dumped too...Weird so did i. So how again did we end up in bed together by makemebreakmebabe17
Wait you got dumped too...Weird so...by Ki Ki <3
(Short Story) A boy and a Girl at a party Some how that leans to them making love! What will happen when the morning comes?
  • whooa
  • party
  • wow
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My bio by BitterSWEET_Expresso
My bioby Venus🌹
I'm really bored so why not post things about me?
  • imsad
  • avengers
  • funny
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Oh Dang (Some Art Or Something) by Chemical_Clowns
Oh Dang (Some Art Or Something)by FREAK
I already have a few different art books on my main account, but I can always use a new place to store all the gay things I draw. Yeah. I'm probably not going to update...
  • artbook
  • scrapbaby
  • fivenightsatfreddys
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Wish You Were Gay by AnonymousMystery66
Wish You Were Gayby Mysterious.Person
Inspired by Billie Eilish's song 'Wish You Were Gay' explains how a girl loves their crush so much that she kind of wishes he were gay. {Parts based on a true story}
  • shook
  • gay
  • dang
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one sided love by bachlamhaanh
one sided loveby bachlamhaanh
Yêu đơn phương là chìm đắm trong thứ cảm giác khi nhìn ngắm người ấy mà ánh mắt của họ không bao giờ hướng về phía ta .
  • buon
  • truyenngan
  • nguoc
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Four Of You by shutupteresa_
Four Of Youby 𝐢 ♡ 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝟑𝟎𝟎𝟎
the letters that you'll never read.
  • crushes
  • love
  • mydumbfeelings
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my art! by celebworld
my art!by satsukii
(these are terrible....)
  • draw
  • dang
  • drawing
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All About KPOP (Facts, Updates, Infos., Song lyrics, Member's profile, etc.) by luhanbrella
All About KPOP (Facts, Updates, In...by Ice
Everything you need to know 'bout KPOP Just, comment/post on my message board/ private message me if you want to know a certain group, member's profile, updates, everyth...
  • prkmnjng
  • prkmnjng
  • exo
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Dean Winchester Preferences by 4writers1account
Dean Winchester Preferencesby Lace, Hannah, Sam
I'm bored and Dean is fabulous. ~ katxXx
  • tags
  • dean
  • dang
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Nhua PTFE da dang ve mau ma kich thuoc by Altechvn
Nhua PTFE da dang ve mau ma kich t...by Phụ trợ công nghiệp công ty T...
Nhựa Teflon hay còn gọi là PTFE. Đây là một hóa chất hữu cơ chứa fluor, có tính chất chịu nhiệt và không kết dính. Nó tạo ra một polymer có rất nhiều đặc tính tốt mà các...
  • nhom
  • thuoc
  • đã
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how pit was crazy by Gilberto40534
how pit was crazyby Gilberto40534
pit has gone crazy
  • dang
  • funny
  • crazy
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love isn't worth $2.53 by theamazingcpg
love isn't worth $2.53by cpg
Margaux Marie Woodson fell in love with Oliver Joseph Robert Franco on January 7, 2014. Margaux called him her O.J. He was her fourth crush. Orange juice was worth $2.57...
  • page
  • based
  • luv
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RELATABLE SHIZ by ElenaJosie3286
RELATABLE SHIZby Scissor-Blade/Freckles
This is pretty much just me showing you guys pictures I can relate to. You'll see a lot of anime stuff. Whoops ;3
  • dang
  • dontdenyit
  • dontjudge
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