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100 Green Day Memes  by melancholeh
100 Green Day Memes by Space boi
So this is another meme book!! My first one was Gerard Way Tweets! Memes Included so definitely go check that out if you haven't already ;) Enjoy le book!
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Incorrect Tmnt quotes  by Angevic99
Incorrect Tmnt quotes by Angi <3 [fqn savage]
Hey! You! Yeah I'm talking to you! What you're going to read isn't what you think it is! It's a big mess out of dumb things, stuff and ideas! So if you don't want to bec...
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100 Gerard Way Tweets! Memes included... by melancholeh
100 Gerard Way Tweets! Memes inclu...by Space boi
These are Gerard Way's Tweets... And memes bc why not? ^^ that was bad but the tweets and memes are way more fabulous >.•
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Sacrifice (yandere demon prince x reader) by undertaleloverrr
Sacrifice (yandere demon prince x...by Undertale lover
A story filled with cringe worth scenes and charters who just about always and I mean ALWAYS DIE.it takes place on a planet called earth,yep it here.and then you gO TO H...
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random stuff my brain thinks of for some reason by strange-the-bitch
random stuff my brain thinks of fo...by Kinky Ketchup
You know what shower thoughts are???? ya its those but +457138913 weirdness and randomness
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Trapped In Heaven (Natsu × Reader × Gray) by write_my_desttiny
Trapped In Heaven (Natsu × Reader...by Tiny
You are an average teen- no I take it back, average young lady. It's your 18th birthday and the only wish you had was to meet your favorite anime characters. Let's just...
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The Furry Crew by SilfyTheTalkingCat
The Furry Crewby Silfy
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A Thing by Park_Jimins_Jams
A Thingby Jam Jam
I will warn you now No reading unless you wanna question my (and my friends) sanity.
My 3AM Thoughts by ashleypurdy666
My 3AM Thoughtsby Rayne Purdy
At 3AM, I have been told I act like I am on drugs. These will be posted the day after I have these thoughts If I don't update it's because I fell asleep before 3am (y...
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☞Food for Thought| ✔ by justawekwardwizard
☞Food for Thought| ✔by ✯ ari ✯
Cover by @mississihopia ✎✎Here you can find weirdly hilarious arguments. Expect to wonder about the most trivial things. Racking your brain for obscure answers will al...
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Worst Story In The History Of Wattpad by HiddenHideously
Worst Story In The History Of Watt...by not dead but gone
Warning: this story may contain stereotypes or offensive content. Reader's discretion is strongly advised. Looking for an exciting, interesting story with a unique plot...
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BNHA GROUP RP BECAUSE WHY NOT covers by - © ʙᴄʙʏᴍᴏᴄʜɪᴍɪɴɪᴇ™
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Error ink- Love with Paint and Strings by Pencil-Sketch
Error ink- Love with Paint and Str...by Pencil Sketch
A love story that goes on and on through the ages......
Some Kind Of Love (BEING REVISED) by NerdyBambi
Some Kind Of Love (BEING REVISED)by @bafooonery ❤️
Tbh I Don't Know If I'll Ever Fully Revise This Book. Probably Not. (This book is currently being revised. I recommend you don't read it until it's completely finished.)
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The story of flappy bird by Jendal
The story of flappy birdby ジェネル✨
A story about how Flappy bird was made.
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I Belong To You (Prince X Reader) by write_my_desttiny
I Belong To You (Prince X Reader)by Tiny
An enchanting world where magic and mythical creatures lye, there lives a girl... Read to find out more!🙃 Art belongs to their rightful owners! As do the pictures!
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This is even more random tbh by Krystalzepol
This is even more random tbhby Bee Yourself-!♡
Oh heck, y'all are back,for more cringe I assume. Anyways, Welcome back!!! Like the first one these will most likely be updates of my sucky life or stuff, But most likel...
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My Life by TravionLeapheart
My Lifeby Travion Leapheart
Each chapter is a part of my life good or bad
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