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Dagur The Deranged X Female Reader by sidious99
Dagur The Deranged X Female Readerby 99thfanboy
Congrats, you're Hiccup's sister! What an original angle! This is only one of many Dagur stories to come.
Dagur The Deranged X Male! Reader by sidious99
Dagur The Deranged X Male! Readerby 99thfanboy
Male reader fan fictions are scarce. How about we work on ending that? You are a new Guardsman in charge of protecting your chief. Exciting adventure await.
Deranged love by a_crazy_o1
Deranged loveby a_crazy_o1
A girl named Amy was put in slavery for two years by Dagur the Deranged this causes her to be very shy and afraid to meet new people after she escapes she shipwrecks on...
Dagur X Reader (ON HIATUS... For Indeterminate Time) by IC3DEVIL
Dagur X Reader (ON HIATUS... For I...by Ice
You are the only daughter of Viggo Grimborn, y/n Grimborn. Your mother was killed in a dragon attack, not by dragons but by a villager , your father does not know this a...
Night Queen by Blue_The_Killjoy
Night Queenby Blue Arsenic
Dagur x reader! You were kidnapped from your home by dragons and taken to the Isle of Night. You lived there until you were 13 then it was attacked and all the night fur...
Sad Httyd x reader oneshots by icanchoosemyownlife
Sad Httyd x reader oneshotsby Ben
If you're Luke me you'll love these, I mainly focus o Dagur and Hiccup and I will allow requested characters excapt fo Stoic and Valka, that just makes me feel weird.
Into the closet we go (Httyd oneshot) by Vala411
Into the closet we go (Httyd onesh...by Vala411
A little inspiration given to me by RedHawkdude. What happens when the ladies decide to cook.
The Strength of the Princess (HTTYD) by PedePaulie
The Strength of the Princess (HTTY...by Dani
The vikings of Torvald have always been friendly with dragons, and when they learn Berk has also accepted dragons, they send Princess Eira and her Windwalker to live amo...
The Gray Area - A Viggo Love Story (HTTYD/RTTE) by MultiFandomAccount0
The Gray Area - A Viggo Love Story...by ♡ Unknown ♡
"The line between good and evil is often unclear. Black and white can become gray so easily. What one soul considers evil, another might consider righteous..."...
Face Value by harrypanther
Face Valueby harrypanther
Modern High School AU. Nerdy outcast Astrid Hofferson finds herself the centre of attention when word gets around that she has a famous relative. Suddenly popular and ac...
HTTYD RTTE Truth Or Dare by TheGoldenGrunt
HTTYD RTTE Truth Or Dareby Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fanboy
Do you want to see carnage on The Edge? Learn peoples darkest secrets? Almost die from laughter? Well your are in luck, cause this story has all of the above! P.S i do n...
𝕱𝖑𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝕱𝖚𝖗𝖞 - an HTTYD Fanfic by DenDen_Dragonier
𝕱𝖑𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝕱𝖚𝖗𝖞 - an...by �̶̝̬̫̼͕́̀̾͘�̵͖͍̏�̵̞͊͝͝�̸̗͎̿̐͠...
(Book Cover is mine) A strange egg was found in the algae trail by a family of Flightmares. They decided to raise it, but they never knew what dragon would they raise. S...
𝐑𝐔𝐍𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐘by J.S. Havens
Hiccup Haddock, not the pride of the village as everyone believes, has his final Dragon Training trial tomorrow. What will happen if he goes missing? He is doing somethi...
For Milady by harrypanther
For Miladyby harrypanther
AU Set during RTTE Season 5. Hiccup and Astrid are now boyfriend/girlfriend but not betrothed yet...and suddenly there is a major problem. Astrid faces an uncertain futu...
Lost and Found - A Snotlout Love Story (HTTYD/RTTE) by MultiFandomAccount0
Lost and Found - A Snotlout Love S...by ♡ Unknown ♡
(COMPLETED) Melanie washes up on the shores Berk. When she wakes, the riders quickly realize that she's quite a handful to deal with. However, there's something about he...
It's a mad mad world by Vala411
It's a mad mad worldby Vala411
(Superhero AU) (Superhero AU) Superheroes, supervillians, mad scientists, crazy dragon and whatnot. Come and read about the everyday life of villains as Hiccup and Astr...
||The Dragon Boy|| A HTTYD Short Story|| by blazingstar29
||The Dragon Boy|| A HTTYD Short S...by blazingstar29
Hi guys this is my first HTTYD fan fic on my new account! A strange man in a strange armour turn up on the shores of Berk. Not looking like a Viking, the inhabitants o...
The Rise of The Dragon Master by Blue-Dragon-7
The Rise of The Dragon Masterby Viper "Blueflame" Fury
Hiccup couldn't take it anymore. He had enough of being pushed around and bullied. The only two who were happy to see him were Astrid and... Toothless. He runs way. Nev...
Daughter of the Dragon [HTTYD/ASOIAF] by Khaleesi-Of-Trolls
Daughter of the Dragon [HTTYD/ASOI...by N O O D L E 🍜
Ashaeya is the first born daughter of Jon and Daenerys Targaryen's seven children. One day she wakes up on the sand of a far away island with three strange eggs in her a...
Phantasm (HTTYD fic) by Vala411
Phantasm (HTTYD fic)by Vala411
This is a present for my friend RedHawkdude's upcoming B-day. A short story containing action, mystery, and comedy. In a world where dragons and humans coexist, a band o...