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Night At The Museum:Ahkmenrah's Undying Love by MrsHoran0019
Night At The Museum:Ahkmenrah's Un...by Alyssa<3
Larry Daley: Can't keep a job, single, divorced, father of two, move around kind of guy. He gets a job at the Museum of Natural History to keep his apartment. H...
NATM Ahkmenrah Love story *Complete* by KathyTheCatLover
NATM Ahkmenrah Love story *Complet...by KathyTheCatLover
(Has resently been edited to fix mistakes) Kathy is the worlds youngest Egyptologist. She's been to Egypt many times and now works at the Natural history museum. But wha...
Medicine | Night at the Museum Fanfiction  by euphcri_a
Medicine | Night at the Museum Fan...by Arlen Hale
~ INDEFINITE HIATUS ~ NOTE: This is a very old story! I will no longer be updating it as I have lost interest in the writing, but I won't be deleting it just yet. "...
To Breathe or Not to Breathe (Night at the Museum fanfiction) by L1b3ra
To Breathe or Not to Breathe (Nigh...by L1b3ra
Ever since Emily Daley moved out of her house after turning eighteen, she's been looking for a job. So far, no one's been willing to employ her -- she never ended up fin...
The Night at the Museum (Book 3) by Gryffinpuff39
The Night at the Museum (Book 3)by Gryffinpuff39
Ahkmenrah's tablet is rusting. Nothing like this has been seen before. To understand what's happening, Larry, Nick, and Savanna get Dr. McPhee to ship Ahkmenrah and the...
I Waited For You (Book 2 in the 1D Pack) by TashaAmy1803
I Waited For You (Book 2 in the 1D...by Таshа Амеlia
Riley Horan is technically the adopted sister of Niall Horan from one direction. when she was three her parents and moved too Ireland now while on tour with the boys she...
GLEE Break Free (Ryder Lynn Gay fanfiction) by Musicalme1998
GLEE Break Free (Ryder Lynn Gay fa...by Be each other's company...
"All he knew was that it hurt...looking at him hurt. No being able to say all the things he needed to say". It's Junior yea...
Night at the Museum (Book 2) by Gryffinpuff39
Night at the Museum (Book 2)by Gryffinpuff39
The exhibits are being moved to the Smithsonian in D.C. Savanna is determined to keep them in New York and hatches a plan to get them back. What will she do to save them...
The Tale Of Two Friends( Ahkmenrah Fanfic) by PrincessCheldeRose
The Tale Of Two Friends( Ahkmenrah...by PrincessCheldeRose
Jenny Daley was the daughter of Larry Daley who was a night guard at the Museum of Natural History. She went there one night, and that night was about to change her life...
"Small touch of Love" NATM by __Burned__
"Small touch of Love" NATMby Bruh
ON HOLD No it's not Octavius x Jedediah fanfiction. ~•~ Clarity is Nicky's babysitter and one day he brought her with him at night to his father's work where she learn...
Night at the Museum oneshots by littlephilisinadryer
Night at the Museum oneshotsby natmtrash
Oneshots about the characters of Night at the Museum! You can leave requests inthe comments!
Goodbye{↬T.D fanfic↫} by gxrxaxcxixe
Goodbye{↬T.D fanfic↫}by gracie:)
when tom thought lance was the perfect guy for him. little did he know what lance was hiding behind his back.
The Pharaoh's Queen by deansimpalakaz
The Pharaoh's Queenby Sara
18 year old Autumn Daley is the niece of Larry Daley, a night guard at the Museum of Natural History. When Autumn goes to live with her uncle after graduating from high...
nick daley x reader ( night at the museum 2) ( On Hold! )  by grumpycatofficial
nick daley x reader ( night at the...by badass in black
y/n l/n was the badass of the school that the one and only Nick Daley went to she was asked to go to a party that Nick threw. she goes on a crazy adventure. find out wh...
Stepbrother(Lukas Daley) by kairiishawt
Stepbrother(Lukas Daley)by Bree Lyn🤪
On Hold Bestfriends. Ride or dies. Day ones. Partner in crimes. And now step siblings? What happens when the guy BreeLyn is talking to and has had a crush on for years b...
Brave by passionplanet
Braveby ∆
I was going to die. I accepted that fact; there was nothing that was ever going to change it. I had lost the point in thinking on the bright side. I wasn't going to kill...
Fake Boyfriend// Sam Hurley // by Cassiewrites101
Fake Boyfriend// Sam Hurley //by Cassie Soos
The boy you have known since you were little only wants you to keep a certain girl off of his back Sam Hurley the boy you have grown up with since the day you both were...
A Night To Remember by freckledxlovato
A Night To Rememberby freckledxlovato
What if your love died with out you getting the chance to say goodbye?
The diver boy - going for gold ♥ (OLD) by Anonymousgeek27
The diver boy - going for gold ♥ (...by ...
16 year old May is a hopeful for the next olympics after her mum leaving her and her dad at a young age her dad inrolled her in diving lessons, where she met cheeky lad...
If You Only Knew by AnnabelleGraceton
If You Only Knewby Annabelle Graceton
"If you only knew how I felt about you, how crazy you drove me. If you only knew that I even existed..." It's been a year since Kaley moved to New York with he...
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