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Leon S. Kennedy x Reader Smut-Shots Highest Rankings: #1/1000+ Leon tag #2/1000+ Leon tag #1 Kennedy tag #1 Resident Evil tag Beautiful Cover Edit By: @Roseital
  • evil
  • residentevil
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Fenrir's Choice by EpsilonAlpha
Fenrir's Choiceby Epsilon
Her free will was taken from her. Her husband was killed in front of her. She watched as evil, not-quite-human men dragged her adopted daughter away, kicking and screami...
  • hell
  • empath
  • mates
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Eternal - Part 2: Monsters and Demons by EricNaylor
Eternal - Part 2: Monsters and Dem...by Eric Naylor
The years have gone by, and the darkness has grown. Tiberius never wanted to be a vampire, but as time has passed he has begun to embrace his condition. The hunt for hum...
  • emotional
  • bloodlust
  • gothic
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Evolution  by DragonJana100
Evolution by DragonJana100
this is a story of my anime charecters and there lives
  • evolution
  • damnation
  • angels
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Damnation |Spanish Version| [j.b] by BieberTraducciones
Damnation |Spanish Version| [j.b]by Justin Bieber Traducciones
•[DAMNATION: /damˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ nombre 1. condenación al castigo eterno en el infierno.]• - - Entonces, ¿qué sucede cuando empiezas a sentir cosas por el fuckboy número uno...
  • fuckboy
  • romance
  • damnation
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Eternal - Part 1: The Turning by EricNaylor
Eternal - Part 1: The Turningby Eric Naylor
Is it possible to go too far to keep a promise? Tiberius Hamilton hated his father as a boy. He never thought that he would one day yearn for reconciliation with the old...
  • blood
  • adventure
  • horror
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Chasing Damnation by queenofvelaris
Chasing Damnationby rhysand darling
I whirled, slinging the knife in a fluid movement. It hit the dummy in the head and fake blood trickled out, coating the face and chest of the plastic mannequin. Sensing...
  • guns
  • dreamlightsaward19
  • boyxgirl
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Depression? by fmout1
Depression?by Fiona Lynn Mouton
This is a collection of my sad poetry I've accumulated over the years. I hope that those who read this can relate in some way. My sincerest hope is that it helps people...
  • love
  • poetry
  • rhyming
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A Sinner's Confession by HMRyder
A Sinner's Confessionby H.M.Ryder
'A Sinner's Confession' is a collection of poetry exploring the topic of sin in all forms.
  • humour
  • damnation
  • dark
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Cette petite place by VatisMaestus
Cette petite placeby Vatis
Un poème sur un être perdu dans l'espace et le temps.
  • damnation
  • désespoir
  • recherche
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The Withering of Folklore by MicahLafoon
The Withering of Folkloreby TheRiddleWeaver
Step through to the other side of the gate and witness the forgotten accounts of such creatures as you will only meet in your backyard. Be wary of *The Hallway of the Ha...
  • poetry
  • neversmile
  • lookbehindyou
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Damnation by NettiM
Damnationby Parcha & Cattarina
Athena had never thought that a set of dark eyes attached to a handsome face would end up taking her life in the most bone chilling way she could have imagined. Themis a...
  • mystery
  • queen
  • damnation
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~reaper~ by _Stars_Ocean_Music_
~reaper~by 🔹 Ignite 🔹
everything eventually leads to damnation.
  • theshortstoryblazeawards2019
  • grimreaper
  • reaper
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Exile of Eden by Deadnight
Exile of Edenby Deadnight
This story is a work of fiction. I am not an ordained minister, or a practicing Catholic. This story does not accurately reflect my religious beliefs, not does it exac...
  • fantasy
  • fallen
  • angels
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Before Eve. by julezeezpotato123
Before Eve.by julezeez potato
Daughter of a demon and human roams the Earth like a normal teenaged girl. One of the few grandchildren of Lilth...a woman before Eve.
  • angel
  • heaven
  • damnation
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