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Same Love Different Thugs by _pookie01
Same Love Different Thugsby _pookie01
This is a highly detailed R-Rated story that has 2 main characters who are both thugs and when they least expect it they notice that they aren't as hard as they come off...
  • daily
  • hoodstory
  • ayoojessie
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"Daily Questions for you" by Memphis_Granday
"Daily Questions for you"by The official Mrs.Taylor
A book full of random questions
  • fun
  • answers
  • daily
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Fashion by NekoGirl04
Fashionby •Neko•Girl•04•
This is basically a book on what I wear with little quotes at the end. I'll be posting every other day. I'm not like super fashionable, but I wanted to do it for fun any...
  • random
  • daily
  • forfun
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Superman Say What? (Super Hero Shorts #3) by presleysangel
Superman Say What? (Super Hero Sho...by presleysangel
Just a short romantic story about Superman. Gigi Hamilton usually writes young adult action stories, but deciding to branch out into romance, she starts a story about an...
  • superhero
  • planet
  • reporter
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It's Bangtan, Bitch | bts crackfic by SEOKJESUS
It's Bangtan, Bitch | bts crackficby seokgay
❝ Watch your fucking mouth." "Please behave for me, angel." "YOU HAVE YEE'D YOUR LAST HAW, PARDNER.❞ ー A collection of incorrect Bangtan quotes attac...
  • jungkook
  • seokjin
  • bangtan
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Bible Verses | ✓ by xbackseatreaderx
Bible Verses | ✓by E M M A
➳ Visit many good books, but live in the Bible. . . [Written: NIV Version] [Images: Various Versions] #711 in Spiritual - 7/24/18 #305 in Spiritual - 8/3/18 #282 in Spir...
  • weeklyupdates
  • random
  • scripture
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a failed poet || poetry by howaboutyesplease
a failed poet || poetryby athena 🌺
a failed poet has emerged from a girl who one loved to write
  • everyday
  • quotes
  • poem
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Randomized Junk by Drepy3664
Randomized Junkby Ice Bear
why me?;?!?!
  • bored
  • gay
  • yaoi
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Daily Notes ..~' +18 by _Dana_Maz_
Daily Notes ..~' +18by Dana 🇰🇷
مجرد ملاحظات يوميه ... طالب يقع في حب اخر من وقع في حبه هو طالب ذو شعبيه كبيره في مدرسته لاعب كرة السله يمتلك بنيه جسديه مثاليه ماذا سيحدث لذلك المعجب السري به ؟! هل ت...
  • boyxboy
  • daily
  • chanyeole
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*insert the long ass title Here* by pan-panda_india
*insert the long ass title Here*by Ananya
literally about me and my shitty life.
  • boring
  • daily
  • mylife
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Your Well Wisher || ✔️ by _thriving
Your Well Wisher || ✔️by Kyra
"I'm here for you whenever you need me." "liar, you are not pizza." ••• A text story.
  • daily
  • lovestory
  • ex
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Daily Fandom Drabbles by AoRain
Daily Fandom Drabblesby Ao Rain
I decided to write at least a drabble each day to keep myself from getting lazy and not writing at all. I guess that most of these will be sort of character x reader or...
  • readerxvarious
  • bungostraydogs
  • drabble
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A Collection of Daily One Shot Stories by serendipetite
A Collection of Daily One Shot Sto...by J.A.M
One shot story per day.
  • daily
  • serendipetite
  • collection
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Daily Questions For You  by ChaoticMultiverse
Daily Questions For You by ...
I ask you questions, you answer. (o⌒∇⌒o)
  • laugh
  • fun
  • funny
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Daily Questions For You by howto_
Daily Questions For Youby e l l a
It's pretty simple really. I ask a question and you answer.
  • joinin
  • random
  • fun
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Thoughts by HananeBe
Thoughtsby Hanane Be
~Just some random scribbles ! You can call'em poems or anything !
  • daily
  • love
  • thoughts
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Best BTS Memes by yoonminji_bts
Best BTS Memesby 💖Minji💖
All of the best memes I could find, fresh new ones every day, hehe🤣
  • bts
  • jhope
  • tae
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Meme of the day :D by IgivenofucksXD
Meme of the day :Dby ~V~
Just some daily hilarious memes that make me die laughing for way longer than I should be. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :D
  • dailymedicinelol
  • hilariousmemes
  • antidepressants
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The Shadowverse: A YA Sci-Fi Superhero Adventure by ShadowverseJC
The Shadowverse: A YA Sci-Fi Super...by John-Clement Gallo
RATED 5 STARS BY READERS' FAVORITE AND ONLINE BOOK CLUB! Johnny Sparks longs for a greater purpose. After an encounter with a mysterious stranger, he and his friends are...
  • action-adventure
  • teen
  • newstory
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The Allmighty Ship Book by KingExplodoKillz
The Allmighty Ship Bookby KingKillz
All ships I can either think of or get my hands on. A ship a day keeps them haters away!! I will always be open to people telling me animes and/or ships to add to this b...
  • yaoi
  • gay
  • image
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