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The Dalek's Daughter by bookworm_69
The Dalek's Daughterby What's It To You?
What if River had been pregnant when she had been captured by Madame Kovarian? Madame Kovarian, cunning and cautious, kidnaps the unborn child of River Song and the Doct...
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Daddies Little Dalek (DW) by iznek123
Daddies Little Dalek (DW)by Nunya Buisness
Im The Puppet Master, the other last Time Lord. The other Time lord Killed my Father, leaving me alone. and I want Revenge. What happens when I meet him and what does...
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Doctor Who Imagines!!!! by Elliot_Alderson_exe
Doctor Who Imagines!!!!by Elliot_Alderson_exe
ALLONS-Y!!!! Says it all in the title.
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Stuck (A Doctor Who Fan Fiction)  by WaywardWhoLock
Stuck (A Doctor Who Fan Fiction) by C Lad
The TARDIS has landed the Doctor on Earth, yet again, but this time it is different. It is the year 687 TRI. That is 687 years after the Earth's trillionth birthday. The...
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Doctor Who's Short Stories (the Villains) a fan fiction by Eve_Dagdag
Doctor Who's Short Stories (the Vi...by eve.dagdag
Authors Note: This is a compilation of fan fiction short stories about the villains of Doctor Who. This is the first time I do this so, hope you'll like it. :)
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I'm The Doctor! by Steph_kitty
I'm The Doctor!by 斯蒂芬妮 潘
Okay for all of you whovians! I welcome you to this story. I got bored and I have been watching Doctor Who all day and this came to mind! There will be no spoilers minus...
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The Late Doctor Stories by Latenightguy
The Late Doctor Storiesby Latenightguy
A compilation of various stories relative to my fictious incarnation of The Doctor from Doctor Who
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Doctor Who~ The Child Of the Stars. (Tenth Doctor x Oc Companion) by MandiWilliams9
Doctor Who~ The Child Of the Stars...by Mae
In a different reality, the Doctor never met Martha, Donna, Amy, RiverSong, or Clara? Instead he met a girl who had nothing at all. No friends, no family, nothing. What...
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Breathe // Doctor Who Fanfic by taylorisnotamoose
Breathe // Doctor Who Fanficby Taylor
Travelling with The Doctor was never exactly the safest of activities; it's not just as simple as returning home after a day's work when you're done, definitely not for...
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The Time Lords Return (Fan-Fiction) by raerae1234540
The Time Lords Return (Fan-Fiction)by raerae1234540
Dawn Sykes finds herself in a particular situation. She finds a man who calls himself The Doctor. He claims he is an alien. Little does Dawn know that this could be th...
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Doctor Who: Future of the Daleks by DBerrecloth
Doctor Who: Future of the Daleksby DBerrecloth
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Fix a heart (Doctor Who fanfiction) by ponypals100
Fix a heart (Doctor Who fanfiction)by Mary
I was abused all of my life, I was never loved by my mother or father or anyone in my family, I was hated by them… My parents would beat me till I’d passed out and they...
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Memory Lane by Gallixie
Memory Laneby popa
The Doctor takes a stroll down memory lane; unfortunately, it's not a pleasant one.
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Pick Up Tardis- Doctor Who - 10th Doctor Fanfic by WhovianWeepingAngels
Pick Up Tardis- Doctor Who - 10th...by Emily
Lola Ennis had her life changed when she met the Doctor. She went on trips across time and space with him, leaving no time for her old life. This was all fine, until an...
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Sonic screwed by fangirl_withabox
Sonic screwedby fangirl_withabox
This is a fanfiction based on characters and themes from BBC doctor who. I do not own these characters. It is based on the characters of River Song and the eleventh doct...
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Across The Universe: A Whouffle Fanfiction by girlwhodied
Across The Universe: A Whouffle Fa...by girlwhodied
The Doctor and Clara Oswald were best friends as they travelled through time and space together. One day, the Doctor went on a mission by himself to find Gallifrey, and...
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Short Story Collection by AprilDay
Short Story Collectionby AprilDay
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The Dalek Underground by alanalionheart
The Dalek Undergroundby alanalionheart
London, England. Three Daleks are living underneath London and running experiments on human test subjects, experiments that take two weeks and fail every time. Annie, a...
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Diary of a Dalek by Doctorwhokitten14
Diary of a Dalekby Doctorwhokitten14
This is a story about a dalek. This dalek has had something done to him and he doesn't know how he can proceed and become back to normal, or maybe he can't?
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