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Stuckys daughter by lxgrb322
Stuckys daughterby lxgrb322
It's a story about Steve and Buckys daughter which they took from a hydra base. Bucky knew that y/n (you) were Alexander Pierce daughter so he took you when steve broke...
I'll Protect You| Adopted By Namjin by RiyaHooda
I'll Protect You| Adopted By Namjinby Riya Hooda
"You don't need to worry about them ever hurting you, darling. You'll be safe with us, sweetie. I'll protect you." Jin says, his voice raw with emotion. "...
BTS as your dad by lovingshadow101
BTS as your dadby ✧Cutie_Sunoo✧
so no one really makes images for BTS as parents soooo........ here you go!!! {Slow updates} ©lovingshadow101 #21-dads (January 18,2020) #12-dads (January 20,2020) #10...
Louis + Dylan by EagleAlumni2k18
Louis + Dylanby The Songwriter (Paige)
Louis broke up with his ex-husband and former band mate from One Direction, Harry Styles, and moved on to this new guy named Dylan 6 months after they broke up. Dylan is...
teenagers // lashton by umlashton
teenagers // lashtonby kris
CONTINUED - rewritten/edited "You're named after a fruit." "You're named after a band." "Whatever, you're still named after a fluffy fruit."...
Art Block by ifoundhisbag
Art Blockby ifoundhisbag
After a serious unknown accident, famous artist Taehyung has been left unable to paint for over a year; he's physically and mentally in an artistic block. Meanwhile, tat...
Tweens -Sope- by SproutsPerson
Tweens -Sope-by SproutsPerson
As Jung Suk and the Twins enter their Preteens Hiroshi starts school and Yoongi and Hoseok may have to welcome a new member of their family.
Dads | bts by jinandhobi
Dads | btsby away
- a BTS OT7 fanfiction - "Hey Jina, is your dad coming to pick you up today?" "Oh, which dad?" Genre: family - discontinued ; but still able to be re...
Do You Know Who You Are? (L.S.)(mpreg!Harry) by RigbyFields
Do You Know Who You Are? (L.S.)( Rigby Fields
Do you know who you are? Do you know where you came from? You ancestors? Have you always known who your parents are? Most people already know who their parents are and a...
The Daddy Project by FionaJohn
The Daddy Projectby Fiona™
After their Last Project was a success, The Gay Project had spent years planning on another big project. This time, how about we make a couple of daddies? So...
~ Skephalo One-shots ~ by POISONEDMIND69
~ Skephalo One-shots ~by ACE
THERE WILL BE NO SMUT IN THIS BOOK ONLY HEATED MOMENTS is Bad or Skeppy or anyone mentioned in this book express's that they are uncomfortable with these I'll swap the...
The Wooden Butterfly  by MohonaBose
The Wooden Butterfly by Mohona Bose
Lan Shizhui, an obedient son and student. True pride of his Dads, Wei Ying and Hanguang Jun. Join his life as he explores the different aspects of life and most importan...
buddie one shots (that i might discontinue in a week.) by wallfoundation
buddie one shots (that i might will
lmaaooo gay people evan "buck" buckley x eddie diaz if you read this ily i do not own 9-1-1
Kit Keith  by MelodyPotter13
Kit Keith by MelodyPotter13
Keith begins to bonds with the Blade of Marmora when they find out that he's only a kit.
The Crash by HeatherMontoya5
The Crashby Heather Montoya
(A/U) This takes place after the guys find out that Rachel got egged. Noah gets a call that will change his world.
Kids Book by AlishaAkhtar16
Kids Bookby Alisha Akhtar 💎
This Book has lots of different stories plus different series. This book used to be called Kids Book but I'm a maturing the content so this book can be targeted at teens...
Shiver (A One Direction Adoption Story) by LittleBlueShoes
Shiver (A One Direction Adoption LittleBlueShoes
She's an orphan, she's epileptic, she's just a kid . Thirteen year old Emma meets a popstar from a world famous boy band- Louis Tomlinson- and he is willing to take her...
Okay, I believe you by RiyaHooda
Okay, I believe youby Riya Hooda
Laughter, smiles and fun. Sometimes tears and harsh words. But don't worry it's followed by comforting hugs and warm hands wiping away those tears. Follow Kim Yuna's lif...
Basketball Babies by cuocakeEATS
Basketball Babiesby Lovely 😊
There are two types of people in this world : those who have money and those who don't, Hakeem AKA Prince is tired of being on the side with no money so he decides to do...
Teen Dads by Klainelvr
Teen Dadsby Klainelvr
This story follows the same events from the show but it is 2036 and Kurt and Blaine have a 16 year old kid going into her Junior Year. Having a teenager as a child is ro...