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lose my mind >> Damien Haas by iloveyou41139514
lose my mind >> Damien Haasby corina jax
Damien and Elizabeth - the best pair of friends the world would ever see. From try not to laugh challenges and video game reviews, to breakups and family reunines, these...
  • damienhaas
  • smoshgames
  • 2019
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All the feelings: A Damien Haas X Reader Fan Fic by Yeetos17
All the feelings: A Damien Haas X...by Yeetos17
You are Joven's younger sister and just lost your job. He just so happens to know of a job opening in the Smosh games crew. You meet Damien and feel an instant connectio...
  • damien
  • oliviasui
  • joven
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Wanting More  by eldinkdink
Wanting More by Eldbb
You and Shayne are particularly close but somehow you've always been left wanting more especially after a one night stand that seemed to repeat itself over and over agai...
  • damienhaas
  • olivia
  • courtneymiller
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Damien by the_rebellionxx
Damienby S.S
Damien Stryker is a ruthless billionaire, but when Serena Mclane is forced to marry him, she hopes to find the mercy behind his cold eyes and strong hands. ...
  • passion
  • love
  • billionaire
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Damien by lailatp
Damienby lailatp
"Say it." he whispered in a threatening voice. "No!" I answered back. "Elle.." he warned. "please.." I begged. "tsk. tsk. co...
  • mafiaprincess
  • alphamale
  • mafia
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Monsters [WKM Darkstache] ✓ by Rueinn_Rosa
Monsters [WKM Darkstache] ✓by Rueinn Rose
[A short story based on the WKM storyline/Semi AU] ❝Monsters stuck in your head Monster under your bed ...
  • wilfordwarfstache
  • mark
  • darkiplierxwilford
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Hello Again (Book 2 Hello Series) by redladiebug
Hello Again (Book 2 Hello Series)by Emily
Dr. Dawson Conn married Ms. Danielle Meeks. They have a wonderful life together and they are still very much in love even after three years. But what happens when old &q...
  • dawson
  • comedy-romance
  • conn
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Damien  by illiteratehomebody
Damien by illiteratehomebody
Book 1 in Dominant Series • He needed her, breathed her, lived for her. And the pure soul enjoyed his company so she didn't mind.
  • agegap
  • badboy
  • submissive
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My arranged marriage to a cocky...Hot Alpha (Complete) by Blue_Flame24
My arranged marriage to a cocky...by Blue_Flame24
Beverly Rachel McAdams the typical fresh out of high school girl. She lives with her single mother, and cannot afford to go to college or university. One day she comes h...
  • jackson
  • juliet
  • wedding
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The Rejected Returned by V3Music
The Rejected Returnedby Ellie or Ells
My name is Skylar, I'm 17, I am abused by my pack, they thought i killed my parents. I didn't, i was just there. I cook, I clean, I do their homework and get used as the...
  • king
  • love
  • queen
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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart | #Wattys2019 by Shadowthinker
The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart...by Shadowthinker
"Let me make it up to you," he whispered. His lips softly touched mine, eagerly wanting me. One small kiss, made all the pent up anger go away. I let go once h...
  • london
  • romance
  • fiction
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Irish Man (Glee/Rory Flanagan fanfic) by StrongerThanIWas
Irish Man (Glee/Rory Flanagan fanf...by Sherlock Holmes
Samantha Schuester is the daughter of Will Schuester. She goes to William McKinley and is in Glee Club. She is friends with everyone in the Glee Club. Her best friend be...
  • rory
  • man
  • schuester
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Just Friends?•Damien Haas by Mythical_Taylor
Just Friends?•Damien Haasby Mythical_Taylor
[Book Full, Check out More Then Friends for the rest of the story] You're the new member of smosh, along with your Bestie F/N. What will happen? Will friendships blosso...
  • smoshsquad
  • wattys2018
  • xreader
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Dream Daddy Stupid Headcanons and Scenarios by Ciacci-chan
Dream Daddy Stupid Headcanons and...by Carmen Di Mauro
Yeah, we all love those dorks! Requests are always open and the s/o doesn't have a gender. Some of the headcanons may be a parody and others can be nsfw. Hope you enjoy!!
  • romance
  • joseph
  • damien
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Love From A Thug [ Completed ] by ambershanelx
Love From A Thug [ Completed ]by ambeezy.
Kim is running her own type of game call her what you want but what happens when she is actually shown REAL LOVE will she change for the better or ..... *I do not own t...
  • hurt
  • romance
  • damien
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who killed Markiplier x reader by kat_var01
who killed Markiplier x readerby kat_var01
you are invited to a poker night with some close friends, but something happens and your friend suddenly dies what will happen next
  • butler
  • markiplier
  • thedetective
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Deeper Than Love √#2 Of The Deep Series by MiraHarlson
Deeper Than Love √#2 Of The Deep S...by Ugomma
In Pristine high the bad boys are broken and the good girls are sad. The bad boys keep secrets and the good girls help them hide it. Hell Is others and heaven is others...
  • love
  • after
  • mystery
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Dream Daddy; Imagines | DISCONTINUED | by RaptorReject
Dream Daddy; Imagines | DISCONTINU...by im baby
discontinued :/ i have a lot of free time lol | i reply to comments - a lot |
  • imagines
  • craig
  • dreamdaddyimagines
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Seduce Me: the Otome One-Shot Lemons by BringBackMaes14
Seduce Me: the Otome One-Shot Lemo...by Queen of Bitches
This book is based on the visual novel game Seduce Me: the Otome and Seduce Me 2: Demon Wars. Both these games and all the characters belong to Michaela Laws. These are...
  • sam
  • lemon
  • damien
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Kittens and Titus [Damian Wayne (Robin) x O.C.] by PlasticStarPaperMoon
Kittens and Titus [Damian Wayne (R...by j a i
"Is there anything in this world that actually amuses you?" Jade asked as she looked up at the streetlight lit sky of Gotham. "As a matter of fact, I am...
  • timdrake
  • batmanfanfiction
  • nightwing
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