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y/n was a normal girl with a normal life with her mom....without a dad.. her dad was dead due to some cancer.... but her life will suddenly change when she will meet her...
The Dama De Mafia  by okay_2003
The Dama De Mafia by okay_2003
***Disclaimer, 2020 work; not as great*** **Beware of yourself*** At age 18, she meets her father to be in charge. Little did she know, she would be the first women to b...
Kumpulan Manusia Priik!! by mentarisenja_225
Kumpulan Manusia Priik!!by matahari senja
"mengapa harus mereka?! ya karna dengan adanya mereka gue bisa menyalurkan bakat ketidak warasan gue." _nauval atanla
A Different Rory by Kamjos
A Different Roryby Kamjos
What if Lorelai gave Rory to Chris. What if after 17 years Rory moves back to Lorelai. What if Rory grew up in New York. What if Rory and Jess dated from the start. What...
Rebel's Solitude by Book_Dr_Reads
Rebel's Solitudeby Sameika Sparks
Someone behind her car was impatiently blowing their horn but instead of showing the person her middle finger, her pinky was what she showed, thanks to the school premis...
2016 Everyone changes (Sonadow love story)  by Shadic001
2016 Everyone changes (Sonadow lov...by Shadic001
What if the hero becomes the victim ? If he needs help for once but no one does ? What if the victim becomes the good one and stands up for the hero. Will Shadow help So...
Eden Asylum -sequel to Boy Meets Bitch- by writing_is_a_dream
Eden Asylum -sequel to Boy Meets B...by got cake?
Oh, college. drinking, guys, chicks, parties, degrees, the experience. That's what college is suppose to be about. That's what everyone is all excited about when it come...
For Better Or Worse by Ya_Fav_Darkskinn
For Better Or Worseby Taneisha Phillips💛
"You have to forgive me Bébé I'm nothing without you." He pleaded with tears running down his cheeks . I wanted to wipe them away knowing he was unable to do i...
Reaching  by okay_2003
Reaching by okay_2003
Part 4 of Dama de mafia After a year of Gabby death, is it possible that her death was a lie or hoax's? Found out by reading.
amiter (un amor correspondido) by legoshi678
amiter (un amor correspondido)by pandillero numero 1 de la to...
amity después de enamorarse de luz descubre que no es la indicada y busca la manera d encontrar su alma gemela mientras con hunter......
Afraid  by thisboyisgucci
Afraid by Armani Valdes
Henry auditioned for one of the 2 new movies on disney, he was stoked when he got the part. But his dad wasnt and now, even more things are going to go wrong for Henry...
El misterio del teatro Vasconcelos  by LupitaO2020
El misterio del teatro Vasconcelos by Guadalupe Orduño García
El teatro Vasconcelos, majestuoso y elegante edificio colonial, donde grande obras se muestran en el escenario y jóvenes talentosos toman clases diariamente, esconde ent...
Lamentos de uma Noite de Verão by PaulinhaHanekawa
Lamentos de uma Noite de Verãoby Paulinha Hanekawa
Pequeno conto de romance que fiz para o Torneio das Lendas no server da Novel Brasil.
 Revenge  by Sleeping_A
Revenge by Sleeping_A
Gwen Golds a 16 year old girl who used to get bullied and harassed by her classmates has come back better than ever to get revenge on people who have done her wrong but...
the devils touch  by PaigeRogers262
the devils touch by Paige Rogers
amaya was a simple 6 year old girl who wishes upon, going on adventures, exploring new lands, on hopes to find a path to help her forsatken family, become wealthy and ha...
Cambios by vinserk
Cambiosby vinserk
cambiar es bueno y es natural
Vientos Oscuros by albahuer1
Vientos Oscurosby Alba Huerta González
En un reino con oscuros secretos y desleales caballeros nadie está a salvo.
Transmigrator meets Reincarnator by kenza_in_Blue
Transmigrator meets Reincarnatorby kenza_in_Blue
Offline reading purposes Please dont report 😊 . . All Chu Lian had done was to read a book where the female lead had cheated on her wonderful husband. While wondering...
Letters to you by tempusfugite
Letters to youby Nowhere
"I always said One thing I can't pretend Is the feeling I fell inside I could say a lot to you and then give up but something keeps me I'm here, i really hope, p...